Wednesday 2 October 2013

Event Report: Ealdormere War Practice 3, July 2001

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

Every event that Thorfinna and I have been to has been better than the last, and EWP has to date been the best of them all.

Eirik Andersen did a masterful job of organizing the event and assembling a crack team to assist him (consisting primarily of Lachlan MacLean on Troll, Fursto as Chiurgeon, Melchior as head grunt, Eanor of Amberhall as the Parking Enforcer, Crispinus Spellar as Deputy Sheriff, and other Creaggers who were always willing to lend a hand whenever it was needed).

As some of you may have heard, a certain member of our Canton was induced to put on a dress and cavort about the Ardchreag campfire, going so far as to give yours truly a lap dance. This brazen hussy even offered such a dance to Theign Cynred when he
came to visit. I will neglect to mention this individual's name, though that likely won't save him from notoriety. As he said, when he was walking back from the Rusty Tankard the next morning, he heard a passerby point him out to his companion, saying, "I hear that guy looks great in a dress." This is untrue, though. He did not.

Our very own Marian of Heatherdale was put on vigil at a spontaneous court, as they had to grab her during the hour she spent at the event. She is being (now has been) Laurelled for her research into Arthurian Legend. This I unfortunately missed by a few
minutes, though Crispinus was on hand and got some photographs. Helen of Greyfells was also put on vigil.

Baroness Gaerwen became Authorized as a level 2 scout, dodging about the fighters and gleaning Cynred's arrows as he dropped fighter after fighter.

Though we all had a good time, the weather seemed to conspire against us. On Friday we baked, on Saturday we were drenched, and on Sunday we were buffeted by
freezing wind. (Monday, of course, was perfect weather, just in time for Tear Down). In fact, the wind on Sunday was so strong it blew our sunshade free. Not from its pegs, which were still securely driven into the ground, but right out of its feet and
flipped upside down.

The rain on Saturday did not stop the House Galbraith Birthday Bash, which went off almost without a hitch. Mead flowed as free as the rain, the Templars were tossed and a good time was had by all. The children's piñata (in the shape of a knight) was
broken the next day. The piñata’s creator danced him about, refusing to accept blows ("That was only a glance!"), until Brandt's son Lance stepped up and cracked him soundly across the neck (he was not wearing a gorget) and severed said neck, sending a
spray of candy flying thorough the air and leaving a head dangling from a string, dripping bits of wrapper.

On Sunday night, Master Hector stopped by the Ardchreag encampment and read to us the history of the Royal Line, all the way back to the very first King of the West, passing around a bottle of Scotch Whiskey for the listeners to enjoy. A Bardic circle began
to form up around him, growing to the point where the circle had to move out onto the open field. The circle went late into the night as stories were told and songs were sung.

Kingdom and Baronial Moots were held on Sunday, within view of archers cursing the wind, and fighters thankful for it (though Brandt was almost lifted into the air as the wind caught his war door).

Also on Sunday, a memorial service was held for Ulrich von der See, of beloved memory. The service was held where the List Field met the archery range, resided over by the Baron and Baroness, who were in full regalia. The members of Ardchreag and Greenhithe lined up to either side, with the Baron at one end, and Master Hector at the other. Everyone spoke of their fond memories of Markus, of his projects, his songs, his humour, his self sacrifice, and Hector quoted from one of Marian of Heatherdale's songs.
Fursto had a vial of Markus' ashes which she then spread over the field. Charles, the new Seneschal of Eoforwic, whispered, "I knew there was a reason for the wind." Cynred and Hector began to clash their weapons together as several people called out
Ulrich's name. It was a very moving ceremony.

These are only a few of the things that I witnessed, though I heard of many more, such as a trading circle and Red Herring initiations.

This is an event like no other, where the autocrats blend into the background, basically winding up the toy and letting everyone else play with it. Eirik deserves much praise (and many Cokes) for his efforts in organizing this event. Wassail Eirik!

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