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The Galbrao-Septentrian Chronicle

The Reign of Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith, Fifth Baron and Sixth Baroness of Septentria, February AS 37 – April AS 41.

Translated and collated by THL Colyne Stewart, being the voices of HE Corwyn Galbraith, HE Domhnail Galbraith, the Storyteller, Cap’n Bloodfox and other Septentrians.

Fall, AS 42, while Baron Percival De La Roque and Baroness Christiana MacNamara have arisen to the Ursine thrones of Septentria, and while King Edouard IV and Queen Domhnail sit the Lupine thrones of Ealdormere.

Written by Colyne Stewart (Todd Fischer) with Corwyn Galbraith (Rob Harding), Domhnail Galbraith (Jody Jackson) and Marion FitzWilliam (Lisa Czudnochowsky). Edited by Valizan Rakkas al-Bassim, Ra'ee al-Saleh (Rob Galbraith).

Written in the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. © Todd Fischer 2007.


Once, not too long ago, there grew a great oak tree deep in the forest. It was tall and wide and towered over all the other trees in Septentria. Within this tree there dwelt a raven, with sleek black feathers and a fierce spirit. Many animals in the forest called these two friend, as the oak and raven were deemed wise and kind by all who knew them.

One day a heron and badger burst from the underbrush, both bleeding from many wounds.

Looking down from on high the oak said, “My friends, what is amiss?”

“Hunters from the south,” gasped the badger. “And though I dealt many a grievous wound with my claws, still they pursue us.”

“Shelter within my roots, good badger,” said the oak. “Heron, fly into my branches. I will shelter you from the hunters.”

They did as they were bid, and soon strange men from foreign lands stepped into the clearing. One bent down, studying tracks in the earth, and pointed at the oak tree.

“We know you shelter our quarry,” said the lead hunter to the tree. “Give them up to us, or it will go worse for you.”

“Never,” said the oak. “Once my protection is offered it cannot be retracted.”

“Then we will burn you, and cut you with axe,” said the hunters.

However, as they dropped their bows to draw their axes, the raven swooped down from the sky. With savage cries it struck at their faces, drawing much blood and blinding many.

With bitter curses the hunters fled from the raven and for many years they did not dare return.

With the danger gone the wounded badger and heron emerged and thanked the oak and raven for what they had done. Suddenly a pack of white bears burst from the trees.

“Happy are we to find you well,” said the largest bear. “And woe are we, your fyrd, for failing to protect you from danger.”

It was then that the raven and oak realized that they had saved the thegn and baroness of their lands.

“Send word to the king,” said the badger, and a jay flew off as herald.

Before long two Great Wolves arrived, flanked by many other animals, including hares, rams, boars, dogs, seahorses and salamanders.

“Your Majesties,” said the heron, as she and the badger bowed low. They then told the wolves of their flight from the hunters, and how the oak and raven had sheltered and protected them.

“For many years,” said the badger, “we have held these lands for you, but now we are tired and would rest.”

“We would ask that you consider bestowing our titles to our saviours,” said the heron.

The Great Wolves consulted with each other, and spoke at length with the local animals, who praised the loyalty, skill, devotedness and caring nature of the oak and raven.

The Wolves’ herald, a great aged elephant, then called for all to pay heed to Their Lupine Majesties.

“We have talked with the folk of these lands,” said the Queen, “and they concur that the oak and raven would be excellent protectors of this land. With this we agree.”

“Therefore,” continued the King, “do we grant the guardianship of Septentria to the oak and the raven. This is our word and our will.”

With great joy the animals roared and stamped their feet and did homage to their lieges.

*     *     *

And that, young one, is how Corwyn the oak-hewed, and Domhnail, the raven-haired warrior, became the Baron and Baroness of Septentria.

The Reign of Corwyn and Domhnail

37.       On the fifteenth day of February, after the Feast of St. Valentine, the populace gathered to celebrate the elevation of a new Baron and Baroness of Septentria. For the day appointed by Cynred and Gaerwen as the end of their reign had come. At the Snowed Inn, in the canton of Ardchreag, Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith were officially sworn as Their Excellencies of Septentria. There was much celebrating throughout the day as Their Excellencies past and present were honoured in song, word and dance. House Hrogn fra Osis and House Fenrir both publicly stated their support of Septentria’s new coronets, and may members of the Hrogn and of House Galbraith were seen wearing Septentrian tabards. Many gifts were lavished upon Corwyn and Domhnail, including a shield that had once graced the arm of Baron Aedan na Kincora. Many Septentrian relics were placed on display, including the Cauldron of Ceridwyn.

The Isen Gesitha were released from their vows, their arm rings placed in the care of King Roak and Queen Arlette. When the time came, many swore to the new Iron Companions, to serve the barony as fighters, scouts, archers and throwers.

38.       On May 14, a Baronial fight practice was held at Skeldergate. Besides fighting people sewed baronial banners, practiced heraldry and did stone carving. At this same practice, Countess Marion FitzWilliam began a campaign to raise funds to get Baron Corwyn a seat on the judging panel for the Iron Chef competition at Spring Tune-Up. She noted “that Septentria's Baron Corwyn, renowned for his culinary arts, was not only NOT one of the competitors, he was not even one of the judges. We were appalled that a cooking competition of this magnitude was scheduled to take place without the participation of one of Septentria's leading stars in the kitchen.  This was an utter farce, nay, a tragedy!”

Those present agreed that Corwyn should be a judge and so they began a fund raising campaign. In a missive to the population of the Kingdom, the countess did say:

Let it be known that the good people of Septentria have banded together to
right a grievous wrong, and have thus proven that the might of Septentria
remains unchallenged!

…We knew that we needed to remedy this injustice, and see our Baron given his due honour as a kitchen guru.

To that end, at the Baronial fight practice held at Skeldergate last week, a
plan was concocted.  We, the people of Septentria, decided to band together
and pool our resources in order to bid on a judging position for our Baron.
In less than one week, we have already raised $160 in pledges to make sure
that Baron Corwyn becomes one of the Iron Chef Judges, as is right and

Let all other baronies bear witness to the fact that the people of
Septentria stand behind their Baron and his skills, and we will see him in
the Iron Chef Judges' Panel come Saturday.  Even should others try to
supplant him, we shall see Septentria victorious!  All pay heed to the
strength and unity of Septentria!

Posts such as these did incite some rumblings of intent to outbid Baron Corwyn’s Cadre.

The seat Septentrians were trying to win for their Baron was called Ilhuicamina's Seat ("He Who Shoots Arrows at the Heavens"), and it was the most prestigious of all three seats.

It was also at this event that the legend of Corwyn’s power over the sun began. It was said that the sun would shine, no matter how over cast the day, whenever he bent over. This miracle was observed by many, and it was to be repeated many times through his reign.

38.       At Spring Tune-Up, on May 24, an archery competition was held to select a baronial Archery Champion. The winner was to be announced at Pikeman’s Pleasure.

38.       Pikeman’s Pleasure XI was held in Petrea Thule on June 7, AS 38. At baronial court Baroness Adrielle Kerrec became the new baronial seneschal, and Lord Augustyn of Thule was named Septentria’s baronial archery champion. In the three-man melee tournament, Baron Corwyn and Baroness Domhnail each fielded a team and with the luck of the draw they faced each other first. (Domhnail emerged the victor.)

38.       June 12, a baronial fight practice was held at Ardchreag’s first Ard Troid (melee training) night.

38.       A call of arms had gone out for Septentrian fighters to gather in the Barony of Ben Dunfirth in June to partake in the annual ten-man melee tournament. So many answered the call that Their Excellencies Corwyn and Domhnail were able to field not one, but two Septentrian teams. The first team, called Septentria's Might, was led by Baron Corwyn and consisted manly of members of House Hrogn and House Galbraith. The second team was called Ursus R Us and was led by Baroness Domhnail. It featured members of the Iron Companions, the Eoforwic City Guard, a good gentle from Calontir and members of House De Taahe and House Hrogn.

The day had begun cool, but by the time fighting was to begin, the sun was beating down upon the land and all were sweating profusely. Their Excellencies and Lady Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert had supplied sunshades for Septentria’s fighters; Their Excellencies had also provided water and food that they and Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr circulated to all those fighting for Septentria that day.

As had happened at Pikeman's Pleasure the week before, the first two teams to face each other were those led by Corwyn and Domhnail. Septentria's Might ended the day with two wins and that Ursus R Us got one. Septentria had improved over the previous year where the barony had had a perfect day with a 0-10 record.

Though they may not have emerged as triumphantly from the field as they may have wanted to, Septentrians swelled with pride for they had fought well and hard and chivalrously that day. Corwyn and Domhnail did feel much pride to see so many Septentrian tabards displayed that day, and to see the dedication, resolve and courage displayed by their fighters.

Also at Murder Melee, Lady Þorfinna  gra’feldr was again appointed as Ursine bard.

38.       At Ealdormere War Practice (June 27-30) Lord Magnus Kjrr-Thiergreson was named Baronial Arts and Sciences Minister, THL Geoffrey Guiscard was named Baronial Archery Marshal and Drottin Gunnarr skald Thorvaldsson (called Truthsinger) was named Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion.

38.       At the beginning of July Laird Colyne Stewart was officially named Baronial Historian.

38.       On July 13, a baronial fight practice was held at Eoforwic.

38.       At Pennsic War on Aug 13, Baron Siegfried Brandbeorn was put on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry. He was elevated the next day at kingdom court. At the same court Baroness Adrielle Kerrec was elevated to the Order of the Pelican, and the Canton of Ardchreag was put on the scroll of honour for its assistance in the creation of the Rede of Gersholm (being a poetic book by Master Hector of the Black Height). That same month Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr was named as the baronial thrown weapons marshal.

38.       On September 27, Eoforwic hosted Feast of the Bear. Lord Gareth of Eoforwic was named Baronial Fencing Champion. The White Bear Fian held the field, and Laird Colyne Stewart and Hlaford Streonwald Wulfesbana made challenges to enter into the order (to be fought at a later date). Magistraa Nicolaa de Bracton was elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn won a buckler tourney.

38.       On October 4, the Canton of Petrea Thule, backed by the archers of the Iron Companions, did take the shire of Bastille du Lac under its protection. A certain pirate who participated in the battle, known as Cap’n Bloodfox, related it thusly:

When I was in port at a cove in Greenhithe I heard some lads talkin’ about a group of raiders heading down the river from Petrea Thule. Them Thuligans were apparently aiming to put the shire of Bastille du Lac under their ‘protection’. Them du Lacs were rightly nervous, as the might of the Thule archers is well known (I have a few on my own paybooks.)

Well, I’m always lookin’ for work or booty (preferably booty that don’t take too much work to acquire) and so’s when one of them du Lacers comes over to my table and offers me a job, I takes it of course.

The offer was good, though I ain’t gonna share with you scurvy lot jus’ what was offered. Let’s just saw it’ll keep me in rum and parrots for a good long time…

Our ship sailed up the Trent without running across any of Her Majesty’s fleet, and we berthed in the Bastille port. Far out in the distance I could see the Thule ship approaching. Mr. Andersen told me it was a drakkar. Alls I know was it was an ugly thing with a long curved prow, and it sat too low in the water. Round shields were hung along both sides painted with Thule’s star and chain…

The town bell started ringing then, and we knew it was time to pick up our bows to fight off them Thuligans. So’s we line up on the shore as the drakkar draws closer and we ready our bows. Only thing is, the Thuligans are smart devils and they had sent a group of their own archers in by land. So’s while we’re shooting at the Thule ship, these archers are shootin’ at the Bastille ship that was going out to meet the drakkar. What’s more, the Iron Companions, which is part o’ the army of Septentria, were marching with ’em.

The arrows flew thicker than flies on a dead man, and I am sorry to say that the Bastille ship was the one to sink beneath the waves. Ar, that was hard luck. But I had been paid already, so’s it’s all the same to me.

38.       On October 25th, in the Canton of Vest Yorvik, Berus Jarl faced Sir Mordain Blackcloak in the finals of the Crown Tournament, to become Prince, and crown Marion FitzWilliam as his Princess.

38.       Deep in its cave, the Great White Bear of Septentria shifted. Outside the November skies were grey and hanging heavy with clouds. Blinking, the Bear gave voice to a tremendous roar that reverberated throughout its lair, echoing out into the dawn air, making the bare trees tremble. So loud was the cry of the gargantuan beast that the very clouds shook, and from them snow began to fall. The Great White Bear watched as snow flakes fluttered to the earth and began to weave a carpet of pure white. Satisfied, it rolled over and went back to sleep.

I tell you truth young one. That is why on that morning, the morning on which we were to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Barony of Septentria, the land was covered by the first heavy snow fall of AS 38. For some the snow was a hindrance, as it made the trek to the chapel in Skeldergate difficult, if not impossible. For others it was delightful decoration for an important day.

Were you there, young one, on that day? On a day when legends walked again? When generations of Septentrians stood together under one roof? When songs of old days were sung, and tales of valour told? No? Then listen.

The gathering was held in a holy place, a church dedicated to the Christian faith. In the chapel the thrones of our mighty king and queen were erected, as well as those of our Princess and our Baron and Baroness. Throughout the day musicians and dancers and poets filled its lofty space with the sounds of singing, music and laughter. In a large hall a list field was set, within which there was a challenge to be held, a challenge that has not been held for many years. But I will tell more of that later. Past the hall was a common room where the lords and ladies of House Fenrir worked tirelessly to provide mugs of frothy ale to all who thirsted, whilst beside them laboured the Wyrd Sisters of Ardchreag who made sure that no one had an empty belly. Past them was another room, in which merchants plied their wares. In this room there was also a table that groaned under the weight of relics and artifacts from Septentria's past. Upon it sat ancient banners, tattered tabards, bardic rings and gifted arm rings, hand made platters, horns and cauldrons, knives and more than I can here recall. Many stopped and looked upon these artifacts as Septentrian elders related at length upon their importance to our lands. I must admit I spent much time at this table myself, and spun many tales. Most of them were true.
Still there was one more room--the kitchen--in which our Baron and Baroness, Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith, toiled to ensure their people would be able to eat their fill when it came time to feast.

Many people filled the hall, from every canton within Septentria's borders, and from our cousin baronies and shires. As I watched proud parents with their new born babes I could see the spirits of Aedan and Caffa and Gillian standing behind them, bright smiles upon their faces. The blood of our forebears runs thick in our veins, young one. You must always remember where we came from. Both Baroness Adrielle and Baroness Gaerwen could be seen that day, benevolent smiles upon their faces. Oh young one, the stories that could be told of them. Of a fire-breathing red-head worshipped by foreign squires, of a ... well, perhaps I'll continue upon that vein after I have had a few more tankards of ale. Some tales are only for ears older than yours, young one.

Members of our fyrd, of the Iron Companions, could be seen walking the halls. Ensuring the peace, carrying burdens, playing at games and protecting our people. The Companions have a long history, a history built upon the history of others who came before them. Have you heard of the Isen Gesitha? Of the Septentrian Guard? We have been blessed to have such as they, those who filled their ranks, to be our protectors.

Our prince, himself a Septentrian, organized a tournament in which many participated. At times our great king, Sir Rory Cennedi the Kid, did hold the field against all the fighters so assembled. Our king is a mighty warrior, and he displayed his skill with the sword as he tested the mettle of his subjects. Once His Majesty and His Highness deemed themselves satisfied, they surrendered the list field to Their Excellencies Septentria. Corwyn and Domhnail called to them the members of the White Bear Fian. Do you know the Fian, young one? They are a fighting order, under no one's rule but their own, who are dedicated to protecting Septentria and all those who dwell within it. It is a noble and ancient order, that has had no new members for many years. This day two gentles did challenge members of the Fian to combat, to attempt to gain entrance to their order. One did not succeed, but was told that he was worthy to challenge again in the future. The second, Hlaford Streonwald Wulfesbana, he who had to battle the snow for many hours to attend, faced Sir Evander MacLachlin, the Champion of His Majesty the king. And in a display of martial skill and valour, Streonwald carried the day. Later in court, surrounded by other members of the Fian--Lord Rhys ap Bledri, Baron Konrad Matthias Jaeger, Sir Evander MacLachlin--he was officially acknowledged as a Fiana.

After such dancing and fighting, it was time to eat! And eat we did, young one. We ate from the bounties of the sea, and from the bounties of the land. Aye, we ate as the bears eat. The feast was acknowledged by many to be superb, and stands as good evidence of why later that evening both our Baron and our Baroness were recognized for their skill in the kitchen, as well as their many other skills, by being inducted into the Order of the Crucible by their Majesties. The final dessert for feast was a wonderful confection formed like a bee hive, complete with candy bees.

During feast, the people were entertained by many bards. By Lady Þorfinna  gra'feldr, who is the Bard of Septentria. By Garraed Galbraith, Olagh, the Kingdom Bard. By Dame Tsivia Tamara bas v'Amberview, the Bard of Skraeling Althing, and former Septentrian of note. Master Rufus of Stamford, baronial harpist, strummed melodies and sung for dancers. Lord Hydro of the North, protégée of Master Hector of the Black Height, told many tales. I will not reiterate the stories they told. If you would know them, ask them to tell you. I could not do their work justice.

When feast was complete, everyone retired to the chapel to await court. Ah, what a glorious setting in which to hold a court, with stained glass windows and arched ceilings, and raised dais. The king and queen sat in splendour on the dais, with a bear lolling between their thrones. Her Highness Marion sat to one side, whilst Their Excellencies sat to the other. Many good gentles were recognized that night young one, and I would speak of some of them. Their Excellencies called forward Laird Colyne Stewart and Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr and awarded them with Bear's Hearts, and they did call Lady Wencendl inigena Jagomus of Rokesburg and gave unto her the first ever Award of the Golden Bear. This is a baronial arts and sciences award and was the first of its kind to be awarded. As well, Streonwald was called Fiana, as I have already related.

When court was over, young one, many still danced and sung, and the halls were filled with the sounds of community and merriment.

It was a day to be remembered, young one.

And so I have told you of it.


38.       On January 3, the Shire of Bastille du Lac held a joint Septentrian-Skraeling Althing 12th Night event called Border Yule. At the event, gentles from both baronies brought games that were played throughout the day for points. At the end of the day the barony with the most points would receive the services of the shire for the next year. With more Septentrians in attendance due to bad weather in the Skrael it was not surprising when Septentria emerged victorious. At court the Canton of Ardchreag presented a gift of 72 scroll blanks to the Barony of Skraeling Althing as a sign of friendship between the two baronies. Also, Lord Berend van der Eych received a Bear’s Claw and Lord Augustyn of Thule received a Bear’s Heart.

38.       The day of January 17th had begun early. Before the sun had risen, the members of Ardchreag had all been up and working. Tables had to be set, ovens had to be stoked, floors had to be cleaned. For it was again time for the pas d’armes at Snowed Inn. Baron Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn, Lady Mahault van der Eych and Lord Berend van der Eych, were labouring in one of the kitchens, preparing a great feast in the manner of far off Italy. In the other kitchen, the Welsh dancer, Tarian verch Gadarn, stirred large pots of stew. The smell of bread permeated the hall, but no one had time to sneak a bite. Lady Naja Kesali and her team set up the gate, and many took a hand at putting together stands for decorative walls and banners.

The list poles were erected, and a gallery was set to one side. To another were placed the presences of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and Their Excellencies of Septentria and Ramshaven. To a third side was set a row of tables, upon which all fighters present displayed their helms. One fighter, in particular, amazed all with his heraldic display of his helm. For it stood on a decorative stand, and was mantled and crested, and set before a banner bearing his arms. That good gentle was Lord Robert de Bray, new to Ardchreag’s lands, having moved from the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

A table of games were set in the back, under the eye of Lord Raffe Scholemaystre, while THLady Anne Tinker watched over the Arts and Sciences competition beside him. Both tables saw much activity throughout the day.

The tables filled up quick, and soon the hall was packed full of people. People were dancing, teaching classes, playing games, drinking, eating, singing and making merry.

The main focus for the day was a tournament, a pas d'armes. The Company of the White Hart had issued a challenge to meet all comers upon the field of honour at the inn. When the Company was introduced to Their Majesties, one of them raised quite a stir. His name was Sir Nigel MacFarlane, and he was a knight of the Dragon, of the great Middle Kingdom. Ealdormere’s king, Sir Rory Cennedi, asked him if, as a foreign knight, those present had any need to fear him. The good Sir Nigel replied coolly that no Ealdormerean had need to fear him, as he was now living within our lands. And so our king and queen did grant this knight citizenship, and the kingdom was richer for it.

The Company then met in combat with the other fighters so assembled, numbering almost twenty. They fought in matched weapon forms, sometimes at a barrier. The ladies of these great fighters, their consorts, watched from the gallery, and when the fighters had all exhausted themselves, these ladies came onto the field and handed out tokens.

Count Sir Aaron Worgensson was recognized for his prowess, Robert for generosity, Lord Etian du Naval for his entertaining manner, Lord Tiberius Of Warwickshire for his courtesy, Sir Nigel for his chivalry and the Honourable Lord Richard Larmer for his service.

At the end of the pas, Tiberius stepped forth clasping the Sword of the Company of the White Heart, and he spoke of its lineage. Of how it came to the northlands with Sir Nigel MacFarlane, of how it was given to him at a tournament in the south, of how he gave the sword to the Honourable Lord Kasmir of Stargard at Snowed Inn I as the grand champion of the day, of how he himself had been lucky enough to hold it after him. Then, that sword, it was given into the keeping of Lord Etian, to great applause. For a year Lord Etian was to hold the sword, and return to Snowed Inn in the following year so that another could win its blade.

That same Lord Robert was taken aside by the seneschal of Ardchreag, who told him of how it was a tradition in Ealdormere to give rings to those who are found to be inspiring. And he gave Robert such a ring for his heraldic display and his chivalry upon the field. Lord Robert's lady wife, Isabella of Ardchreag, was also given rings that day—two—and she served Their Excellencies of Septentria in court later that same evening. Truly these two were also a great boon to our lands. Ansteorra’s loss was Septentria’s gain!

When the tournament was completed, the hall was set in order for feast. While those eating dined, many good gentles entertained them with dance, song and story. Her Excellency Dame Alyce de Sheppey, Baroness of Ramshaven, presented an entry for Her Majesty Susanna's bardic challenge. The winners of the arts and sciences competition were announced, and they were Lady Mahault van der Eych for beginner's belt buckle, Lady Lassarfhina Inghean Uilleag for her intermediate bone carving and Lady Deirdre of Carlyle for her stitch work. Many raved over the food, especially the lamb stew and sausages.

At the end of the meal, court was held. Their Excellencies Septentria first called for their taxes to be presented. Each canton in attendance then sent a representative forward carrying a Septentrian wardoor with their canton’s arms in the chief. That plaid wearing bard, that Hector fellow, he also paid some taxes, in the form of a sword. Pleased, Their Excellencies then set Their taxes for the following year; they asked that each canton send an entry to the Pennsic War A&S display. Lady Catharine of Eoforwic, continuing the ring giving tradition, gave such a ring to Dame Tsivia bas Tamara V’Amberview. The barony's army—the Iron Companions—were called into court to renew or make their pledge of service. The van der Eychs, Mahault and Berend, were then inducted into the Order of the Bear's Heart and Lord Tiberius made a formal challenge to the White Bear Fian.  Finally, Laird Colyne Stewart and Þorfinna gráfeldr returned the Horn of Wessex, at which time it was retired and given into the care of Baroness Gaerwen of Trafford. At that time, Corwyn and Domhnail unveiled the Horn of Wessex's successor—the Horn of Muninn. The Horn was to be presented to an exemplary Septentrian, who inspired others in all their deeds, to be carried by them for one year. To mighty applause, the Honourable Lord Ulvar van der Nederlanden was called for to be the first bearer of the Horn of Muninn. All Septentrians were then charged to keep the Horn full.

Their Majesties then held Their court. The Brewers and Vintner’s Guild put in an application for a charter from Their Majesties. Lady Corrina van Rensealer and Ihvon Thorne were called into Their presence and awarded with an Award of Arms. (And though Corrina had previously received an AoA at Ealdormere War Practice, the king and queen could not be wrong, and Corinna was called Lady Lady by many.) Both Lady Deirdre of Carlyle and Laird Colyne Stewart received Awards of the Maiden's Hearts, while Lord Wat of Sarum had his martial skills recognized with an Award of the Scarlet Banner. Lord Raffe Scholemaystre was inducted into the Order of the Wain (making him an Honourable Lord), while Lord Berend and Lady Mahault van der Eych and Lord Volodymyr Blahuciak received Awards of the Orion.

At court's conclusion people began again to dance, or converse and generally carry on until past midnight, at which point they left to the home of Robert de Bray and Isabella where a post-revel was held.

38.       On the 7th day of February, many traveled to the inn of His Highness Berus Wolfsson. There Lord Tiberius Of Warwickshire, of Petrea Thule, successfully challenged into the White Bear Fian, defeating Sir Edward the Red.

38.       On March 19-20, Ben Dunfirth hosted the first Ealdormerean Golden Seamstress Competition, where the Wyrd Sisters (from Ardchreag) won the Novice category with their brown and gold houppelande ensemble. In the pre-1300 Advanced category a team from Vest Yorvik won with their amazing Saxon ensemble. In the post-1300 Advanced category the “Bog Man” team won with their Bocksten Man outfit. This team had three Eoforings as part of their number.

39.       In June, at Murder Melee, THL Keja Tselebnika was named the new Lawspeaker of Ealdormere.

39.       On July 3, at Ealdormere War Practice, Baroness Adrielle Kerrec was placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

39.       In August at the Pennsic War, Baroness Adrielle Kerrec was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Also, Luke Wolfesonne was made a court baron to good reception. Their Majesties Berus and Marion were gifted a new sword of state by Calontir. There was a field presentation by Calontir who had three swords crafted: One for them, one for Ealdormere and one for Northshield (the three sons of the Dragon).

Corwyn did beam about Septentria’s fighters singling out the performances of Lord Pelayo, Lady Brigit, and Bjarn (all of Eoforwic). He also commented on the good leadership from Sir Nigel MacFarlane and THL Tiberius of Warwickshire (both of Petrea Thule). Strip the willow was danced in the castle battle during a hold while Corwyn and Domhnail had a nice cuddle - much to everyone’s amusement.

Also four out of the five archery champions for the allies were Septentrian, and
Eoforwic's Lady Jocelyn Cranewall was the rapier champion.

Taxes were presented and Eoforwic’s Septentrian sun shade was remarked upon by many.

At kingdom court TRMs Edouard and Genevieve took back the titles of Baron and Baroness of Septentria, momentarily holding Septentria directly in fief again. As Baron and Baroness they were able to award both Corwyn and Domhnail with Bear’s Claws for their efforts and leadership on the field of battle. Corwyn and Domhnail were then immediately reinstated as Their Excellencies of Septentria.

39.       On November 6, the Royal Citie of Eoforwic celebrated its 30th anniversary at Feast of the Bear in Hugo Graf’s Keep.

39.       At Kingdom Arts and Sciences event, hosted by the Barony of Rising Waters on November 20, Lady Mahault van der Eych (of the canton of Ardchreag) was recognized as the winner of Kingdom Pentathlon

39.       I remember snow. I remember the Beard Sisters. I remember guard salmon. I remember bread ball battles.

I remember much, young one. Would you hear some of it?

It was January, year of the Society thirty-nine. It was the day Skeldergate was to host the Barony of Septentria’s Twelfth Night celebrations. Ruprecht, the evil great troll of the North, who hates all things good and pure, sent his fury down upon the land, burying the world in snow and ice. However, the people of our northern lands have strong spirits and were not to be dissuaded from traveling. For lo, wagons lumbered forth across the roads, valleys and dales, and many braved the inclement weather. Indeed young one, travelers from the Barony of Rising Waters did attend the celebrations, as did some from the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

All these good gentles trudged through the blowing snow into the warmth of Skeldergate’s halls. Coats and robes were flung to a table and the sounds of merriment filled the room.

Somewhere in his cave Ruprecht raged.

Many games were played that day, and the stakes were high. For with every victory the winner would receive a token. These tokens would later be drawn for prizes from a laden and groaning table. The Games Guild of Ealdormere laid ‘serious’ games upon a table, and many present enjoyed a game of Glic, or Mills, or Nine-Man-Morris. Meanwhile, members of House Galbraith operated ‘silly’ games, such as pitching plague cows at castles and a bean bag toss.

A number of round devices called hula-hoops were also employed, and three charming (though beauty challenged) ladies entertained those present with their gymnastic routines. These Beard Sisters, who bore a striking resemblance to Lord Berend van der Eych, Laird Colyne Stewart and Snæbjörn sverðsbrjótr, hopped, skipped and cavorted with said hoops, challenging others to games of endurance and stamina. Many, including the knights Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn and Sir Evander MacLachlan accepted their challenges.

Hans and Brigid of Eoforwic, the King and Queen of Misrule, arrived, and Ruprecht raged the more, for with them arrived more fun and silliness. For the King and Queen were weighted down with tokens which one could win by entertaining them (indeed, the Beard Sisters were granted tokens based on their appearances alone) or by stealing them. The barbarians Grimroth and Tannan tried their hand at thievery, reaching down the bodice of one of the gentle Beard Sisters. Though they had been told she had many tokens, they did not find them on her person (she had hidden them in her lord’s sporran).

Now young one, a mat was spread upon the floor, upon which had been painted circles of various colours. Up to six people at a time would meet upon the mat, contorting their bodies to try and touch the different coloured circles as the King of Misrule commanded them. The last to stand would win many tokens.

In the afternoon, a court was held, firstly conducted by Cromwell, Lord Protector of Misrule (who looked a lot like Arminius the Footsore). Cromwell did call before him all the men dressed as women, for from their ranks he would pick a consort. He tested their demure looks, their hips, and their singing voices, and finally chose a blond-haired-cotehardie-wearing beauty with a scruffy chin.

Cromwell handed out several awards for garish clothing, unruly behaviour and the such, before calling before him the King and Queen of Misrule which had somehow survived an assassination attempt (one reportedly set in motion by Cromwell himself). It was a kangaroo court he said, so the prosecutor and defender would both have to be constantly jumping at least six inches off of the floor. A lord from Bastille called Edward was the prosecutor. This Edward was wearing a kilt, and, how shall I say this young one? He was wearing it in proper style, so that while he jumped he clutched the material between his knees. Mistress Nicolaa de Bracton did jump for the defense, wearing a head piece made of currency and a dress emblazoned with leaves and winged wheels (which I was later told represented some sort of sporting teams). Finding the King and Queen innocent, Cromwell abdicated and he and his consort left the dais.

Now the King and Queen of Misrule did reign, and conducted their business. Most notably, the Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters did come into court, and they did grace their cousins the Baron and Baroness of Septentria with the bounties of the lakes and rivers of their lands. Their Excellencies Rising Waters, protected by their guard salmon, gave many fishy treasures, including chocolate fish, a fish shaped menu, a baldric covered in little fishies and a box of crackers in the shape of fish.

After court a grand feast was held, one cooked by Their Excellencies of Septentria, and many were the sighs of pleasure as the diners devoured all placed before them. Their Excellencies, to show the wealth of their barony, did make manna fall from heaven, and soon bread was flying throughout the hall.

Feast was followed by a long slow withdrawal, as all those present prepared themselves to go back out into the cold and face Ruprecht’s wrath again. However, by this time his rage had subsided somewhat, his energy spent, and the snowfall was now slow and gentle. Goodbyes were said, wagons were loaded, and the celebrants headed for home.

It was a good day, young one. A good day.

39.       Feb 19 2005 At Snowed Inn Lady Christiana MacNamara and Lord Percival de LaRoque were awarded the Horn of Muinnin.

39.       Malik King      lord of the Ealdormereans
            and gracious Queen      Genevieve, smiling,
            did, in northern Skrael,      depart our shores,
            to sail the sea     to come to parents’ aid
            and make on this      the 23rd day of April
            Edouard their son      and Genevieve daughter
            Lupine rulers      strong in might and mind
            But departure waits      as one deed is left to do
            A man to recognize     raise in stature
            Richard Larmer     of the tusks of glory
            Squire of Finnvarr     duke of Iron
            Made court baron     to mighty cheers.

40.       At Pikeman’s Pleasure on June 4, 2005, Sir Rory Cennedi and Laird Colyne Stewart were both successful in fighting their way into the White Bear Fian.

40.       On June 18th Septentria fielded a team at Murder Melee which won one battle out of eight.

40. On September 12th, Their Excellencies did contact the people of the barony, and alert them to a missive from the seneschal of the Shire of Bastille du Lac.

Unto Our White Bear Fian, Our Iron Companions, Our people of Septentria and
Our friends of the Crimson Star, hearty greetings.

Some of you may know that the area known as Bastille du Lac is under our           
protection for this year. We have received a missive from Lord Edward,
Senecshal of  Bastille du Lac, requesting our assistance.

Following, is their missive:

Unto Their Most Ursine Excellencies, Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith, does
Edward Fuchyn, Seneschal of the Shire of Bastille du Lac, send his most
esteemed greetings.

Your Excellencies, I write to you to bring to your attention the plight of
my poor shire, which on more than one glorious occasion has found itself
under the protection of Your Might and Justice. Once again our land has
been encroached upon by pirates and corsairs, flying under the flags of the
Dread Pirate Captains Bloodfox and Widow. They and their men have been
raiding our shores, raiding our stores and terrorizing our folk.

An army from the East is currently approaching our shire. Their captains
assure me that they are only coming to help us and to push the pirates back
into the sea, but I am afraid that without Your forces here to balance
their numbers they may forget to leave.

Please, Your Excellencies, I beseech you to come to the Shire of Bastille
du Lac on October 1, 2005 for A Day of Piracy and to protect us from our

Your Most Obedient Servant,

Edward Fuchyn

Simply, We will answer this call. Pirates beware and Our friends from the
East will be assured of our strengths.

We trust that those able, will follow Our Banner. 

Corwyn and Domhnail
Baron and Baroness of Septentria

40.       On November 5th at Feast of the Bear, Lord Tormod of Kirk Andreas successfully entered the White Bear Fian and Lord Gareth of Eoforwic was named baronial fencing champion. Their Excellencies sent words of thanks to the barony regarding the gathering of food for the unfortunate:

Dear Septentrians,

This past Saturday at Feast of the Bear, you all proved how generous you are. We are quite moved by the efforts of Our cantons, households and individuals that contributed to our food drive and made it an overwhelming success. Together, in the name of Septentria, over 4000 pounds of food has been donated to foodbanks and shelters across Ealdormere.

Many thanks are extended to House de Teach Cairdeas for upping the ante, for all those who contributed and helped move and store mountains of food and many thanks to the good people of Eoforwic who put on a wonderful and enjoyable day that enabled us to not only enjoy a successful Feast of the Bear, but to share our larders with those not so able to do so.

Corwyn and Domhnail
Baron and Baroness

40.       In January Septentria hosted a baronial twelfth night. Here follows one of many missives written about that day.

Greetings unto all those who may read this missive, from Gonzalo mjöksiglandi, humble page (of the mixed up lineage) in the court of Their Majesties of Misrule, Gaerwen and Ulfhedin,

As you may be aware, recently a new land has been discovered far to the west (or, even farer to the east). It is a land of chocolate, peppers and gold, of towering pyramids and thick trees. I set sail to this new land, along with Dan the Dane, my fellow page (half-brother to Dagmar Halvdan), to wait upon Their Majesties of Misrule.

The winds were gusting up to 70 kilometers per hour on my voyage. The kilometer is a measurement of speed in this New World, I am told. In our terms the wind was blowing really, really, REALLY hard. It actually caught the door to my cabin aboard ship and half wrenched it from the frame. The boat was in danger of sinking from this storm, but we landed safely, and my fellow page and I made our way through the freezing winds and found shelter in a hall. This hall was within the boundaries of the Barony of Septentria, which was hosting a Twelfth Night celebration. Over this merriment, our Majesties Misrule were to…well…misrule.

His Majesty was resplendent in fine slit pantaloons, with tiger print hose, a white blouse and red vest. Upon his head perched a hat (also made of the skin of a local great cat) around which sat his crown, and from which sprouted green and white feathers. About his neck hung a necklace of peppers. Her Majesty was likewise radiant, in Norse garb complete with three sets of turtle broaches, and strings of pearls, bells, radishes and peppers strung across her chest. A large helm with mighty horns and thick braids sat atop her head. In their hands they held their scepters and orbs—sticks of wood, and a local fruit called a cocoanut.

Before them was spread a table of prizes. For throughout the day, those assembled would partake in games and challenges for tickets, and these tickets would then be drawn for these prizes. Beyond the prizes were set up tables for the general populace to use, and beside them were set tables for an A&S show and tell overseen by Lord Berend van der Eych and Lady Mahault van der Eych. Participants were encouraged to bring their greatest arts and sciences disaster.

At the end of the hall Lord Rhisiart ap Meredudd toiled in the bar. Beyond him and unseen were their Excellencies Septentria, and many other helpers, working in the kitchens. Overseeing all was Lady Lassarfhina inghean Uilleag, the event steward.

And yet this was but half the hall! On the other side Lord Perceval deLaroque and Lady Christiana MacNamara had spread out many tables of games. In the corner an oasis sprung up, complete with palm trees, drummers and dancers. One of the dancers looked remarkably like Baroness Alyce de Sheppey.

Dan the Dane, with his roving moustache (which moved all over his face, and sometimes onto other people’s faces), and I (wearing a cotehardie, a fez and plaid pants, with a dream catcher and an Aztec solar calendar hanging from my belt) sometimes helped out Their Majesties throughout the day, when and if we felt like it. For a time I had to flee for my life, as several local children (armed children!) thought I was a pirate, simply because I said I was. Luckily Berend slipped me an eye patch, which I held up to other people’s faces to send the children off after them.

Their Majesties appointed Lord William the Younger as the Captain of Their army on the merit of his silly walk. To decide upon their admiral, a group of sea-dogs came before them blustering and yelling, until Berend leapt upon the stage, kissed Her Majesty and stole the admiral’s hat. Not to be out done, Lady Rusalka of the Galbraiths kissed His Majesty, then Her Majesty, leaving Berend no choice but to kiss His Majesty. Both Berend and Rusalka were then appointed co-admirals.

In all the amorous campaigning, His Majesty’s chapeau was knocked to the ground, and though I managed to rescue the crown itself, the feathers were snatched by a self proclaimed enemy of the crown, dressed as a young Duke Hasdrubal. His Majesty appointed William to recruit a brute squad to retrieve the feathers. While he was doing so, the thief strode cockily before the thrones, wearing the feathers in her coronet. William snuck up behind her and plucked the feathers, whereupon she called for her own brute squad. It seemed the enemies of the crown outsized the loyal brute squad of Their Majesties, who scattered to the winds. Lords Petreus and Grimroth then abducted His Majesty, throne and all. Eventually His Majesty returned, but as I was one of those who scattered, I am not sure what he had to do to secure his release.

Tickets were handed out to people for passing potatoes between themselves, using only their elbows, chins and knees. Touching one with your hands meant you had to partake of the poor man’s lutefisk (sardines). Tickets were also awarded for eating the peppers on Their Majesties necklaces.

The members of Petrea Thule practiced at Glic in a back corner, preparing themselves for a Glic challenge at Snowed Inn in two weeks time.

A court was held where awards were handed out, but I do not know who won them, for I had been dragged into a game of Tablero with Baroness Adrielle Kerrec, who had just trounced Lord Rattanicus. When Adrielle had to step out, Baron Konrad Mattias Jaeger continued for her and we played until we were both well sauced.

Feast, with an Old World / New World theme was then served. The Spanish Remove: consisted of Olive and bread, Fava beans with serano ham, Chorizo empanadillas, Eggplant casserole, Venetian xinxanella, Roast pork with sweet and sour sauce and Fruit empanadas. The Mexican Remove consisted of: champurrado (chocolate drink), Tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole and frizoles, Prawns with pumpkin seed sauce, Potatoes with walnuts and eggs, Tamales with boar, Mole de polbano and Chocolates.

Two of the dishes were served from the deck of a large boat that was wheeled about the room on a trolley. Pirates from Ardchreag tried to raid the vessel, but it was under Her Highness Ealdormere’s protection, so the raid failed. Instead, they captured a smaller craft made of bread and manned by bears made of butter, and sailed past head table where His Excellency Septentria stood in his ocelot skin great kit and was showered with volley after volley of bread balls. Oh, if only His Excellency had more ships of his own to protect him!

After feast, Lassarfhina and Rhisart brought out a birthday cake for Gaerwen and Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr, which was cut up and shared with all still present in the hall.

The hall slowly emptied after that, as folk made their way for home. For those that remained a cloven Clementine made the rounds.

It was truly a fun day, with much merriment (more than one man distracted by tablero could possibly record).

40.       At Snowed Inn on January 28th, Septentria’s taxes for the coming year were announced, which was for each canton, household and military unit within the barony to find a relic that somehow represents their founding, and bring them to the barony’s Twelfth Night celebrations in AS XLI to form a Septentrian Museum.

41.       The waters of Cynred’s Bath surged with mighty fury on the 3rd of June, gushing down the spillway and sweeping under the bridge, lapping about the boards. The rain was at times torrential, and the waterways of Petrea Thule were swollen and wild. Thusly, many of the festivities for this year’s Pikeman’s Pleasure, the 16th of its line, happened inside. A long day of fighting began inside, where Sir Rory Cennedi (who now called Septentria home) won a bastard sword tournament.

The White Bear Fian—Septentria’s fighting order—then walked out onto the bridge. Sir Konrad Mattias Jager von Dubrau, Sir Edward the Red, Sir Cennedi, THL Tiberius of Warwickshire and Laird Colyne Stewart then challenged all who still had energy to face them in honour and courage until all were satisfied. Many brave and stalwart challengers answered the call, and we fought many group melees on the bridge, until we finally took a brief break. For Their Excellencies of Septentria brought us news of one who would challenge into our order. And so THL Baldric of Newcastle Emlyn was called before Their Excellencies and the Fian, and he made his public challenge, and his challenge was accepted as a good and right thing.

At court, Lord Amelius Claudius Rattanicus was brought forth, and made a challenge to join entry to the White Bear Fian. To prove that he did truly care for the safety of the barony—and especially for the safety of the baron—he presented Corwyn with a scarlet hand-made leather jockstrap emblazoned with a white bear. The Fian conferred and agreed to accept Rattanicus’ challenge, but only if he agreed never to make such a thing again, and that he had to wear the jockstrap to at least three events.

In kingdom court Their Majesties called Þorfinna before them. Aaron told her that many people had approached him and told him of her mighty shield push on the bridge that day, and so impressed was he to hear of it, that he presented her with an axe.

Lady Mahild Vilognes presented THL Anne Tinker with a token for being such an outstanding and giving person. Their Majesties bade Mahild remain with them in court, and presented her with an Award of the Maiden’s Heart. The archers of Petrea Thule (who had shot in the rain) presented Her Majesty with gold (which she shared with the crowd).

41.       On June 13th at Murder Melee, Septentria again fielded a team. As well, a team made up of the households of Sirs Rory Cennedi, Siegfried Brandbeorn and Evander MacLachlan named themselves the Ursinators and fought in the barony’s honour. The Ursinators came in second over all that day.

41.       War of the Trillium II was held from June 28 through July 2. The Friday saw Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith sit vigil for the Order of the Laurel. Their fellow Galbraiths strung up Septentrian and Ealdormerean walls about the vigil area in their camp, and set out two tables groaning with food. A craft table was set up where people waiting to go in and speak to Corwyn and Domhnail could draw, paint or carve soap. A roaring fire was lit, and people sat around it singing songs. Corwyn and Domhnail waited in the baronial pavilion for each visitor, with one wall lowered so they could look out over moonlit grass and watch the dancing fireflies. They were a bit surprised by the parade of semi-drunken men with glowing nipples who buzzed by the opening at one
point, but took it all in stride.

On a rainy Saturday in Septentrian court Lady Raya of Petrea Thule was made the new baronial bard, and Etian was given an axe and a bear pelt and named the barony’s fighting champion. The Canton of Caer Draeth donated funds from the last Kingdom Crown to Their Majesties and to Their Excellencies. The Canton of Ardchreag was called into court. Knowing that the barony required a new baronial pavilion, they donated $2000 towards the purchase of a new one.

During Their Majesties court, Corwyn and Domhnail processed with the members of House Hrogn and House Galbraith leading the way. As luck (or fate) would have it, the rain ceased long enough for them to walk from shelter to the pavilion. Once under its roof the rain began again, though falling lightly this time. As Corwyn and Domhnail kneeled in front of Their Majesties a rainbow broke out in the sky over the pavilion and THL Ulvar van der Nederlanden sounded the horn of Ealdormere’s scouts. Many good gentles then spoke about the virtues of this pair, including Garraed Galbraith, Olagh, and Duchess Marion FitzWilliam who spoke of the past, Sir Berus Wolfsson and Baroness Adrielle Kerrec who spoke of the present, and Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr and Lady Lassarfhina ingean Uilleag who spoke of the future. Their scroll, crafted by Lassarfhina, was a wooden triptych that stole the crowd’s breath away.

On Sunday free copies of Septentrian Geographic were distributed to Septentrian citizens.

41.       In October, Sir Edouard Beausoleil won Crown tournament, naming Baroness Domhnail Galbraith as his queen.

41.       At Feast of the Bear on November 4th, Corwyn and Domhnail announced that it was time for them to step down as Septentria’s baron and baroness. This announcement was met with much sorrow from their loving populace, as well as a crashing ovation in recognition of the works they had done for the barony.

41.       In January at Snowed Inn, taxes were presented and the Septentrian Museum saw fruition. Master Hector of the Black Height received the Horn of Muinnin.

41.       On March 24, in the Canton of Petrea Thule at the Late Winter Shoot, THL Percival de la Roque and THL Christiana MacNamara were announced as the next baron and baroness of Septentria.

41.       On April 14th, at the same site as Septentria’s 25th anniversary event, Corwyn and Domhnail stepped down as baron and baroness, accompanied by thunderous applause. Percival and Christiana were then invested as the new baron and baroness of Septentria, long may they reign.

Strong is the bear, and strong is the iron!

Post Scriptum

With their duties to the barony complete, Corwyn and Domhnail have moved on to fulfill other duties. This humble observer was lucky enough to observe them both closely at War of the Trillium III. At this event, Domhnail now served all the members of the kingdom as Queen, over seeing meetings, signing scrolls, organizing courts, attending a vigil, and still finding time to slip out and fight. Likewise does Corwyn still serve. From close at hand I observed him in grubby torn fighting garb, on his knees in front of a fire, cutting great hunks of meat on top of an over turned box of diapers.

Each serves in their own way.

Appendix 1: Gulf Wars March 2007

Being a missive from His Excellency Corwyn to his subjects.

I look out the window and see the snow swirl over the crusted ice on the lane. It takes little effort for me to reminisce that only a few days earlier, I was part of an armed force, lead by Her Highness, Domhnail of Ealdormere, posted in the green and warm Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

A distant cry was heard, that the Kingdoms of Trimaris, Ansteorra and Meridies were to war in their southern lands. Opportunity for adventure, honour and shopping was knocking on our castle's door. A party was formed quickly and in two days, our wagons took us almost 2000km from our icy covered roads to the shores of the warm Gulf of Mexico. We stopped several times to refresh our mounts and sample the fare of many taverns and inns along the way. Curious to me was the southerners preference for vegetables that are cooked with meat - for nary a green leaf could be found without boiled flesh behind it, and meats of all types battered and fried as they would chicken. In our travels, Mistress Eleanor educated me in her magic arts of transformation as a mere paper tube can be so animated as to appear a rare and squirming white worm. Ask me some time and I will pass on this lore on gladly.

We arrived and were honoured by our hosts with a sturdy wooden cabin. Lord Simon the Wanderer was our kindly liaison and ensured her Highness’ best interests here. In little time we organized the living space and arrayed the grounds with banners and our arms, so that all would see that Ealdormere's Princess and her loyal warriors of Septentria were present. In the cabin and in nearby pavilions, we numbered 12 : Her Highness, myself, Mistress Adrielle, Master Garraed, Mistress Eleanor, Mistress Kaellyn, Syr Nigel, Baron Luke, Lady Dagmar, Lord Eric (aka Monkey), Baroness Eyrny and Baron Hoskuld.

A grand procession was had, where all Kingdoms attending paraded the streets upon noble steeds. Banners flew and bards sang praises while we, brightly clad in our Kingdoms colours, followed Her Highness to a strong fortress of timber. At its gate, we rallied to fight with our friends of Ansteorra, and wassails were hollered by the crowd.

Our allegiances made public, we took to wandering the camps. Many merchants were plying their trades. Minstrels, armourers, jewellers and even the odd potter caught the eyes of some in our party. Rings and silks from The Far East, delectable foods from the south and, of course, weapons. A wonder of our known world can be found there, beneath shady trees, and it is called the Green Dragon Inn. A two-story building, Elizabethan in style, with a large common room circling a fire pit, shuttered windows, a loft for bards and musicians and a stout boarded bar where, for a donation, you can quench a powerful thirst with a glass tankard (or your own vessel) full of ale. It is a meeting place, a gaming place and a place of songs.

Wandering further, past bejewelled and painted mannequins, is a Viking encampment with wooden homes affixed with the bones of Odin’s offerings, raised wooden walks, gardens and very hospitable cheerful folk. Further afield there is an even earlier period encampment where daily living history examples take place.  In another direction, a short stroll takes you to a middling sized lake filled with many manner of fish and beasts, and pleasurably did Baron Luke and Monkey fish there.

There were classes for those crafty in the arts; hands-on displays and forums and a display of arts that was awe-inspiring - music, Shakespearean performance, goodly foods, fine weavings, gilt illuminations, a wood block printing press, and so much more as to make anyone’s head spin.

Later in the week, Her Highness was invited to hound coursing and to the delight of many royal ladies, hounds chased their quarry round a great field showing their speed and grace. Tally-ho was the cry to let loose these dogs.

Greatly were we impressed by the courteousness of these southern folk and many had heard of Ealdormere from past travellers, while others were kind to hear our tales and wonder at our northern clime and kin. Many gifts and tales were shared with royal cousins of Her Highness.

And then we have the battles. In a tree filled ravine, dampened by a gentle morning rain we had our first engagement with our noble enemies. Hard arrows and bolts flew, repelled by wardoors; axes and glaives fell again and again, cleaving swaths to victory and honour. How the enemy grew familiar with the white bear upon my shield and were repelled by its imperviousness (at least until the strap broke).

A town battle outside the fort saw us shake our axes and cry out for Ealdormere in glory, but it was not until the open field battle that saw our true mettle. The numbers were heavy on the side of our honourable opponents. They lined up against us, upon a hill top, looking down upon us.

From behind heavy clouds the sun broke brightly from behind them, dazzling into our eyes. Upon the field before axe met helm, we saw noble kings battle each other, mounted upon horses gaily draped. Long did the battle rage, the like of which I have not yet seen before. And merrily I mused that the end result was that, this day, many would die amidst apples of an unsavoury tree. The odds of victory were poor but it only got better. That day, many fell underneath our axes. And my axe is Septentrian, and I am an Ealdormerian warrior, proud and vicious as I followed my Princess with battle rages. It was a good day. It was an axe day.

Of Lady Dagmar, would I speak, mighty warrior maiden who bested the women warriors of the known world, not once each, but twice. She who made every battle and stood shield to shield, weapon to weapon with her Princess and Baron. She who sought a great new helm and lo, found her hearts desire, and strong will it's defences be for she has well bonded with it.

Syr Nigel, first spear of winter, slew many on the field and guided us with his great and noble wisdom with deed and example. And Mistress Adreille, mindful horse maiden, who inspired us us with her authorization in mounted combat, and checked the progress of Her Highness' steed.

Other tales, and they are many, cannot be fit onto these few pages. For others times will be told these tales of the making of the monkey knight, the order of the golden cup, of deaths most dramatic and grand, of exploding heraldry, travels to the nearby city of New Orleans, hawks most fierce, waters most blue and jumping monkeys.

Until a later time, I wait for warmer days and campfires a plenty, lazily recalling our southern sojourn.

Appendix 2: Reign Summary of Corwyn and Domhnail

The Sixth Reign, AS 37 – 41
Baron: Corwyn Galbraith
Baroness: Domhnail Galbraith
Champion (Armoured Combat): Etian du Naval (AS 41 - 41)
Archery Champion: Augustyn of Ely (AS 38 - 40), Mathild de Valognes (AS 41 - 41)
Fencing Champion: Gareth of Eoforwic (AS 38 - 39), Jocelyn Cranewall (AS 39 - AS 40), Gareth of Eoforwic (AS 40 - 41)
Scouting Champion: n/a
Equestrian Champion: n/a
Thrown Weapons Champion: Axayacatl of Tizaapan (AS 39 - 41)
A&S Champion: n/a
Bard: Þorfinna gráfeldr (AS 38 - AS 39), Axayacatl of Tizaapan (AS 39 - 41), Raya of Petrea Thule (As 41 - 41)
Harpist: Rufus of Stamford (AS 37 – 41)
Special Award: Horn of Muinnin: Ulvar van der Nederlanden AS 38, Christiana McNamara and Percival De La Roque AS 39, Tiberius of Warwickshire and Anne Tinker AS 40, Hector of the Black Height AS 41.
Armed Forces: Iron Companions, White Bear Fian

Appendix 3: Awards Given by Corwyn and Domhnail

Award of the Bear's Claw
Hans Thorvalsen, Spring Tune-Up, May 24, 2003
Jocelyn of Eoforwic, Lady Mayor's Market Day, June 21, 2003
Corwyn Galbraith, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003 (awarded by TRMs 
     Edouard and Genevieve)
Domhnail Galbraith, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003 (awarded by TRMs 
     Edouard and Genevieve)
Gareth of Eoforwic, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003
Pelayo of Eoforwic, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003 
Thorolfr smithr, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003 

Berend van der Eych, Border Yule, Jan 3, 2004 
     (for using enemy Prince as a shield at Pennsic)
House Hrogn, Berus' Bar and Bar Room Brawl, Feb 7, 2004
     (for pledged service, suport of training, arms and friendship)
Douglas of Petrea Thule, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 5, 2004
     (for being youngest archery champion in the Knowne World)
Jocelyn of Eoforwic, Pennsic War XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (for being the Ealdormerean fencing champion)
Ulvar, Pennsic War XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (Ealdormerean archery champion representing best of the Knowne 
Brendan, Pennsic War XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (Ealdormerean archery champion representing best of the Knowne 
Daffyd ap Sion, Pennsic War XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (Ealdormerean archery champion representing best of the Knowne 
Augustyne of Thule, Pennsic War XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (Ealdormerean archery champion representing best of the Knowne 
Bjarn of Eoforwic, Feast of the Bear, Nov 6, 2004
     (for his valour and enthusiasm at Pennsic War)
Hans Thorvalsen, Feast of the Bear, Nov 6, 2004
     (for generosity and enthusiasm in training new Eoforing fighters)
Angus Albani, Feast of the Bear, Nov 6, 2004
     (for generosity and enthusiasm in training new Eoforing fighters)

Ulvar van der Nederlanden, Lord Mayor's Market Day, May 7, 2005
     (for surviving the dagger brawl)
Gottfried of Petrea Thule, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 4, 2005
     (for his significant contribution to the arming of the cantons' 
Hector of the Black Height, War of the Trillium, July 2, 2005
     (for his officer training course)
Grainne du Bois, Pennsic XXXIV, Aug 17, 2005
     (for her contribution to the war effort in providing safe and  
     nutritious haven at Pennsic and respecting the celebration of Saints
     Marg and Rita)
Foote the Potter, Pennsic XXXIV, Aug 17, 2005
     (for his contribution to the war effort in providing safe and  
     nutritious haven at Pennsic and respecting the celebration of Saints
     Marg and Rita)
Ulfhedin Thorbrandson, Pennsic XXXIV, Aug 17, 2005
     (for his devotion to the personal safety of the person of His
     Excellency Corwyn on the Pennsic field)

Rory Cennedi, Snowed Inn V, Jan 28, 2006
     (for training fighters at Ardchreag and Skeldergate)
Florence of Monadh, War of the Trillium II, July 1, 2006
     (construction of kingdom tabards for the 'Sea of Red')
Magdelina of Monadh, War of the Trillium II, July 1, 2006
     (construction of kingdom tabards for the 'Sea of Red')
Aiden Longarrow, Pennsic War XXXV
     (for his excellence in archery and spirit)

Dagmar Halvdan, Septentrian Investiture, April 14, 2007
     (for her prowess at Gulf Wars)

Order of the Bear's Heart
Cynred Broccan, Snowed Inn II, February 15, 2003
Volodomyr Blahuciak (Vlad), Pikeman's Pleasure XIII, June 7, 2003
Rosalyn FitzWilson, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003 
Colyne Stewart, Septentrian 25th Anniversary, Nov 29, 2003 
Þorfinna gráfeldr, Septentrian 25th Anniversary, Nov 29, 2003 

Augustyn of Ely, Border Yule, Jan 3, 2004 
Berend van der Eych, Snowed Inn III, Jan 17, 2004 
Mahault van der Eych, Snowed Inn III, Jan 17, 2004 
De Teach Cairdeas, Snowed Inn III, Jan 17, 2004

Safrida Axehammer, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 4, 2005
Jocelyn Cranewell, War of the Trillium, July 2, 2005
Gareth Campbell, War of the Trillium, July 2, 2005
Hamish Gunn, Pennsic War XXXIV, Aug 17, 2005
Ceridwin y Anghofidig, Pennsic War XXXIV, Aug 17, 2005

Award of the Golden Bear
Wencenedl inigena Jagomus of Rokesburg, Septentrian 25th Anniversary, 
     Nov 29, 2003
     (for illumination; note: her AGB was a carved amber bear)

Catherine of Eoforwic, Berus' Bar and Bar Room Brawl, Feb 7, 2004
     (for dance)
Daffyd ap Sion, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 5, 2004
     (for teaching archery and bow/arrow crafting)
Gunnar Bjorn Thorgrimsson, Snowed Inn, May 17, 2004
     (for Anglo-Saxon craft)
Asa Gormsdottir, Lady Mayor's Market Day, June 12, 2004
     (for garb)
Jean-Margaret Donnerfaust, Ealdormere War Practice, July 3, 2004
     (for garb)
Magnus Kjrr-Thiergreson, Ealdormere War Practice, July 3, 2004
     (for Anglo-Saxon craft)
Augustyne of Ely, Pennsic XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (for woodworking)
Medb ingen Dungaile, Day in the Country, Sep 11, 2004
     (for sprang and fibre arts)
Naja Kesali, Day in the Country, Sep 11, 2004
     (for Russian garb and illumination)
Aurelia Gabriana, Day in the Country, Sep 11, 2004
     (for embroidery and garb)
Kaellyn MacDermott of Leinster, Plaid the Impaler, Oct 30, 2004
     (for fibre arts, naalbinding, period handsewing, lucet cord making)

Berend van der Eych, Snowed Inn IV, February 19, 2005
     (for diverse arts)
Mahault van der Eych, Snowed Inn IV, February 19, 2005
     (for diverse arts)
Gwerydd verch Llewelyn, Lord Mayor's Market Day, May 7, 2005
     (for her work and teaching with Flemish garb reproductions,
     especially caps, and embroidery)
Gaerwen of Trafford, Lord Mayor's Market Day, May 7, 2005
     (for her skills and teaching of period spinning and dying)
Þorfinna gráfeldr, War of the Trillium, July 2, 2005
     (for her diverse arts in pewter casting, garb making and teaching
Lady Magnunnr Hringsdottir Fotatredir, Feast of the Bear, Nov 5, 2005
     (for her skill and knowledge in Norse culture)

Eirik Andersen, Snowed Inn V, Jan 28, 2006
     (for his spontaneous illuminations)
Marion Fitzwilliam, Pennsic XXXV
      (for her skill and teaching of SCA shopping)

Colyne Stewart, Septentrian Investiture, April 14, 2007
     (for his skill with the written word)

 Horn of Muinnin
Ulvar van der Nederlanden, Snowed Inn III, Jan 17, 2004

Christiana McNamara and Percival de Laroque, Snowed Inn IV, Feb 19,

Anne Tinker and Tiberius of Warwickshire, Snowed Inn V, Jan 28, 2006

Hector of the Black Height, Snowed Inn VI, Jan 27, 2006

Baronial Champions
Rufus of Stamford, Harpist, Snowed Inn II, February 15, 2003
Augustyn of Ely, Archery, Pikeman's Pleasure XIII, June 7, 2003
Þorfinna gráfeldr, Bard, Murder Melee in the Meadow XX, June 14, 2003
Gareth of Eoforwic, Rapier Champion, Feast of the Bear, Nov, 2005

Axayacatl of Tizaapan, Bard, Ealdormere War Practice, June 28, 2004
Axayacatl of Tizaapan, Thrown Weapons, Ealdormere War Practice,
     June 28, 2004
Lady Jocelyn Cranewall, Rapier Champion, Feast of the Bear, Nov 6, 2004

Gareth of Eoforwic, Rapier Champion, Feast of the Bear, Nov 5, 2005

Mahild de Valognes, Archery Champion, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 3, 2006
Etian du Naval, Fighting Champion, War of the Trillium II, July 1, 2006
Raya of Petrea Thule, Bard, War of the Trillium II, July 1, 2006
Gareth of Eoforwic, Rapier Champion, Feast of the Bear, Nov, 2006

White Bear Fian
Streonwald Wulfesbana, Septentrian 25th Anniversary, Nov 29, 2003

Tiberius of Warwickshire, Berus' Bar and Bar Room Brawl, Feb 7, 2004

Rory Cennedi, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 4, 2005
Colyne Stewart, Pikeman's Pleasure, June 4, 2005
Tormod of Kirk Andreas, Feast of the Bear, Nov 5, 2005

Baldric of Newcastle Emlyn, Snowed Inn VI, January 27, 2007
Personal Baronial Tokens
Raffe Scholemaystre, Pikeman's Pleasure XIII, June 7, 2003
     (for tireless service to the barony)
Aaron Worgennson, Pennsic War XXXII, Aug 14, 2003
     (for fighting 1000 battles at Pennsic)

Lassarfhina inghean Uilleag, Berus' Bar and Bar Room Brawl, Feb 7, 2004
     (for funding and polishing the Award of the Golden Bear tokens)
Rhisiart ap Meredudd, Berus' Bar and Bar Room Brawl, Feb 7, 2004
     (for funding and polishing the Award of the Golden Bear tokens)
Brigid of Eoforwic, Lady Mayor's Market Day, June 12, 2004
     (for her dedication to her canton)
Tiberius Of Warwickshire, Pennsic XXXIII, Aug 18, 2004
     (for leading and inspiring in battle)

Anne Tinker, Late Winter Shoot, March 19, 2005
     (for her efforts within Petrea Thule)
Lady Alyce of Eoforwic, Feast of the Bear, Nov 5, 2005
(for being an inspiration in perseverance in learning a weapons form—great sword—especially since she had a broken finger at the time)
Lady Selena of the Wood, Feast of the Bear, Nov 5, 2005
     (as she made a personal donation of 2000lbs of food for our food

Lachlan MacLean, Septentrian Investiture, April 14, 2007
     (for long service to the barony as herald)

Brass Balls of the Bear
Zody of House Mjolnir, Pennsic XXXII
    (for using Baroness Domhnail's tiny heater during a castle battle
     attacking Septentria's side)

Worgen MacGregor, Pennsic XXXIII
     (for proudly wearing a bull piñata on his helm through three field

Michael the Long Suffering, Pennsic XXXIV, Aug 17, 2005
     (for using his head on defensive on the field of honour)

THL Gwerydd verch Rhys and Lady Eleanore Chantril, Pennsic XXXV
     (for their daring escapade against a local Duke, using Septentrian
     Heraldically correct weapons)

Appendix 4: Members of the Iron Companions at the end of the Sixth Reign

Legend: AC = Armoured Combat, S = Scouting, A = Archery, F = Fencing, TW = Thrown Weapons, E = Equestrian
Alexander the Blue (AC, A)
Aodhan Longshafts (A)
Augustyn of Ely (A)
Axayacatl of Tizaapan (AC, TW)
Brian Goodheart (AC)
Cynred Broccan (A, AC)
Dagmar Halvdan (AC)
Fursto de Robyne (A, S)
Gaerwen of Trafford (A, S)
Gareth of Eoforwic (F)
Gunther Walstadt (A, AC)
Hamish Gunn (AC) 
Iohannis Fabrizio (S)
Lachlan MacLean (S)
Ludwig von Eisengrim (AC)
Nicolaa de Bracton (A)
Normand Hauberkker (A)
Percival de Laroque (A, S)
Raffe Scholemaystre (A)
Robyn O'Connor (A, TW)
Rhisiart ap Merududd (AC)
Rusalka Galbraith (F)
Ulrich von den See (AC), done in his memory
Wencenedl inigena Jagomus of Rokesburg (S)
Yvon de Bois (AC)

Iron Companions who retired during the sixth reign

Aeneas Oakhammer (A, TW)
Albrecht Stampfer (F)
Colyne Stewart (AC, TW)
Seonag nicThomais (AC)
Þorfinna gráfeldr (AC, TW)
Ulvar van der Nederlander (A, AC, S, TW)

Appendix 5: Septentrian Battle March

Septentrian Battle March
by Þorfinna gráfeldr a.s. xxxvii
(February 25th, 2003)

Black, the Raven's feathers fly
A cold North wind is blow-ing
Red's our banner in the sky
All round the White Bear flow-ing

Dark come tidings to the Bear
Far South unrest is grow-ing
Wolf and kinsmen, all prepare
The seeds of war are sow-ing

Come blow your horns with Raven's call
Let sound the White Bear's roar
Lift sword and spear and raise the shield
Septentria's to war

Draw the stone along the blade
Make sharp the edge for hew-ing
Wear the band that he has made
And mend the chain maille's sew-ing

Raise the sail and set the oar
To distant lands we're go-ing
Bid farewell to Northern shores
It's Southwards we are row-ing

Come blow your horns with Raven's call
Let sound the White Bear's roar
Lift sword and spear and raise the shield
Septentria's to war

Black the Raven's feathers fly
A cold North wind is blow-ing
Red's our banner in the sky
All round the White Bear flow-ing

Set ashore on foreign land
Around the campfires glow-ing
Pass the horn from hand to hand
And all the songs we know, sing

Come blow your horns with Raven's call
Let sound the White Bear's roar
Lift sword and spear and raise the shield
Septentria's to war

Proud the Northmen take the field
The axe is heft for throw-ing
Death will take us ere we yield
There is no fear worth know-ing

Shield to shield the wall is set
The arrow's poised for bow-ing
Call the charge and meet the threat
There is no thought of slow-ing

Come blow your horns with Raven's call
Let sound the White Bear's roar
Lift sword and spear and raise the shield
Septentria's to war

Black the Raven's feathers fly
A cold North wind is blow-ing
Red's our banner in the sky
All round the White Bear flow-ing

Raise the mounds for brothers lost
And claim the wergeld ow-ing
Duty done, we've paid the cost
It's time for homeward go-ing

Come blow your horns with Raven's call
Let sound the White Bear's roar
Lift sword and spear and raise the shield
Septentria's to war
Septentria's to war
Septentria's to war
Septentria's to war

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