Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Ealdormere Crown Tourney I, 4 April A.S. XXXII

Presided over by Palymar III, Aislinn, Berus and Marion.

By Master Hector of the Black Height

From the first to be called to the last to be seen;
From a King to a Prince, to a King and a Queen.
From the cold days before, through the reigns in-between,
To the last and the first; in our hearts evergreen.

From the last to the first, to the first from the last;
There was bitterness once -- but the dark days are past.
In the hard days found friends; such good friends are made fast:
To the hand of the first from the heart of the last.

Let the last days shine bright; let our Princess shine forth
As the fire in our hearts, as the Star of the North.
Hers the line that has blazed and has guided us forth
To the gift of the South and the hope of the North.

And today we recall the cold winters gone by;
Here we gather in hope, for true hope cannot lie.
Gladly bid dawn hello, and yet, ere sweet good-bye
Let one last torch-lit night to the North Star swift fly.

From the first to the last, to the last and their son;
From the South to the North here great days are begun
For much more than a crown in a tourney is won;
To the first and the last -- thus is destiny done.

(copyright Arthur McLean 1991-2000)

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