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Ealdormere's New Heirs (Fall Crown Tourney, October 25, 2003)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

The forest in Vest Yorvik is thick, the roads labyrinthine and populated with sprites and brownies who love to misdirect travelers. So it was as we made our way to see TRMs Cennedi and Susanna’s Crown Tournament. As we wound our way through the verdant thickets, looking in vain for signs stolen by faeries, the rain was our constant and incessant companion. Finally, in desperation, I threw salt about our wagon and swung an iron bar about my head. Suddenly before us we saw the road we had been seeking. Quickly, Thorfinna whipped the wagon’s reins and sped our horses out of the overgrowth.

Finally upon the proper road we soon found the great hall wherein the new Prince and Princess of Ealdormere were to be chosen through acts of skill and might. Grateful to be indoors, we gladly paid our entry taxes to the guards at the gate and entered the hall. Though we were afraid that the faeries’ hi-jinks would make us late for the tournament, it had not yet begun, though the procession of those competing was underway.

No official list of combatants was circulated (none that I saw at any rate) but, as I recall, they were:

Sir Berus Jarl for Countess Marion FitzWilliam
Viscount Sir Mordain Blackcloak for Viscountess Mistress AElflaeda FitzAlain
Sir Evander MacLachlin for THLady Melusine de la Rose
Master Trumbrand the Wanderer for THLady Kaylah the Cheerful
Baron Phaidrig McNeil for Mistress Etaoin O’Fearghail
Sheikh Sergeant Malik abd’ al Rahman for Maitresse Baronne Genevieve Chastellain d’Anjou
THLady Kaylah the Cheerful for Master Trumbrand the Wanderer
THLord Tynne Duair ap Beul for Baroness Tabitha Dearval
Tiarna Eoin O'Beirne for THLady Zahra bint al-Nahr al-Ishbiiliya al-Naariya
Lord Cecil des Manches Argentes for Countess Tangwystl de Courci
Lord Kolbjorn Skatkaupandi for Lady Wencendl inigena Jagomus of Rokesburg
Grimroth Skullhammer for Countess Moria the Black

(If any of these names or titles are incorrect, I humbly apologize and ask that you please send me corrections for my files.)

Two lists were run concurrently, in a round robin best of three format, and all those watching agreed that over all the fighting was clean and courteous. Wassail to the honourable conduct of Ealdormere’s fighters!

The combatants fought long and hard and well, though in the end only two could advance to the final rounds. These two hardy warriors were Sir Berus Jarl and Viscount Sir Mordain Blackcloak. The finals consisted of three rounds. The first round was a best of three in a weapon form of Sir Mordain’s choice. He chose spear and emerged the victor of that round. The second round was in a style of Sir Berus’ choice, and he chose sword and shield. Like Mordain, he emerged victorious in his chosen form. The final round was likewise fought with sword and shield, and after many great feats of arms had been preformed it was Sir Berus who was victorious.

Sir Berus and Countess Marion were then brought before Their Majesties and were recognized as the right and honourable heirs to the throne of Ealdormere. Wassail to Their Highnesses!

Throughout the day I wandered the hall, seeking people to speak of about various bits of business, and was likewise sought for the same purpose. I was free to so wander by the generous offer of House Galbraith (especially in the person of Lord Hamish Gunn) to sell copies of the Ursus at their table.

Court was held before feast, and many people were honoured. Some of those so honoured were: Baroness Adrielle Kerrec who was given a Scarlet Banner for her past efforts on the field, Thorolfr smithr who received his Award of Arms (those watching getting much mirth from watching Her Majesty attempt to pronounce his name), as well as Lord Rhys ap Bledri and Lord Hereward the Far-Dweller being inducted into the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer (making them both Honourable Lords). There were others, and I apologize for not catching everyone’s names.

After court a great feast was held, but remembering the tangled thicket through which we had to travel through to reach our keep, we left before it was served and it is up to others to chronicle what happened during the rest of the evening.

I here rest my pen.

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