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EWP VI: From the Files of the Skirmisher (July 1 – 4, 2004)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

Galbraiths Turn Twelve

After clearing the grass of errant clumps of knightly hair, the Galbraiths again opened their encampment for their traditional EWP party. This year's tokens were resin cast discs emblazoned with a griffon. As the flames leapt and the mead flowed, many took a turn at the infamous Galbraith toss. This year entitled 'Pitch the Persian', the object of the toss looked remarkably like a certain newly recognized Pelican within our kingdom. The winner of the men's toss was Osgard, a visitor from foreign lands (with a throw over 29 feet), whilst Baroness Adrielle Kerrec won the women's toss (with a throw over 15 feet).

Around the fire, Master Hector of the Black Height called for his family (and others interested) to witness as he took a new protégée: Lord Gunnar Halfdan of Lund, he of the bag full of chocolate.


Inclement Weather Cancels Some Activities

Many had been looking forward to the EWP Flea Market and Pillage on Sunday. However smatterings of rain, thunder, and the promise of an approaching thunderstorm sent many on their way home early that morning. Hopefully the market and pillage will occur at EWP next year.

As well, the Baronial Champions Rapier tourney was cancelled.

Due to rain before the event, the hay on the parking, thrown weapons and archery fields had been cut but not turned or collected. This caused thrown weapons to be moved down to the backyard of the property owner's home, necessitated people parking along the side of the road, and caused delays in the archery. Ardchreag wishes to thank everyone for their understanding and good humour in dealing with these abnormalities this year.


Let Loose the Dogs of War Practice!

On Saturday morning, Lady Alana Greywood, Baronial Hound Mistress of Ben Dunfirth, set up a hound coursing track on the list field. Many good gentles gathered to watch as various Ealdormerean dogs ran the course. Their Majesties, sitting under the Royal shade, whilst speaking with the Orders of the Pelican and Laurel, were situated so as to be able to watch the fun.


The Arts of Peace and War

This year saw many classes being taught at EWP. For those with a martial leaning, beginners classes in thrown weapons, fighting, fencing and archery were offered. As well, many, many classes were offered throughout the weekend in the A&S tent. Perhaps the most popular was the Onion Skin Dying class held by Her Excellency, Gaerwen of Trafford, on Thursday. Even the rain could not drive away the large crowd gathered to watch and participate as cloth was dyed in various colours and hung upon ropes to 'dry' (it was raining, after all).

Classes were also held in bow making, Celtic clothing, tablet weaving, sprang and on many other subjects. The organizers of the event wish to thank all of those who took time out of their busy schedules to teach.


EWP VI Court Report

Septentrian Baronial Court
Lady Jean-Margaret Donnerfaust, Award of the Golden Bear
The Royal Citie of Eoforwic, pledged the City Guard and Night Watch to fight with Their Excellencies at Pennsic
Lady Thorfinna gra'feldr stepped down as Baronial Bard
Lord Gunnarr skald Thorvaldsson was appointed the new Baronial Bard
Lord Wat of Sarum and Thorfinna, autocrats of the event, were given gifts of thanks (by Their Majesties as well)

Ealdormerean Royal Court
THLord Richard Larmer, Award of the Orion
Lady Thorfinna gra'feldr, Award of the Orion
Rose of Greenwood, Award of Arms
Baroness Adrielle Kerrec, put on vigil for the Order of the Laurel
Sir Evander MacLachlan and Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn hand in their Sheerin' funds

(Apologies for any omissions or errors.)


What Happened to the Skirmisher?

This was a common refrain throughout the event. Originally, an issue of the Skirmisher was supposed to be available at the gate, with a new issue Saturday and Sunday morning. The Saturday and Sunday editions never materialized, for the following reasons. On Thursday and Friday, nothing really happened except for the A&S classes. This in itself was not enough to warrant printing a second issue. The Sunday edition was not printed due to a lack of time to get the issue together. (Last year, the Skirmisher was put together by the person running gate, during lulls in arrivals.) Hopefully the Skirmisher will continue next year, but if it does, it will likely need a dedicated event position, held by someone with no other duties for the event. Only time will tell.


All the Amenities of Home

It's early in the morning. You've just woken up and you're tired and dirty. Stepping out of your tent you see the horned mug flag proudly flapping in the breeze. Grabbing your tankard you run over to the Teach Cairdeas coffee house for some fresh ground brew, and maybe a muffin. Hunger and thirst satisfied, its only a short walk over to the Saxon Showers for a shower, as hot or as cold as you like it.


Continuing its mission of the summer, House Teach Cairdeas rose early every morning to brew several pots of hot fresh coffee for camping SCAnadians. The charge? A donation to help cover costs was appreciated, but not necessary.

Likewise, the Mad Saxon, THLord Garwig, only asked a donation to use the Saxon Showers. All donations went to cover costs, with any excess being donated to the Chirurgeonate.


HRH a Straight Shooter

Of the many authorizations at EWP, the most notable was that of Her Lupine Highness, Genevieve. Armed with a crossbow, she took to the field and suitably impressed the marshals with her skill. This will allow her to take the field at Pennsic this summer, and rain arrows down upon the heads of our foes.

Wassail to Her Highness!


Prince to be Knighted

During a lull in the fighting on Saturday, Their Majesties and Their Highnesses processed onto the field. They had come to award an axe to Lord Benedict for his skill upon the field. When they turned to leave, Sir Sarnac Ba'adur and Sir Hasdrubal begged them to wait. Addressing His Majesty, they said that the Order of Chivalry was lacking and that this error had to be rectified. The king called the Order to him, and a boon was begged.

The boon was to place Prince Malik, upon vigil for elevation into the Order of Chivalry.

This announcement was met with much cheering, and the clashing of sword upon shield. The elevation, it was announced, would occur at Pennsic War.

His Highness then held the field for an hour, before being led away to bath and begin his vigil.

Wassail to His Highness!


Fight by Torchlight

On Friday night, His Majesty, Berus II, hosted a torchlight tournament. Over twenty fighters armoured up to compete. It was a standard double elimination tournament, with the King's line and the Baron's line. Those who won their first battle moved to the King's line, whilst the vanquished moved to the Baron's line. Anyone loosing a battle whilst on the Baron's line was knocked out of the tournament. In the end, Sir Edward the Red was the last standing in the King's line, and Sir Evander MacLachlan was the last in the Baron's line. In a pitched final, Sir Ed emerged victorious. Sir Ed was presented with a spear by His Majesty.

There then followed several five-man melees between the 'red' team and the 'not-red' team. (Teams determined by colours on tabards.)


It's a Three-peat at Mead Competition!

The Third Annual Lord Ulrich von der See Memorial Ealdormerean Brewing Competition was held across from the Ardchreag encampment after court on July 3. This year the number of categories had been extended to three, being: mead, cordials and spirits and beer. Over thirty bottles were entered in the competition. Competitors and spectators sat in the shade and sipped from each bottle, while plates of cheese and crackers were circulated to cleanse the palate. Once all the bottles had been sampled, winners were chosen based on flavour, appearance, scent and other factors.

This year's winners were:

For cordials and spirits: Lady Mahault van der Eych.

For beer: THLord Justinian Clarus.

For mead: three time champion, Lord Berend van der Eych.

A special award was presented to Lady Marion Golightly for "best overall effect". Prizes were donated by the Canton of Ardchreag.

This competition is held every year at Ealdormere War Practice to honour the memory of Lord Ulrich von der See, a member of the Cantons of Ardchreag and Greenhithe. Ulrich passed away due to medicinal complications a few weeks before EWP in 2001. He was well known for (amongst other things) his passion for brewing.


Swordbreaker Breaks Sword

Many good gentles authorized in various forms upon the list field during EWP this year. One however, stands out as unique. Stephen Scrymgeour, from the Canton of Ardchreag, and brother to Laird Colyne Stewart, took to the lists for his first authorization. He was armed with a sword made from rattan that had been gifted to him by a certain Excellency. Unbeknownst to all, that rattan was slightly older than it appeared. When the call came to lay on, Stephen swung his sword with such verve that it snapped clean in half upon his opponent's shield.

"When the call to hold came I thought I had failed after one blow," said a chagrined Stephen.

Luckily, Herr Wulfgang Donnerfaust was standing close by and gave Stephen a sturdier sword for the rest of his authorization. From there things went smoothly, and when it was announced that he had passed, he was hailed as 'Stephen Swordbreaker'.


Knight Shearin' Raises Over $2000 for Kingdom

As the sun began to set after court on Saturday night, many good gentles gathered in the Galbraith encampment to witness the shaving of two members of Ealdormere's Order of Chivalry.

Back at the Coronation of Berus II and Marian II, Sir Evander MacLachlan had challenged Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn to a contest. If Evander could raise $500 for to be split between Kingdom Scribal and Ealdormere Commissariat, then Siegfried would have his long locks shorn. Siegfried agreed, but with two conditions. First, the amount must be raised to $1000. Second, if he could raise $1000 himself, to be split between Kingdom Chirurgeonate and Regalia, then Evander would be shaved from the waist up (sparing only his eyebrows). Evander agreed.

In court at EWP, Evander proudly proclaimed that he had raised his $1000, but Siegfried, holding a small, rattling tin, sadly informed everyone present that he had been lax in his collecting and did not have the necessary funds. Sir Mordain Blackcloak then came forward with his credit card, and Master Hector of the Black Height put money in the tin. However, Siegfried was still short of his $100 goal. Not wanting to see one of his knights fail in a quest, His Majesty donated the remainder of the needed funds.

An hour later, Siegfried was sitting on a chair in the Galbraith encampment, his hair braided and ready to be cut. Tickets were being sold to see who would get to shave each knight. (This raised over $50 for the Royal Travel Fund.) The first lucky contestants cut off Siegfried's four braids (which were placed in a sealed bag to be donated to the Cancer Society to make wigs for children with cancer). His hair was then shorn down to stubble with a razor.

A much balder Siegfried then gave up his seat of honour to Evander who's hair was cut off completely. His back and chest were likewise shaved, even his armpits were not safe. (Nor were his squires, Lord Tiberius of Warwick and Laird Colyne Stewart, who were 'volunteered' into shaving them.)

Both knights then posed for photographs and let people rub their scalps.

Truly this kingdom is blessed to have such self sacrificing people such as these two knights.

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