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St. Maximus Day Market (April 8, 2006)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

First of all, we slept in. We were going to the Barony of Ramshaven, to witness the Elite tournament of Renown, and since the tourney was not scheduled to begin until two of the clock, we thought we could get up a little late. Unfortunately we got up a little later than planned. As we hurriedly packed our carriage, we dispatched a messenger to seek out my brother Snaebjorn. Since we were running behind, he could now join us on the trip if his apothecary appointment had been concluded. It had been, and we soon received an answer and speed off to collect him.

Thorfinna, Snaebjorn and myself then spent two hours speaking of the fantastic, and witnessing a carriage beside us on the King’s Highway explode into flames. We arrived at site and were instantly surrounded by a flock of ravens who offered us communion. We quickly changed clothes and I was reunited with my squire-brother Brandt (whom I had not seen for a year and a half) and Sheikh Valizan who was at his first event in nine months.

Morning court had already begun, and the combatants for the Elite Tournament had already been announced when I sidled up with the other bystanders. I was just in time to witness Eleanor Fairchild of House Galbraith invited into court and placed on Vigil for the Order of the Laurel. She was quickly whisked away by the Order to a secret tent where the populace could come and speak with her and offer her advice (and eat cheese). Thorfinna and I did not get in, as after being told we were next for fifteen minutes we wandered back over to the tournament and missed our spot.

Those taking part in the tournament were: Count Rory Cennedi, Lord Tarquin Bjornnson, Lord Wat of Sarum, Duke Roak of Ealdormere, Count Sarnac Kir, Master Trumbrand the Wanderer, Sir Siegfried Brandboern, His Lordship Etian au Neval, Her Ladyship Kayla the Cheerful, Lady Jocea of Ealdormere, Master Tarkatai Bahadur, Baron Luke Wolfsson fra Hrogn, Lord Leif Wolfsonne, Yoshi Kuri Nagoyo, Baron Tynne Duair ap Beul andHis Lordship Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn.

The format was double elimination three counted blows. In the finals Duke Sir Roak was declared the winner over Count Sir Cennedi.

Most of the day I spent wandering, talking to many different friends, some I hadn’t seen for some time. The fighters continued to battle doing pick-ups until court began. Several gentles were then acknowledged for different skills and their contributions to the kingdom, including myself (who was awarded a Scarlet Banner) and Valizan who was inducted into the Order of the crucible.

As preparations began for feast, we left to begin the journey home. On the way I realized that we had not locked the door to our keep when we had left in the morning. In fact, in our haste we had not even closed the door at all! We sped home as fast as the horses could go, and arrived to find the door closed (Thorfinna’s father had come by and shut it). The door was still unlocked and Snaebjorn and I did a circuit of the keep, looking into every room and closet but no intruder was evident and nothing appeared to be missing. We were most fortunate indeed!

An impromptu post-rev then developed at our keep as those who lived in our neck of the kingdom dropped by on their way home and we dined on a late supper of pasta and bread.

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