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Just Whose Birthday is it? (Spring Crown, May 27, 2006)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

The sun was bright and the sky was clear upon the morning of May 27th. Þorfinna and I awoke early, please to see that the constant rain of the past few days was no where to be seen. We quickly packed and awaited the Bastille Boys, who were going to pick us up in their carriage. Before too long Sir Evander maneuvered his large carriage into our yard, and he, Kel, Lord Amelius Claudius Rattanicus and THL Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn hopped out and helped us load up our gear. An uneventful trip along His Majesty’s highways soon found us entering the lands of the Canton of Caer Draeth.

The site was a bustle with activity as many people had made it to site before us. Fencers were stringing up a list field, as were youth combat marshals, and archers were already bending their bows. A crowd of folks walked around talking and enjoying the sun as the Crown participants armoured up in shade tents along the side of the outdoor list field.

We hauled our gear over to the far side of the lists, and set up beside Baroness Adrielle Kerrec, Sir Nigel Macfarlane and Lord William Donovan. We were soon joined by Lady Tarian verch Gadarn, Lord Eirik Andersen, Lady Lassarfhina inghean Uilleag (looking radiant in her new blue bliaut), Lord Rhisiart ap Meredudd and several others throughout the day. A shade was erected, a table set up, and food spread out.

On the other side of Nigel and Adrielle House Hrogn and House Galbraith had a pavilion where I was to later consume some most excellent lemon loaf.

When I went to change I discovered that I had forgotten my pants. Luckily, Evander lent me his to use.

Our Lawspeaker, THL Keja Tselebnika, gave me several issues of the Ursus to scan in an effort to bolster the Baronial Archives. Also, Lord Normand Hauberger gave me a copy of Dame TSivia’s Kingdom Histories to further the study and recording of our kingdom’s history.

Evander, Nigel and Rhisiart all armoured up and Evander warmed up against Lord Wat of Sarum, King’s Champion, looking very fancy in his new surcoat. I spent my time embroiled in squirely duties, fetching that and carrying this. The tournament’s procession was held inside the hall, with the thrones sitting under banners depicting each reign in the Line of the North. Each combatant and consort were given a handmade ceramic bottle created especially for the tournament.

Once all the combatants and their consorts had been introduced and made their pledges everyone filed outside so the tournament itself could commence. The full list of combatants and consorts were:

Count Sarnac Ba'adur for Countess Joleicia of Litchfield
Lord Evan Quicktongue for THLady Arnora Dunestan
Master Trumbrand the Wanderer for THLady Kaylah the Cheerful
THLady Kaylah the Cheerful for Master Trumbrand the Wanderer
Duke Roak of Ealdormere for Lady Jocea of the Rozakii
Lady Jocea of the Rozakii for Duke Roak of Ealdormere
THBaron Tankred of Tanglewood for THBaroness Rosalinda de la Fuentes
Lord Derfel Mallory for Lady Melisande du Rocher
Baron Phaidrig McNeil for Mistress Etaoin O'Fearghail
Sir Evander MacLachlan for THL Melusine De La Rose
Mistress Aelfwyn of Longwood for Baron Hereward the FarDweller
Lord Rhisiart ap Meredudd for Lady Lassarfhina inghean Uilleag
Streonwold Wulfesbana Hlaford for Lady Seonag nic Thomais
Sir Siegfried Brandboern for THLady Mauvrneen MacKellar
THLord Phelan Gann for Lady Maiwen Scarbrow
Sir Nigel MacFarlane for Mistress Adrielle Kerrec

The tournament was a good old-fashioned double elimination best of one tournament. The fighting was quick, exciting, and—from what I could see—clean. Evander made it into the quarter finals, but in his duel with Sir Roak his sword became entangled and this led to his defeat. The semi-finals were Sir Siegfried against Sir Sarnac, and Sir Roak against Master Trumbrand. Sarnac and Roak went on to the finals, with Roak crowning Jocea as Ealdormere’s new princess.

There then followed a very long meeting of the Order of the Chivalry that went on for many hours. So many hours in fact, that it ended just after feast had begun. Those of us who had not made it onto feast waited for our knightly companions to emerge so that we could go and find sustenance off-site. While we were waiting we spent the time in excellent conversation, and in trying to help a poor fellow who had lost his key in the grass.

We also celebrated Rhisart’s birthday with a small rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ and a chocolate cake provided by his family. And though it was not my birthday I did receive a late birthday present from Their Excellencies Corwyn and Domhnail Galbraith—a hand painted box. They also gave Þorfinna and I a large spoon brought back from their recent trip to China.

Eventually the knights and masters-of-arms emerged blinking into the sun and my companions and I set off for a certain Scottish restaurant for a quick dinner.

After we had eaten, Evander, Rattanicus, Þorfinna, Lady Ariana de la Rose and I were waiting in the lobby for Kel to rejoin us. After a few moments it was determined that someone should have to go in search of him in the garderobes. Evander proposed a game of paper-rock-scissors between the three men, which I tried to get out of by saying that I was not from their shire. No dice. So we played, and kept tying. And tying, and tying and tying. Until finally, with a muttered “Damn,” I was defeated and went at once to be about my mission. I entered the garderobes and called out for Kel, going to far as to look for his feet under stall doors, all the while being watched by a confused man drying his hands. I returned to the group empty handed, when someone suggested looking outside. Sure enough, there was Kel sitting on a bench sipping at a drink.

When we arrived back on site, we prepared for court. Since Evander now needed his pants I went bare legged.

A member of Bastille du Lac had contacted 3M, a company that produces a product dear to most every SCAdian’s heart—duct tape. Upon explaining to them what it is we do as a hobby, 3M delivered a flat of duct tape to Bastille. To that end, Bastille (and people who were drafted into helping) were going to deliver 200 rolls of duct tape to Their Majesties Aaron and Rustique. At court Evander presented himself to Their Majesties, and explained that Bastille had a gift to deliver to them. He then called for the gift to be brought in and Baldric ambled into court juggling rolls of tape, followed by Rattanicus and THL Tiberius bearing a chest full of tape. Next came Lord Brandt and Þorfinna with a pole arm slung across their shoulders, draped with rolls of tape. I followed, bearing a great sword holding many more rows. And then came Lord Ludwig, THL Dafydd and Donovan bearing boxes full to overflowing. The display was met with approval by the crowd, who applauded the presentation and cheered the gift from the shire.

I then drifted to the back of the hall to watch the rest of court, and could therefore not hear all of what transpired. I can report the following though:

Tiberius received an Award of the Orion, while Lassarfhina and Lady Ceridwyn y Anghofidig both received Awards of the Maiden’s Heart. There then followed the first of at least three standing ovations as the Trillium Herald, Percival deLaroque was inducted into the Order of the Wain, making him an Honourable Lord.

Not yet done assigning new rank to worthy individuals, Their Majesties then called Petrus of the Marines before them and made him a Baron of Their court.

Master Hector then stood to sing happy birthday to the queen, who remarked that it was not her birthday. Blame for this misinformation was spread about and soon Baroness Adrielle and Master Garraed Galbraith were standing before Their Majesties, all three of Laurels trying to explain how the error had occurred. They agreed that though it was not really Her Majesty’s birthday, they still wanted to present her with a gift—that of a new person to be placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel. They then called on Her Excellency Septentria, Domhnail Galbraith, to join them. The crowd broke into ecstatic applause, and Baron Corwyn’s jaw dropped in amazement. It dropped further when Garraed asked the crowd to be silent so he could likewise call His Excellency Corwyn forward!

When the crowd finally quieted and the current members of the Order had congratulated Corwyn and Domhnail, court was concluded.

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