Wednesday 2 October 2013

Skeldergate Hosts Baronial Fight Practice (May 2003)

By THL Colyne Stewart

In service to Septentria, my Lady and I went to Corwyn and Domhnail’s first baronial fight practice even though neither of us could fight. (In a previous fight practice Thorfinna had hurt her knee and I bruised some ribs running into a giant.) We could only watch with envious eyes as various Septentrian fighters took to the lists. The Hrogn were in evidence (as is only fitting since we were at Skeldergate) as were fighters from Caer Draeth and Ardchreag. Baroness Domhnail was fierce upon the field, while the baron was given lessons by Berus Jarl. (Corwyn also taught all watching that when a man as tall as his Excellency falls, it is as if a tree was parted from its stump. Once must quickly move aside or be crushed by its length. Just ask a certain limping Skeldergater.)

At a table nearby three good gentles worked on stone carving while inside the hall Skeldergate demonstrated its hospitality by providing a various assortment of treats and drinks. (This chronicler was denied the last chocolate chip cookie by a raiding Norseman with Aztec tattoos.) A herald’s table had been set up on one wall, while beside it others worked on chain mail and the repairing of old baronial banners.

It was an enjoyable night as we discussed upcoming events, office changes and the radiance of a part of our good baron’s anatomy. (You had to be there. Of course, if you weren’t, a poem has been written.)

As any baronial gathering it helped cement relationships between folk from different cantons and households. Hopefully future practices will happen soon.

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