Wednesday 2 October 2013

Cynred Takes His Yearly Bath (Pikeman’s Pleasure, June 1, 2002)

(written for the Ursus)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

It was a fine sunny day in Petrea Thule, though the wind did guts harshly at times. We had come from across the Kingdom to celebrate the Pleasure’s of the Pikemen and, as usual, this was done by having many bridge battles. For those who have never been lucky enough to go to a Pikeman’s, a small river runs through the event site, which goes over a small water fall, swirls through a pond and then splits into two shallow channels to run around a lozenge-shaped island. From the shore to the island is a small bridge, and it is upon this bridge that the fighters battle.

This year the teams were led by Earl Sir David and Sir Evander after each won at the Warlord Tourney. The two groups met amid a flash of pikes, the darting of swords, the clang of shields and the call of “Havoc!” as Dusty tore through the ranks and died gloriously to allow his pikemen free shots at his attackers.

When all the fighting was over and done it was discovered that His Excellency Thegn Cynred Broccan, our exalted Baron of Septentria, had not fallen into the water. For years past he has done this, earning the shallows the name of Cynred’s Bath. This even with Tiberius and Roak giving him the occasional good-natured prod from behind. And so, not being one to break tradition lightly, Cynred walked up to the falls and threw himself in. Streonwald Wulfesbanna of Caer Draeth, and Septentrian Herald, not being one to let his Baron face a challenge alone, likewise plunged intro the water. Both were still in full armour.

There was much laughing and cat calling as the two sodden warriors pulled themselves from the murk. Eirik Andersen, Seneschal of Ardchreag, could be heard muttering, “Think of all those poor fish.”

And so our Baron is squeaky clean…for another year at least.

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