Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Historie of Ardchreag: Part the First

Penned by THL Raffe Scholemaystre

(Edited by THLaird Colyne Stewart and Sheikh al-Zubeyd al Sharef Valizan ibn Fredeh.)


Thus begins the historie of the canton of Ardchreag. A group young but old; experienced and novice; a group that was looking to the future while revering the Past. It was the Canton upon the Cliffs.

t      t      t      t      t

April AS XXV (in the year mundanely known as 1991)

It was in the month of April, A.S. XXV and those who were to found the canton on the cliffs to the east of that old fort of Eoforwic, began by gathering out on those very cliffs to arch.

As the arrows flew a camaraderie developed among this group of archers, many of whom resided in this unsettled area sometimes called Scarborough and Pickering. These gentles had to travel far to the keep at Eoforwic, though they did keep good company there. During a meal of pastries at Sir Timothy’s, they began to discuss the founding of a settlement in the east. The gentles felt that it was worthy of further discussion.

t      t      t      t      t

Later that same month, at the Ealdormere Arts and Science Fair, hosted at Skeldergate, the gentles from the cliffs began to lay the foundation to the new group. The gentles that were involved with these early discussions were: Alan of the Highcliff, Ayriel Blackwood, Raffe Scholemaystre, Raedmund de Arden and Siegfried Brandbeorn.

t      t      t      t      t

May and June AS XXVI

The slow development of the group took place over May and June AS XXVII. Raedmund and Siegfried first authorized during this time, Siegfried did so at the festival at Orangeville. Raffe was designated as acting Seneschal and gentles old and new expressed interest in settling in the new canton. This core began to attend activities throughout the principality, identifying themselves with the proposed canton.       

The Group met formally for the first time on June 6. The Principality Seneschal, Master Ricard of Sabletree and Lady Nicholaa de Bracton attended to add support and advice to the group. Raffe Scholemaystre became the groups designated Seneschal, Margaret was noted as Minister of Arts and Science with Raedmund acting as her Deputy. Siegfried Brandbeorn was chosen to act as Pursuivant. Alan ate High Cliffswas nominated as Archery Lieutenant, while Rhys yr Saethydd became our qualified chiurgeon. Ayriel, Jhered and Sam Forkbeard were also in attendance.

The group also settled upon Canton Upon-the-Cliffs, as an acting name for the group. They decided not to settle on a name until October so that gentles who became members in the early fall would be part of the discussion.  The group continued to arch together throughout this month.

t      t      t      t      t

August AS XXVI

The time had come: the rumours were true. Hostility had led to our good forces meeting with those of the East again in combat at the Debatable Lands. A number of Gentles from the Cliffs attended to Stand with the Ealdormerean Prince, Kildare and his beautiful Princess Katherine and his Liege, King Ronin and the fair Queen Katya.

The tension was high as the King Ronin met his brother King Randal of the East. The two forces were lined facing each other when the kings began to argue. An arrow was brought forth to be broken in twain to indicate that combat was necessary to settle their dispute. Yet by something akin to divine intervention, the arrow would not snap. The Kings took this to be a sign and declared the hostilities over and suggested that a Grand Tournament be held in its place. Although many gentles from the north still felt the desire to war with their cousins from the Eastern Kingdom they accepted the word of their King and fought bravely for Ealdormere. Siegfried, Raedmund and Agnar fought at this Pennsic, Siegfried and Raedmund for the first time.

While at Pennsic XXI, the Curia of the Middle Kingdom met. The discussion of whether the Canton Upon-the-Cliffs be accepted at this time or not was dependent on two factors. Firstly, Duke Palymar requested that we appoint a Marshal and secondly, the note from the Pursuivant Siegfried, had yet to reach the Dragon Herald, Talan. Raffe and Siegfried were able to solve this problem and receive Talan’s acceptance and the group was officially recognized as the Incipient Canton Upon-the-Cliffs, at the Middle Kingdom’s War Court. Although the Middle Kingdom lost the Greatest Whacking Tourney in the Knowne World, the new canton came away from Pennsic as the newest group in Ealdormere.

t      t      t      t      t

Shortly following the war, Sam Forkbeard invited all good gentles wishing to settle in the new canton to feast and revel at his humble keep. Many good gentles did answer the call, while many friends, such as Master Hector and Lady Madinia came to give support. A good time was had by all. As the fires burned low Raffe, Sam, Alan and Connor talked of Households. The discussion was lively, however at that time no households were formed.

t      t      t      t      t

September to December AS XXVI

In early September the canton moved into its Keep. During other times this keep was a schoolhouse, in the area known as Clairlea. The hearth was set, and the good gentles gathered to talk, share and dream about the Knowne World. The group met on the second day of the week, from seven bells to ten bells.

The group discussed many different names before settling on the name Ardchreag, which was Gaelic for High cliffs. This name was adopted and the Canton-upon-the-cliffs had a true name

Shortly after the group formed Connor was awarded his Arms and there was much mirth at his disdain for the given honour. The group also started to prepare to host—not one—but two events in the new year. Raedmund continued to impress all with both his skills as a fighter and his skills as an artisan. He hearkened back to the olden days of Septentria. The group was slowly developing a distinct personality, as a group that worked hard but had a (slightly warped) sense of humour. As the Yule time approached all was well in the young canton.

t      t      t      t      t

January AS XXVI (the beginning of the year mundanely known as 1992)

The good gentles of Petrea Thule held the Septentrian Twelfth Night in January of AS XXVII. A lively group of gentles were present and the Canton’s first household started to take shape. The House BlackArd, headed by Siegfried, came into being. Other members included Alan, Connor, Raedmund, Rhys, Sam, Drac, Alexa & Thorvald.

t      t      t      t      t

On the 24th of January, the canton held its first event: Persona Pursuits. This was based on an idea that Raffe had originally presented as a small workshop but which grew into a full event. Alexandrina handled all the logistics of the event as Autocrat, while Raffe, as Guestocrat, dealt with contacting the different period specialists. The feast was a Pot-luck. Which was presided over by Drac. About 75 gentles came out on the rainy day to the Ajax Cricket Club (booked with the help of Thorvald) for a day of discussing history and the concept of persona. All in all the day was a success.

t      t      t      t      t

February AS XXVI

In February, Raedmund attended the Estrella War and our Canton held its second event: The Second Almost Spring Archery Shoot. This event unfortunately conflicted with the Skrael Practicum which did hinder turnout. Lady Elise autocrated this event, with Sam Forkbeard as co-Autocrat. Raffe ran a games competition and Margaret cooked a well-received feast. The event, being held on the 27th of the month, fell on Raffe’s birthday. To honour this (and because the Royalty had to back out due to illness) the kitchen presented him with a peacock. It was an enjoyable event.

t      t      t      t      t

March to April AS XXVI

It was during these times that the canton chose to inquire of the graphic artist David Sim about the usage of his character, Cerebus. He gave us permission to use his character and we gained our first mascot.  About this time the group also found a tavern to gather after a meeting, it was called the Scotch Corner.
In the Spring of the year our new Marshal, Raedmund de Arden, began our first regular fight practices. They were held in a local commons off Eglinton Avenue near McCowan. Raedmund, Raffe, Drac, Leodegrance of the Tower, Alexa and others turned out. Slowly, Raffe was beaten into good fighting shape and was soon ready to authorize.

t      t      t      t      t

When the decision to split Septentria had been made a year previously, our Baron Cordigan and Baroness Diana, who had settled in the area of the new barony, stepped down and they sought successors. The search had started the previous spring and the short list of Lady Ursala na Clan na Rath & Thane Grimwulf, Lady Katherine & Lord Odd and Lord Ieuan & Lady Adrielle was polled. At The VII Ealdormerean Coronet Tourney at Trinovantia Nova did Ieuan McKellmore and Adrielle Kerrac become our Baron and Baroness of Septentria. At this time, as well, Raffe received his Award of Arms.

t      t      t      t      t


As the Summer approached the canton prepared to host the First Septentrian War Practice. The site had been found and preparations were well on the way.

t      t      t      t      t

In May, many gentles traveled to Bryniau Tywynnog to celebrate the First Rites of Spring. This event included Fighting, Archery (across a pond) and many other activities. In a typical Chreagger manner, bread balls flew a plenty. The young Prince Kildare and Princess Lella Serocini were on hand to enjoy the day.

t      t      t      t      t

June to July AS XXVII

Early in June, many of the canton did travel to Petrea Thule to enjoy the Pikeman’s Pleasure. At this event there was a lady called Olga, who took many a breath away. Some said that she looked like Wee Duncan, but I do not know. She (and Duncan himself) became more physical after being hit by a cloven bread ball, tossed, as the rumours said, by a certain French Alchemist.

t      t      t      t      t

Gentles also attended Market Day, survived the heat of Murder Melee in the Meadow and visited the Italian Renaissance. Also, Raffe and Siegfried hunted Unicorns at Tor Brant. June was a busy month for the gentles of Ardchreag.

t      t      t      t      t

On that first weekend of the summer, the gentles of our fair Canton did invite all the gentles of Septentria and Ealdormere to a War Practice held at a place called the Heber Downs. Siegfried did a good job acting as the autocrat, while Lady Ursula na Clan na Rath opened the first tavern. The fighting was sluggish due to the heat, but somehow Raffe was able to authorize. (Pity, I suppose.)

The Tavern was enjoyed by all who ate there. Most were amazed at the work Alan was doing on his pavilion, and at Sylard’s forge. At the Canton’s Birthday Bash, Justinian sang and Flying Turtles were first sighted by Ulvar van der Nederlander (with the help of his one drink—a keg). During the reveling did Lord Raffe insult Lord Vlad with his tippets and this led to a challenge. Vlad challenged Raffe to a duel at the next Septentrian War practice, the weapon being Vodka.

Baroness Adrille was so pleased with this site upon the Downs that she ordered that this event become a regular part of the Septentrian Calendar.

t      t      t      t      t

For the summer the Canton met at a grammar school nearby Clairlea, as its doors were shut during the summer. Here Marian of Heatherdale first entered the society, although she shortly would be off to Bryniau Tywynnog. It was here that Blaine Sylvanus first put his eyes on her and both were smitten.

t      t      t      t      t


After the first War Practice, the Canton was preparing for its first trip to War as an established canton. Alan atta Highcliffs worked hard to secure us a little piece of heaven down by the old Septentrian swimming hole.

The site was nice and cool and away from the hustle and bustle of Pennsic. The river flowed by and the trees gave shade. Many gentles spent many hours resting in the hammock. Gaerwen of Trafford, Gwynfyr and Anthea, all of Eoforwic, joined the Band from the Cliffs. For Eoforwic had been sent to the far reaches of Pennsic, upon the Serengeti, near the rolling sea. Gaerwen was to become an unofficial ArdChreagger for each Pennsic ever after.

The War went as usual, with the East the victor but many good battles were fought. Raedmund, Seigfried, Berus Wolfsonne and Raffe all fought at Pennsic XXII. Raffe acted as the Standard Bearer for Ieuan, the Baron of Septentria.

In the course of the week Jhered and Katerina had some misadventures and Raedmund was again dressed in pink. (The Baroness had bumped her head and couldn’t remember him fulfilling his pledge....) and Berus, Raedmund, Raffe, and Alan each received a Bears Claw.

Berus entered into a chivalrous friendship with the Queen that deserves to be told in full by a better storyteller than this scribe.

t      t      t      t      t

September AS XXVII

The canton returned to the northlands in good spirits. We had had a very successful first year: three successful events and a pleasant encampment at Pennsic. As we entered our second year, the canton returned to the warmth of its keep at Clairlea. Many Gentles wandered to events through out the Principality and a few ventured down to the Midrealm proper.

t      t      t      t      t

Raffe had bought a keep and was pleased at the number of Chreaggers  that came out to help him pack his wagons.  The canton showed the community spirit that a mature group has.

t      t      t      t      t

In September, Alan atta Highcliffs and Raedmund de Arden both received well deserved Awards of Arms.

t      t      t      t      t

The canton waited through out the fall for its name to be accepted by the College of Heralds. This was the last major requirement that the canton required to go to full status. By this time both the Kingdom and Principality Seneschal expressed the opinion that we were ready to be full status. But we had to wait a while longer on the heralds.

t      t      t      t      t

Margaret expressed her desire to step down in the early fall and this was to be the first of many changes in the ranks of the officers over that fall.

October AS XXVII

October A.S. XXVII ended with many from the canton visiting Greyfells for their event. However, none were able to get on to feast so the Chreaggers tried to go a freakin’ the mundanes.  Due to it being the Halloween weekend, they were not successful.

t      t      t      t      t

At the Feast of the Hare our good Baron & Baroness laid claim to Skraeling Althing. The Skrael force was almost crushed except for the bravery of Cennedi who defeated two foes but finally succumbed to Edouard Beausoleil.

t      t      t      t      t

November to December AS XXVII

Shortly thereafter the Principality gathered at Bryniau Tywynog for Wassail. There was much merrymaking and silliness, with Raffe being chained to an incredibly ugly woman who looked a bit like Blaine. Many that day went and sang the season around the town.

t      t      t      t      t

At the dance event at Skeldergate, two surprise individuals arrived, as well as all of the knights in the Principality. These two were the King, Sir Finn Hergolfsson and His Prince, Sir Jafar al Safa. Something was afoot. At court that day, Prince Cordigan was put on vigil for knighthood.

t      t      t      t      t

January AS XXVII (the beginning of the year mundanely known as 1993)

In January AS XXVII, Raedmund stepped down as Marshal after Domesday and Berus Wolfsonne became the new group marshal. He instituted the alternating of meeting nights with fight practices. This was to continue for quite some time.  The group gathered in December for its Wassail and again in January for our 12th night gift exchange. It was again by draw. Kenneth Macdonachy was selected to succeed Raffe as seneschal.

t      t      t      t      t

Members of the Canton traveled to Monadh for their first New Year’s Day event and enjoyed the Archery and revelry greatly. The Baronial 12th Night was held in Bryniau Tywynnog. This last Septentrian 12th night held before the division was a pleasant one. Gentles traveled far and wide through that winter visiting places throughout the region. While at home Katerina Cronhjelm continued planning, in conjunction with Thevenin de Cote d’Azure, the Ealdormere Arts and Science Fair, which Ardchreag was hosting.

t      t      t      t      t

For a time archery was offered on both Mondays and Fridays. Though Friday was the choice of the archers, Alan could not always attend, and did miss a few evenings helping with the marshalling.

t      t      t      t      t

At the Kingdom 12th Night, Thorbjorn Osis was placed on vigil for his knighthood and which he received two weeks later at Coronet Tourney. At that time Ziegfried Gunther von Weaselburg won the Coronet for his lady wife Joliecia of Litchfield.

t      t      t      t      t

February to March AS XXVII

Master Sylard journeyed far to share his knowledge of pewter casting with us in March. It was well received and enjoyed by all. Drac continued his training to authorize in the spring. The Canton held a school demo at the collegiate that Edrick Anderson (now known as Eirik Andersen) was a student at and this was to have a profound effect on the Canton.

t      t      t      t      t

Also in the early spring, the Heralds sent back word that the name Ardchreag had passed. We were ready to apply for full status.  The turmoil that had surrounded the Tankard was resolved when Sam stepped down due to work related issues and Bridghid became chronicler with Edrick as her deputy.

t      t      t      t      t

At the Ice Dragon, in the East Realm, Edouard Beausoleil, Richard Larmer, Aelfwyn, Raedmund and Siegfried fought well in the five-man Bearpit and did the Barony proud. At the Clancy Day, Prince Cordigan had his buffet and was thus made Ealdormere’s sixth active knight. At Gunther & Joleicia’s investiture, at Vest Yorvik, did our Baron and Baroness, Ieuan and Adrielle, present pastry in the shape of the White Bear of Septentria.

t      t      t      t      t


The Canton hosted a small but pleasant Arts & Science Fair in Whitby, during April. It was autocrated by Katerina and Thev, with a Tavern feast by Cameron. There was plenty of dancing, led by a newcomer from the East Kingdom known as Roswitha del Bosco, who was later known as Rosina. The highlight of the event was Baron Menken’s comedy about Sir David and his Squire Cordigan.  This amused Siegfreid to no end.

t      t      t      t      t

May to June AS XXVIII

At Pikeman’s in early June, the Skraels had aligned with many including the Hrogn to get revenge for the insult at the last Feast of the Hare. Fighting was enjoyable and there was a bridge battle over raging water. This was where Luke Wolfsonne (then known as Luke the Kid) first ventured out of the keep.

t      t      t      t      t

When it became clear that Kenneth Macdonachy would not be able to take the office of Seneschal, he stepped aside. Both Alan ate High Cliffs and Blaine Sylvanus (who had just recently returned from studies in Bryniau Tywynnog) were approached to take the position. Both agreed that whoever did not win a Canton poll would act as the deputy to the other. Alan took the poll.

t      t      t      t      t

There was a Canton encampment at Murder Melee in the Meadow that year. Alan, Drac, Alexa, Sam, Conner and a few others made up this camp at one of the hottest Melees.

t      t      t      t      t


On that first weekend in July, the second Septentrian War Practice was held. As demanded by the Baroness, it was again held at Heber Downs, with Siegfreid as Autocrat. Berus acted as the marshal. There was a woods battle and Vlad’s duel with Raffe, a challenge from the year before, was enacted. (Raffe survived). The Tarnished Tankard was once again run by Ursula na Clan na Rath. Caellach brought beer and Queen Garlanda de Stanas was also present. Also here did Drac authorize and Alan continued to develop the archery field.

t      t      t      t      t

Later in the month, at the Coronet Tourney at Bryniau Tywynnog, Earl Syr David Martin Failsworth beat Viscount Roak to place a coronet on the head of his Lady, Elina de Braose. This event is also remembered as the event with a swimming hole and a distant site where the tournament itself was held.

t      t      t      t      t


At Pennsic we again camped at what was to become known to some as the Traditional Land of Ardchreag and to others as Ardchreag’s Refugee Camp. There was rain, and fire and floods. It was an eventful War. There were many highlights, including the on-the-field knighting of Prince Gunther and Baron Menken Brechen, and later the laurelling of Madinia Devereaux O'Tuatail for costuming. The Middle again loss the War but we did take the Archery war points. The biggest highlight was when the canton was called up in court and was made full status.

t      t      t      t      t

September to October AS XXVIII

Many Chreaggers traveled to Bonfield Battle and it was enjoyed by all. Thistledown at Monadh gave Alan many ideas that would produce fruit come next summer. And at Eoforwic’s Lord Mayor’s Market Day, Berus and Sybille of Amberhall received their Award of Arms.

t      t      t      t      t

Der Welfengau hosted the Investiture of David and Elina. Here Moria the Black was made a Baroness of the Court, and Breannon was created a Laurel for her metalworking. Blaine received his Award of Arms.

t      t      t      t      t

Greyfells’ annual event was held at Wallace Hall, the most beautiful hall used in Ealdormere. Here Herr Conrad of Bryniau Tywynnog did announce his plans to marry Lady Alyce of Greyfells.

t      t      t      t      t

The following week, on the day known as Hallow’s eve, Ben Dunfirth hosted the Crown Tournament for the Middle Kingdom. Sir Thorbjorn Osis took Sir Stephen Brandstion Edgermont to become Crown Prince of the Middle. Osis fought for the lady Valthiona Cuthbert, the wife of his friend Sir Coley Cuthbert. After receiving his coronet, Osis proposed to his lady, Mistress Caitlin Stuart. And Lady Marian of Heatherdale was awarded her Award of Arms.

t      t      t      t      t

In the Canton, Lady Bridghid stepped down as chronicler due to her new role as mother to baby Kate, and has only been seen rarely since. Edrick, her deputy, continued in his role with Raffe being selected as her successor. Alexa was busy preparing for Persona Pursuits II, while Raffe and Siegfreid were preparing to step down as seneschal and pursuivant respectfully. Melchior the Carver, who had come from Petrea Thule, worked on starting a singing group. About this time both Kevin and Matthew settled on the Cliffs.

t      t      t      t      t

November AS XXVIII

On the first Saturday in November, at Persona Pursuits II, Raffe passed the large, black, wooden Seneschal’s key to Alan ate High Cliffs while Wolfgang, better known as Drac, drank the cup to become our Pursuivant. The guard had changed. The event was very small with only a few visiting from afar. Katerina and Siegfreid prepared a tasty feast, though there were said to be many adventures in the preparing of it. However, those there did have a good time and this event could be viewed as a success, even though many coins were lost.

t      t      t      t      t

The following week, many attended Feast of the Hare. Shocking to many was Siegfreid donning his armour. Drac, Alexa, Edrick and others attended.

t      t      t      t      t

The group had a disappointing Halloween Bardic circle, but Rosina continued to teach dance in a manner that few couldn’t enjoy. Also at this time the Fighters and the dancers would share the hall once a month. It was an interesting sight. It led one to wonder if Hole In The Wall could be done using rattan to poach?

t      t      t      t      t

Word came from the King of Arms that the device of the canton had passed. There was much rejoicing.

t      t      t      t      t

December AS XXVIII

In early December Lady Etaoin traveled from Drachenfaust, in Rising Waters, to teach us about felting. After much rubbing a number of hats developed. Notable of these were Alan’s green Robin Hood cap and Raffe’s Orange ...umm...prophylactic like thing.

t      t      t      t      t

On the day of December 4, some Vikings raided Eoforwic, led by Prince Osis who now called himself Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson. In total five battles were fought, including a Bridge Battle, and a beach battle and a city brawl of fencers. The Spawn, as the Hrogn were nicknamed, held the day and defeated the city dwellers. Many a brave warrior lost his ‘life’ that day. Many were surprised to see Raffe in armour and more surprised that he was among the last off the field. A good time had by all.

The potluck feast that Lady Ursula na Clann na Rath organized was well received. Lord Ceallach held a post-revel at his keep. Ceallach provided some of his renowned ale for the revelers enjoyment.

t      t      t      t      t

Also on December 4, the good gentles of Ealdormere gathered in the forest north of Bryniau Tywynnog to celebrate Wassail. Although there was no tournament this day, much fun was had by all. The goodly host had provided many games for their guests as well as an archer’s woods walk hunt. Alan, Luke and Raffe all spent time questing after woodland creatures. Luke had a marvelous day, so spoke Alan, being one of the better archers of the day.

The Principality court was again fairly informal with a number of Awards of Arms being given. All were to gentles of the host area. Countess Caitlin held her second on-site A & S activity; this time it was illumination and calligraphy. The results were donated to Their Highnesses for their future usage.

The feast was tavern-style and fairly informal. Bread ball fights ensued. The serving wenches’ humour was often tried by rowdy gentles. Sir Cordigan’s rendition of “Belgar’s Song” was a highlight and Justinian Clarus’ sing-a-longs livened up the feast. The feast was followed by dancing and a snowball fight. Many gentles began their journey home early due to the blowing snow that began late in the afternoon.

t      t      t      t      t

January AS XXVIII (the beginning of the year mundanely known as 1994)

The good gentles of Septentria gathered at St. Brigid’s Parish Hall on January 14 to celebrate the Twelfth Night. It was a busy and eventful day. Although the event was hosted by Eoforwic, many Chreaggers spent the day helping Lady Ursula in the kitchen, acting as Herald and doing other tasks in aid of the innkeeper, Lady Inez de Freitas.

Many notable people seemed to be very different that day. The Baron was shorter and without his spectacles, while the Baroness was not quite herself. Both complained of a head injury. Glandydd Rhys Mordwyn seemed much shorter and Elizabeth Cadfan (called Kes) taller. Most strange... Two strangers were at the feast and were named the King and Queen of Fools. The King of Fools said his name was Richard but due to his size was called “Little Dick”. Their court was lively. Nicolae Cioranu was named as executioner and no one was allowed to be as tall as the Queen. Three gentle ladies were named as keeper of the Queen’s cocks. The King and Queen sent forth a challenge for all gentles to watch for others not acting as they should and bring them forth. The punishment was to wear the badge of dishonour...the “Brown Nose”, a phallic symbol of contempt. Many a good gentle wore this as the day went on.

The revelry consisted of dancing, fighting (both heavy and fencing,) feasting and courts. There were subtlety contests (one for most patriotic, the other for most profane). The Dragon with its “equipment” flaunted won the profane while Raffe’s “Lady Ealdormere and the Wolf” won the prize for most patriotic. The feast was excellent in all ways, however, this was a forgone conclusion when it was learned that Lady Ursula would be in charge.

Later in the day, the Baron and Baroness, who seemed more like themselves, held court. Mistress Breanaidh ni Naoimin and Lord Ulvar van der Nederlander received a Bear’s heart for their services and Lord Thevenin de la Cote d’Azurewas given the honour of bearing the Cup of Teach Ceartha Mor till Twelfth Night next. In Our Lord & Lady’s view he had been the gentle in Septentria who had best upheld the vision of The Dream. The Baron told a tale of Dwarves and treasure and a gift of the cup wrought in silver and gold; the tale of how Teach Ceartha Mor came to be.

Each Canton paid their taxes. Most followed their order of presenting a new fighter, fencer or archer bearing a lance with a pennon of their canton on it. Ardchreag, was faulty on this and provided instead a pile of tabard blanks as well as some cloth to offer to the King. It was hoped that the Canton would complete their taxes by the war practice.

The Crown Prince spoke about his plans and hopes for Pennsic. Most feel his changes just and that they would insure a safer and more enjoyable War.

The Feast of the Twelfth Night in this 29th year of the Society was a wonderful celebration of Septentria and the dream. Wassail.

t      t      t      t      t

The Canton’s twelfth Night activities went well. The gift exchange game was tried for the first time and was a great success. Katerina and Siegfreid prepared a mini-feast (of food not used at Persona Pursuits) for our enjoyment. Hector and Madinia visited to give talks and Drac led an interesting discussion of heraldry. At this time Kenneth Macdonachy took the mantle to become our new Arts and Science officer replacing the rarely seen Ailith of Ardchreag. Matthew of Ardchreag stepped in to be our Minister of Children as well.

t      t      t      t      t

February to April AS XXVIII

At the Coronet Tournament at Pont Y Sueth, Raedmund, fighting for Countess Caitlin Stuart, made it to the final four, with Rory Cennedi losing to Roak in the final. Roak was again fighting for Tarkwyn of Balanjar. The two other canton members who were scheduled to fight or be fought for were disappointed. Berus had the flu, while Nicolae, fighting for the honour of Katerina, was unable to fight. At Court, Etaoin o’ Fearghail was given a well-deserved Laurel for her work and teaching about felt. Many members of the Canton were wearing the proof.

t      t      t      t      t

Thevanin came and taught a lesson on shoemaking that had people leaving with patterns for shoes and Melchior gave a talk and demo about an ancient Chinese exercise form.

t      t      t      t      t

In March, a few gentles traveled to the small Music Day event at Greyfells. It was a quiet but pleasant day attended by Raffe and Edrick. A few other members, Alan, Jhered and Rhys traveled to Flaming Sky for their feast of the Seven Deadly Sins.

t      t      t      t      t

Dinas Gardd, Pont y Saeth and Caer Draeth co-hosted this years Arts & Sciences Fair. It was generally well attended and had some interesting twists.

Firstly, there was fighting. And at an A&S fair that was news. The fighters had a list out under the cool sun. There was also some fencing indoors later in the afternoon.

A gentle guest had brought with him a nearly completed replica of the Bayeux Tapestry, and gave all interested a tour across it. The good gentles later gathered in a lounge upstairs for the performance arts. There were recitals, music and magic.

The feast was pleasant, but Mistress Etaoin had the servers working at a blistering pace and this was the shortest feast this scribe can remember.

Katra and Megan judged, while Raffe entered the Pentathlon. Luke Wolfsonne and the Rat (also known as Rhys Yr Saethydd) also came down from the Cliff for the day.

t      t      t      t      t

An amusing day was had by all at the Investiture of Their Serene Highnesses Roak II and Tarkwyn II, held at Rising Water’s annual Lady Mary Tournament. The site was spread over several buildings at a community centre, and the fighting was outdoors (thank heavens it wasn’t raining). The Royals and Nobility who were in attendance were: Her Majesty Queen Rebekah MacTiernan, Their Serene Highnesses David and Elina, Althegn Roak and Althegna Tarkwyn, Their Excellencies Baron Byron Woodrothe and Baroness Fiona Avryll of Maiden Head of Rising Waters, their successors Baron Malik abd al Rahman and Baroness Genevieve Chastellain d’Anjou, and Baron Tarkatai and Baroness Thyra of the new Barony of Ben Dunfirth. With all this nobility, it’s hardly surprising that there were a lot of courts, and creative ones at that! Raffe had the privilege to serve as court herald for most of them.

In the morning’s court, Lady Alainore St. Albans was again recognized for her service as our exchequer, as was Lady Alexa for her embroidery skills. Tragically, TSH David and Elina succumbed to poison just as Althegn Roak returned with news of his victory over Ealdormere’s enemies, and he was made Prince. Althegna Tarkwyn came forward in full armour from her place in Roak’s retinue, much to everyone’s surprise. David and Elina’s bodies were carried from the hall on shields, and the search continues for their assassin.
The Lady Mary Tourney was fought bravely and honourably, and was won by Tarquin the Red (The Queen’s Champion). Many claim to have seen the ghosts of the Dead Prince and Princess haunting the field that day....

Mussels and roast duck were among the fine dishes served at feast.

The evening court began memorably with a real fire-breather (Rising Waters’ entertainer Lord Poncrats) heralding the entrance of Her Dragon Majesty. The Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters held their last court before handing over their offices (and the Sacred Mummified Chainmail-Wearing Duck) to Malik al-Rahman and Genevieve Chastelaine d’Anjou. The Canton of Ben Dunfirth was elevated to Baronial status, and gifts to the new Baron Tarkatai Bahadur and Baroness Thyra Thorkilsdottir included, strangely enough, the Sacred Mummified Duck of Rising Waters... let them figure out what to do with it! A Purple Fret was given to “honorary Ardchreager” Gaerwen of Trafford, and the late Elina de Braose returned from the dead to receive her Viscounty coronet.

t      t      t      t      t

May AS XXIX          

After a longer than expected trip, the gentles from the Chreag arrived at the site for Thorbjorn Osis and Valthiona’s Coronation, set up their tents, socialized and eventually slept.

They rose to a beautiful day. Ardchreag was represented by Berus Wolfsonne, Raedmund de Arden, Raffe Scholemaystre, Katerina Cronhjelm, Megan of Ardchreag and Luke Wolfsonne. There were merchants and other activities such as a May Pole and a running of the hounds through out the day, as well as a bear pit tourney and archery.

Shortly after lunch, King Brannos and Queen Rebekah held their final Court. After they had given their final awards Sigurd arrived with a message. The king was summoned to war in the east. He left his queen in the care of the Sisters of Snood. After leaving his royal regalia in the care of the kingdom’s great officers, he and a group of followers departed. The kingdom was without a king.

That evening after feast, the populace met at a small chapel near a lake. Two pyres had been lit and the thrones were sitting on the dais. Sigurd arrived and drawing back his hood, asked for claimants to the throne. Each of Osis’ squires came forth, one at a time, each representing a quality of Kinghood: Zadok - strength, Etienne - bounty, Sexton - courage, Worgan (Bubba) MacGregor - love, Berus – justice, and finally Raedmund - honour. Each had that quality but not enough to rule a kingdom.

Sigurd then asked, “If there was no one who had the virtue, the will of the people and the rule of law, to claim the Dragon Throne?”

Then a cloaked, Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson strode forward. Pulling off his cloak and pulling his sword, he stated to Sigurd, “I did win this Kingdom. You are between me and something that is mine.” Osis stepped to the platform, claimed the crown and placed it on his head. He then took the sword of state and swung it high. He was our King.

Valthiona was crowned his Queen. The King and Queen of the East gave them gifts. Brannos and Rebekah were called into court to become Count and Countess and Rebekah was named to the Order of the Rose. The Great Officers swore fealty. In an interesting change, Osis, called up the Knights, Laurels, Pelicans, Roses and Landed Barons and Baronesses. After each group had sworn fealty, the King asked them to face the populace and charged them to serve the gentles of the kingdom.

There was reveling late into the night in the King’s cabin (shared by both the King of the Middle and the King of the East.) The Squires and a few friends (like Katerina and Megan) played an interesting drinking game.

Early the next day camps were taken down as the long trip back to Ealdormere was begun.

t      t      t      t      t


On June the third, the gentles of Ealdormere gathered by the creek for another Pikeman’s Pleasure. It had been a rainy evening and early morn, so much of the days activities were held indoors. A large selection of Chreaggers were there, including Luke Wolfsoone, Siegfried Brandbeorn, Katerina Cronhjelm, Megan of Ardchreag, Melchior the Carver, Raffe Scholemaystre, Raedmund de Arden, Alan ate High Cliffs, Sebastian Silverlake, Jhered A Mynglwyd and Rhys. Luke had brought a newcomer named Michael who had been arching with the canton for some time.

The archery was enjoyable (especially the Baron shoot) and Countess Caitlin Stuart was taught the finer points of archery. The highlight of the fighting was the challenge by Sir Menken Brechen to fighting 40 battles. The feast was pleasant and at court Berus Wolfsonne was named to the list pending for unbelted champions for Pennsic. Wassail!!!

t      t      t      t      t

For the second year in a row, Murder Melee was in the Savannah; however, the temperature was much more pleasant this year due to a cooling breeze. Master Hector of the Black Height was placed on his second vigil, this time for a Pelican. Elaine received a Laurel in Herbalism and Rhys ap Bledri was squired to Sir Mordain. Wassail to All!!!!

The 10 men Melee combat and the archery were both enjoyable.

t      t      t      t      t


Siegfried did his usual job of putting together another great War Practice. His order for good weather arrived as usual and Utsi and the Tarnished Tankard crew prepared good meals again. Berus ran some nifty fighting. The Bar brawl was well received and on Friday the midnight melees were held. Alan introduced his “killer” moving archery butt—it killed Luke’s Bow. There was much merriment and Ceallach’s kegs were well enjoyed, but our thirst wasn’t what we expected. Funny thing; there weren’t many sightings of Flying Turtles this year. Luke’s “Royal Action Figure” was one of the highlights of this War Practice.

The court at Septentrian War Practice was a good one, and a busy one. Luke got his Award of Arms, and kind words best well remembered from the King. Lady Ursula was given a Court Baronecy, Hector of the Black Height was inducted into the Order of the Pelican, and Alan atta Highcliffs was given his Dragon’s Barb for his wonderful endeavours with archery.

Further, Mercedes issued a challenge to Osis’ boys on behalf of a group in Lochac. The challenge was a non-alcoholic drinking contest—Milk and Raspberry Cordial. It may not be alcoholic, but it sat just as poorly in the stomach.

Finally, the White Bear Fian accepted challenges. Taking up the challenge were Hereward the Far Dweller, Edward the Red, Augustine de Charbonnieres, and Rhys ap Bledri. Rhys won his challenge bout, and is now an honoured (and very well-spoken!) member of the Fian.

t      t      t      t      t

About this time Connor Falluing Liath and his new wife announced the birth of their daughter, Maeve. Connor, who had been rarely seen of late, became even a less frequent visitor until he left Ealdormere for Trimaris. The Canton again changed their keep to that of Porter Grammar School for the summer. We had completed our third year and the group decided to put a bid in for hosting the January Coronet Tourney.

t      t      t      t      t

On July 30th, the gentles of Ealdormere gathered in Caldrithig in the Barony of Skraeling Althing to enjoy the 12th Coronet Tournament. It was a pleasant, sunny day as the contestants lined the field. Each fighter stood before the throne and introduced their would be consort; except Berus Wolfsonne who had his booty, Lady Gearwen of Trafford—won at the attack of Eoforwic—dragged up. He said that he hoped to gain her respect. Raedmund de Arden did not fight, but stood with Caitlin Stuart when she asked for the boon of having a Laurel granted. (Raedmund seemed so disappointed when Caitlin said he couldn’t fight.) The fighting went well, although, Berus was not the victor. Varus and Mordain Blackcloak were the finalists, with Mordain and Alflaeda being selected as the heirs to the Lupine Throne.

The feast was quite good and plentiful. They produced two roasted pigs for our enjoyment. There was the usual singing and other feast enjoyments.  At court, Lilibeta Rudenka was made a Laurel for her work on things Ukrainian. There were numerous awards given to local Skraels and there were the Banishments (of which this scribe will not speak). Also, Ardchreag was given approval to host the next Coronet.

t      t      t      t      t

Septentria shone at the Orangeville Faire as the most noticeably large group within our contingent. Petrea Thule, Monadh, House Galbraith, and, of course, Ardchreag, made their presence known. Edrick, Jhered, Blaine, Marion, Drac, Siegfried, Melchior and Alexa were there to enjoy the archery, fighting, merchants and atmosphere of the weekend. Evenings were spent in our cozy campsite around one of the fires.

t      t      t      t      t

August AS XXIX

The first week of Pennsic XXIV was spent quietly socializing and wandering. It was a pleasant and relaxing time. The Rat had an interesting caged experience. Most people started arriving at mid-week. Slowly the site grew. Seigfried choose to camp elsewhere, while Berus and Ray camped in the Royal Encampment. It was too hot and humid to do much of anything the second week. The fighting was changed to 9 AM and 5 PM. The AM muster time was not met with much cheer. Most of us spent a good chunk of time in the swimming hole, which was much busier than in the past.

On the middle Sunday, Prince Roak held a Bardic circle. It was slow in building but the music was good. Unfortunately, just as it was hitting its stride, a rain warning came through. Gentles dispersed quickly to secure their camps.

At court, Foote the Potter and Grainne du Bois were given a Court Barony. Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall was made a Pelican and Alastire and Tannis were made Laurels. Baronial Court was held at Monadh, and Foote’s schtick was one of the most humourous moments in court that I have ever seen. Berus said that Part One (at the Champion’s dinner the night before) made it even more humourous still.

An unhappy note was Nicolae’s injury. He broke both ankles in a battle.

The two weeks were enjoyable. Kings Osis and King Timothy did a good job of making it a cleaner war.

t      t      t      t      t

September AS XXIX

September again brought the canton north. Before gathering at the Cliffs many traveled further into the northlands to make the pilgrimage to Bonfield. In September, Gwynith of Ardchreag was first seen, having been introduced to the Society at Alexa’s summer demo in the park. Dwynwen came with Sebastion Silverlake and Constance Bradwardine, but soon left to found a Canton called Whit’s End (now known as Greenhithe).

t      t      t      t      t

Many had awaited this day for many years. The first of the Skrael was to become our Prince. Many came to Skeldergate on the 30th of September to witness these two events.
In the morning, during the last court of the aged Roak and Tarkwyn, many awards were given out. Brand was inducted into the Friendship of the Trillium, Marian was given a Bee and Rhys ap Bledri was awarded a Golden Otter (a few times—you know how the memory of the old can be....) Then, we welcomed our new Prince & Princess, Mordain Blackcloak and Aelflaeda FitzAlain. Elizabeth Cadfan was put officially on vigil for her Laurel, during the Midrealm court.

The fighting was held outside, as was the fencing. Both looked well attended and all seemed to have a great time. Unfortunately, Birstan of the Tall Hills was unable to authorize due to an injury that sidelined him for a while.  A duel between the squire brothers of Etienne and Morgawain was most memorable.

Some beautiful work was shown at the Arts & Sciences table. Many enjoyed the flirting contest or just socializing with old friends and new. All in all the day was quiet but pleasant. As usual Utsi (otherwise known as Ursula na Clan na Rath), with a lot of help from Siegfried, prepared another excellent feast. During feast, both Siegfried and Nicolae were squired by Duke Sir Finnvarr de Taahe.

Then came evening court. This being Osis’s last court in Ealdormere, there was a lot of business. Some of the highlights were: Rhys ap Bledri being named the Princess’s Champion while Varus, who had met Mordain in the finals, was named the Prince’s Champion. Mordain also awarded his ‘father’ Roak with the Wolf’s Tooth (Principality fighting award). During Kingdom court, Gwendolyn was given a Willow for her work in costuming, “Andy” was given his Award of Arms as was Skallagrim. House Venhavn and the Royal City of  Eoforwic were both awarded the Purple Fretty (Middle Kingdom group service award), while Raffe and Mercedes were given Purple Frets (Middle Kingdom solo service award). Nicolaa de Bracton and Pankratz each received a Willow (Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences award); the former for costuming and the latter for his performing of illusion skills. Brand was fired twice this day as Principality Herald, once in the morning court and again by Osis. While fired he received his Dragon’s Heart (a high level Middle Kingdom service award). Don’t fret, Osis hired him again. Menken Brechen, the Principality Seneschal, was also awarded a Dragon’s Heart. Eleanor Cadfan was Laurelled.

The House Galbraith, whom like the Hrogn, are from the College of Skeldergate, had heard King Osis say that some of his squire pups were getting unruly. To aid the King, House Galbraith gave Osis a set of dog collars and leashes. Once connected the squires were given over to Baron Foote’s watchful care.

t      t      t      t      t

October to November AS XXIX

The fall passed quietly. The group planned for the Coronet, people traveled to many revels but few were recorded in word. Rhys went to Rising Waters Birthday Bash, while later, Edrick, Raffe, Siegfreid, Alexa and Drac journeyed to Skraeling Althing for the Feast of the Hare. At this time Xristina of York and James Eric Vlachislavilona replaced Enid of the Tin Isles and Henry as Baroness & Baron of Skraeling Althing.

t      t      t      t      t

December AS XXIX

The good gentles in Bryniau Tywynnog again hosted Wassail, and again it was an enjoyable day. The fighting was good, and many games were on the tables to amuse the population.  The feast was split into two removes, one being the English remove in the honour of Richard and the other being a Middle Eastern meal for Saladin. Katerina was apprenticed (for cooking) to Aibhilin of Skye.

At the Principality Moot much of the discussion centred around Ealdormere becoming a Kingdom. It seemed that a strong push towards this end was underway. The Old Wolves of Finnvarr, Sylard and Richard all spoke in favour of doing this now. Finnvarr noted that Ealdormere then had about the same population as the full Middle Kingdom did when he was King of it. The biggest concern was that the populace might become too inward looking.

t      t      t      t      t

January AS XXIX (the beginning of the year mundanely known as 1995)

As another year passed, a number of officers asked to be relieved of their duty. Berus passed the Marshallate onto Siegfreid. Alaniore St. Albans and Alexandrina Kleinschmidt, two of our earliest officers, also stepped down. Alainore’s successor as Exhequer was Kevin of Ardchreag, while there was no chosen successor for Chatelaine. Then Alan ate High Cliffs surprised the group by announcing he too was stepping down. Blaine Sylvanus suddenly became the group’s Seneschal.

t      t      t      t      t
For the third consecutive year a small number of gentles traveled into the northland to celebrate the New Year with the good gentles of Monadh. Raffe and Siegfried made their way north and enjoyed this cozy event. The archers of Monadh set up a challenging hunting course, where Raffe was given the name of Barkslayer. Finnvarr had praises for Monadh gathered from all over the Knowne World and Eleanor Cadfan had a singing contest,  and of course the feast was great.

t      t      t      t      t

After the Yule, the group again held its gift stealing game at its 12th Night to great success. They then got down to the last minute planning and preparation for their first really large event. The group spent two weeks doing the mirror site tokens and many other finishing touches.

t      t      t      t      t

The Canton of Caer Draeth invited the Barony to enjoy the Twelfth Night celebrations with them. They had a spacious hall and lots of activities planned. Gaerwen of Trafford and Etienne were the Queen and King of Fools and did a good job creating mirth and mischief.

A Baronial officer’s meeting and a Baronial Seneschal’s meeting were held. These were both productive and some very good ideas came out of them. The idea for Ealdormere Kingdom cloaks would require a great effort by all to be successful. The Baronial T-shirt with the slogan “Septentria—The Heart of Ealdormere” looked like it would be a great success.

The feast was good and Baron Foote’s story of how the knights got their spurs is a classic.

At court, Inez Carmen Maria de Freitas sang her children’s song, Hereward the Far Dweller became Baronial Pursuivant, Drac, Raffe & Aslinne (of Vest Yorvik) received Bear’s Hearts and Leonora of Monadh was given the Cup of Teacha Mor.  Like usual Ardchreag didn’t get their taxes in on time (they were later presented at Coronet). The Canton had a good turn out, including: Siegfried, Drac, Alexandrina, Little Matt, Kevin, Luke, Rhys, Alan and Raffe.

t      t      t      t      t
The group hosted the Coronet Tourney XIII, at the end of January. It was successful.

t      t      t      t      t

February AS XXIX

After Coronet the group took a long-needed quiet period and allowed the new officers a chance to settle in. Later in the spring the group decided that the next event they would hold was Bring Out Your Dead, a death inspired event to be held in October.

t      t      t      t      t

The usual “Flying Circus” event was transformed into a place where the newly forming guilds were given a stage. Raffe fought at the tourney. At court Nicolaa was put on vigil for her Laurel and the Argent Wolf Fian was created for the artisans to challenge into.

t      t      t      t      t

March AS XXIX                  

On the second of March, a comfortable group gathered in Greyfells for a pleasant feast and tournament. Raffe fought and Siegfried acted as a list Marshal. Unfortunately, only these two made it to the event. Raffe went out early in the double elimination tourney that was eventually won by Guillium. Raffe looked a bit better in the sparring later. Feast was pleasant. At Court, the Septentrian Canton of Carreg y Blaidd was declared incipient by the Prince.

t      t      t      t      t

April AS XXIX to December AS XXX

Ben Dunfirth put on Feast of the Checky to help celebrate the upcoming marriage of Brand to Lady Brianna Maginnis. The event featured yellow and black chequey. 

At the tourney, many fine ladies were given a checky favour to give to the fighter they felt best earned it. Many fine fighters received a favour for various acts of valour, skill or chivalry. Lord Etienne du Waval, known as Hugo, was the finest fighter in the lists that day.

t      t      t      t      t
Eoforwic was the host of the Arts & Sciences Faire this year. There was fighting, judging, an auction, dancing and a potluck feast. Raedmund and Raffe had entries. Raedmund took a First Place in the mead and dye craft categories. Raffe received seconds for his shoes, houppeland, and pewter buckles.

In the round-robin tourney, Osis easily won. Second place was held by three Spawn men: Colgar the Lucky, Zadok ben Solomon ibn Alfakhir and Raedmund. They went into the lists together. One would survive.  Raedmund took both of his opponents’ legs, he then seemed to wait for them to fight each other. In boredom, I guess, Raedmund intervened to pin Zadok. Colgar took advantage and instead of taking Zadok, he clocked Raedmund and then went on to defeat Zadok. Colgar also was named the most chivalrous on the field.  Raffe again fought. He put up some good fights and came close to winning a few battles. He finished with one victory.

In the A&S, the judges worked frantically trying to evaluate articles that they often did not have the background to judge as wisely as they would wish. Many were judging into the early evening. In the end, Catrin of Chascewell was named the victor and took the silver cup of the Arts Champion for AS XXX.

Court was brief. The winners of the day’s activities were announced and then those who wished had three hours to dance.

t      t      t      t      t

Investiture day for Baroness Moria the Black and Roak started out quietly, The Fighters were ready to begin fighting shortly after court. What we were about to witness was the taking of Ealdormere by the strength of numbers.

Prince Mordain and Princess Aelflaeda were readying themselves and their children for a crusade that was described as “....that way” and tying up the loose ends of their reign. They gave out a number of awards including a Bee to Edward the Chaste and a Princess’ favour to Eoin o’Beirne. They declared Caldrithig full status and dismissed their household including their regent Moria. To help fund their crusade a kindly monk gave them funds in return for a piece of paper, said to be the mortgage for Ealdormere. Then the Royal Family took their leave.

Shortly thereafter, the rumble of movement heralded the coming of a large company of armed gentles lead by Roak and his sister Moria. They debated with the Monk, who turned out to be Justinian Clarus, over who owned Ealdormere. A messenger was sent to return the former Royals. Here, Moria and Roak convinced them that Ealdormere needed a present Prince and Princess and they had the support and might to care for the Principality. Mordain passed his Coronet on to Roak and then Aelflaeda did the same for Moria. Then the Viscount and Vicountess, flanked by their number, took their leave.

Then a thundering voice was heard, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!” It was the King. After explaining the situation, King Tarquin had the new royalty swear homage and court was closed.

In the afternoon the fighters fought (Osis won....are you surprised), the fencers fenced, the chronicler’s chronicled and the gentles enjoyed the good company. Luke Wolfsonne was given his black and white Hrogn tabard. Nicolaa de Bracton sat her vigil. Then, another big surprise...Lady Rosina del Bosco Chiaro was put on vigil for a Laurel, for dancing. Our group had its first Peer. Feast was an excellent two-remove delight prepared by Aislinne.

In evening court, Princess Moria and Prince Roak learned to make sure they knew who and what was being presented in court as Dame Elanor Cadfan, with the help of the ladies of Eoforwic, showed Baron Foote the problems that the Fish of Knowledge had conceived. Moria & Roak also commissioned all Bards of Ealdormere, past and future, to write and sing songs to rouse the Principality. Later, William, Seneschal of Septentria was awarded a Purple Fret; as was Ardchreag’s Alexa. Nicolaa and Rosina were both elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Then the last piece of business, Baron Sir Menken Brechen was called to be inducted into the Order of the Pelican. Throughout the hall voices noted his efforts within the Society, after each statement came the comment, “This, Menken has done.”

t      t      t      t      t

January to April AS XXX (the beginning of the year mundanely known as 1996)

In the spring the group was again more active. Thorbjorn Osis again won Crown and this would require the service of the Hrogn members of the canton, such as Luke, Berus and Raedmund now spending most of their time at Skeldergate. The group also helped Colgar the Innocent the taking down of a large pavilion for the winter.

t      t      t      t      t

May AS XXXI          

Skeldergate’s May Day was a pleasant event. There was socializing, fighting and a feast requiring adult accompaniment.  Raffe fought in the small tournament. This was a round robin tourney. Osis won, with Berus coming in second. Raffe did well taking matches against Eion o’Bierne and Edward the Chaste.

After the fighting, there was socializing and games. In these matches Raffe came out the victor over Os, Luke and Ed. Then there was the feast. Dish after dish arrived, each with their own perverse humour. Men squirmed as the phallic barley dish was gleeful chopped by the ladies. The food was fantastic and fun; if a little odd. High marks go to the cooks for quality and presentation of this feast. The bread ball fight was enjoyable as well. The evening ended with dancing and the May Pole ritual.

t      t      t      t      t

While many were enjoying the Lady Mary Tourney, many from our canton were enjoying themselves and providing some community support for a Cub camping trip.
Alexandrina Kleinschmidt, Drac, Edrick Anderson, Little Matt, Thorvald Rikardson, Carolyn of Ardchreag, Alan ate High Cliffs, Blaine Sylvanus and Raffe Scholemaystre all contributed to help support this project. Each provided instruction in their field of expertise. After lunch Raffe and Drac armoured up to give a short heavy weapons combat presentation. After fighting a best two out of three, three-blow tourney (it ended in a tie), Drac tried to capture the fair maid Alexa. Raffe went to her rescue but was stopped by the calls of the cubs for her death. Too bad...

At the trip one of our members was tagged with a new name. A number of cubs took to calling Edrick “Princess.”

At the campfire, many of the Scadians sang the E-Song, and taught the Cubs to wassail.

t      t      t      t      t


 Petrea Thule again welcomed the good gentles of Ealdormere to their annual Pikeman’s Pleasure. As usual, the tournament was a warlord tourney and there was plenty of archery and other silliness.

Raffe was the only Chreagger in the Tourney and was captured by “Gus” in the first round. In the second round he had his event highlight of killing his first knight. Sir Cordigan was to fall to his sword. As the event progressed, the teams grew until the finals were Baron Sir Elizabeth Mortimer and Prince Roak’s teams. Roak came out the victor. The archery was well received and the first part of Ulvar’s archery challenge was shot. Alan, Raffe, Luke and Michael all competed.  Later in the day there were numerous novelty shoots.  The Thuligans also provided a boffer tourney which Luke and Michael took part in. Like usual, Baroness Adrielle’s feast was excellent ant enjoyed by all.
At court, Robert le Sawyer and Thevenin de Cote d’Azure got into some hot water over claiming unused land in Ramshaven. Baron Ieuan apologized to his brother Cordigan and then with a wink and a nod told the two not to get caught next time. Cordigan also presented a dress sword for the Fencing champion. Siegfried and Grimwald Thorbjornson (called Grimmy) each relieved an armband for their service to the Barony. Melchior was awarded a Bear’s Heart; while Hamish de Lloyd was granted his long over due Award of Arms.

t      t      t      t      t

The weather at Murder Melee In The Meadow was nice that year and there was a cool breeze, so fighting wasn’t too bad. After the tourney there were some larger battles. Throughout the day the archery field was open.

Just before supper, Colgar the Innocent was squired to Osis in a ceremony that was attended by about seventy-five people. After that Caitlin and Osis fed those there.  Court was long and full of misquotes. Each Barony had a short court; the highlight being Ben Dunfirth’s unveiling of new Principality Thrones. Court ended before Marion could be officially invested as Herald. That would happen at War Practice.

On the Sunday, Raffe and the other seneschal’s of Septentria gathered to discuss a plan to increase their ties and work more closely together. A number of ideas were floated and the group agreed to meet again at War Practice. The most noteworthy of these plans were to, as a team, host Osis and Caitlin’s Coronation and make a ‘War Wagon’ for the Principality to use to haul armour at Pennsic.

t      t      t      t      t


At Septentrian War Practice VI it flooded. The rain started mid-day on Saturday, during the Moot of Moria and Roak. It rained and rained; it seemed to be a flood of Biblical proportions.  Alan added a new feature to his archery field this year—a moving target. It was named Bow-killer after it destroyed Luke’s bow during the Moot. The Cart took to rolling and there was no stopping it till the damage was done. Baronial court, in keeping with the wet nature of the event, was held in a small pool. Again the Tarnished Tankard fed all who wished.

t      t      t      t      t

At Coronet, held in Bryniau Tywynnog, Sir Menken faced his lady, Sir Elizabeth Mortimer in the final; Elizabeth being the winner. Siegfried fought in this list for the hounour of Lady Keja Tselebnik. Nicolae Cioranu was awarded a Willow for his work in 15th century research and costuming, while Berus was awarded a Purple Fret.

t      t      t      t      t
The Group started to go to Thompson Commons to enjoy a fire and merriment at the end of each month. These were pleasant gatherings of the group.

t      t      t      t      t

August AS XXXI

Pennsic XXV was generally a good time. Caer Draeth was added to our encampment as our newest refugees. Alan had problems at the U.S. border and the guard would not let him cross. Ealdormere held a friendship battle with Calontir and at one battle was sent to fight with our cousins from AEthelmearc. During this battle, Raffe saw the Princess Moria with her cousin Caryl, the Princess of AEthelmearc. The glow on her face inspired him so greatly that he begged Lady Marian of Heatherdale to write a song—“United at War”. Kenneth, the Ardchreag camp “Pop”, injured himself with an axe and hobbled around for quite a few days. One of the highlights of this Pennsic was having the Baronial Court at our encampment.  It was a beautiful evening, the water was running over the rocks and the majesty of Septentria was there for all to see.

t      t      t      t      t

September AS XXXI

At Bonfield Battle, just short weeks latter, a knight showed up. Many thought he was Sir Hugo von Feureklippe, that long gone first knight of this area. But he was gone before he spoke. No one knows if it was he or not. Again Ardchreag had a good showing at this event.

t      t      t      t      t

October AS XXXI

As the fall approached we again re-entered our keep at Clairlea and began the planning for our Feast to celebrate the dead. Siegfried felt that since his Grace, Sir Finnvarr was close to being that and it being the twenty-fifth anniversary of his knighting that it would be a good thing to include a surprise tournament in his honour.  About this time Siegfried took to being called Ziggy, and he arrived back from an event in the East with tales of the pleasure of cards and gambling. The good gentles of the Cliffs took to these new games quickly. Most beloved was the game called by some Pochspieal and Glic by others. Blaine soon introduced Pimerio. Eventually, Raffe found some grouts and pennies from the time of King Richard II of England. The Chreag started to develop a reputation for gambling.

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