Wednesday 2 October 2013

Septentrian Baronial Fight Practice (May 5, 2002)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

On May 5th, Ardchreag was honoured to host a Baronial Fight Practice at Thompson Park in Scarborough. Fighters and fencers came from Petrea Thule, Eoforwic, Greenhithe territory, and Ardchreag. Many good gentles who do not fight sat and talked and sung songs and sewed and spun. It was a very good opportunity for people from across the Barony to meet in a laid-back friendly environment. All told there were approximately sixteen people in attendance.

While the fencers fought there was some one-on-one armoured combat, followed by shield wall drills. Thorfinna, a good gentle named Will, and I formed a shield wall while Baron Cynred, Tiberius (of Petrea Thule) and Druss (Squire to Sir David) poked, prodded and pulled at us. (I commented that all the experienced fighters were with spears, and all the newbies with shields. The Baron laughed and said, “Welcome to Pennsic!”) When it was over, we were told that if all the shield men in Ealdomere could fight as cohesively as us three our Kingdom would be in good shape. (The more experienced fighters then looked at each other and japed that all that would mean was that House Darkyard would be sicked on us.)

The practice lasted for two hours though it was another hour before all packed up their carts for the rides home. If this is an indicator of Baronial Fight Practices I hope they continue to be held on a regular basis so that all those in the Barony can get together outside of an event. It is good.

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