Tuesday, 8 October 2013

David and the Coronation Tourney

By Master Hector of the Black Height

In Comar's tournament began
Our Prince and loyal Cordigan
Against two stalwart Southron foe
Was serried David and d'Arnot
Prince David grasped his sword and shield
With halberd d'Arnot took the field
Against two men and their swords three
Did David seek a victory

Let cheers now ring for our new-crowned King!

A fanfare spurred them to the test
The two sides closed in martial geste
As sword-blows rained down right and left
A cunning strike shook halberd's heft
The polearm fell 'midst Southern men
Disarm├ęd was Lord Cordigan
His honour urged him quit the field
But one scarce hope he would not yield

Let cheers ring true for the Southern two!

Prince David pressed forth gallantly
E'en though his one short sword met three
He met each sword blow with its kind
And kept blows from d'Arnot behind
Disarmed as the fight began
The Prince did shield good Cordigan
He closed his foe and hotly pressed
That Faeringold might safely rest

Pray give a cheer for Ealdormere!

He turned the blows with skill and might
Our Prince did turn the tourney fight
And steered the Southron pair away
That de Arnot might join the fray
For as he steered the pair around
The Southron foe did give their ground
And David stood where foeman's blow
Had been the bane of brave d'Arnot

Let joyous calls ring 'midst these walls!

With subtle tap of nimble toe
Our Prince kicked polearm to d'Arnot
The Southron pair by one hand pressed
Could not long match the North's two best
As foes did fall, each one by one
Gave praise to noble Cordigan
And final combat, singly fought
Gave David triumph, finely wrought

For honour true cheer Northern two!

And as the latter foeman fell
And as loud cheers the air did swell
All did reflect on Prince most bold
And graceful fight, without a hold
In which he steered the action so
To arm the once disarmed d'Arnot
And thus there was true glory won
By a Prince's gift to his champion

Let his praises rise and shake the skies!

(copyright Arthur McLean 1991-2000)

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