Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Time to Pluck Some Yew (Late Winter Shoot 2002)

Iolanda de Albornóz

Ah, for the sweet sound of bow strings! How happy I was to see the arrows fly after so many months of inactivity.
With their annual Late Winter Shoot event, our neighbouring Canton of Petrea Thule offered us a wonderful opportunity to flex those old muscles in preparation for the busy months of summer, and for Pennsic War.
About twenty-seven gentles of the Kingdom showed up to this event, twenty-one of which participated in the practises, winter rounds and a very nice fun shoot that Daffyd Ap Sion and other gentles of his canton organized.  Among the names your humble writer could recall were Her gracious Majesty, Queen Rustique; Their Highnesses, the Barons of Septentria; Sir Evander, Lord Sigrfrid Brandbeorn, Lord William of Swelfingham and his lady, Ulvar Das Nedeerlander and many other esteemed gentles whose name escape my memory.
Ardchreag’s name was mentioned several times, asking why didn’t more of our archers make it to this assembly.  I certainly wished for more of my fellow Chreaggers at that time, for I felt that only one person would be inadequate to represent a canton founded by its many renowned archers.
Luck was with me during the day, however.  After the first Winter Shoot, my string started to unravel, and I feared it would snap at the decisive moment.  However, Lord Daffyd instructed me to go to the nearest local bowyers, that happened to have their shop open at the time, and my problem was fixed in good time.  I was able to score 48 for the first shoot, and 63 for the second, which amazed me to no end!  Her Majesty, Queen Rustique, learned to use her bow for the first time in this occasion, and made us
proud by scoring 40 points!  Very well done indeed!

Activities continued after this round, but I made my farewells and packed my belongings for a long trip back home, for it was getting rainy and dark. However, I am very pleased to say that as the weather improves, more bow music will be heard in Septentria, and in Ardchreag.  Get ready to pluck
some yew!

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