Wednesday 2 October 2013

A Brawl for All (Berus’ Bar Room Brawl IV, Jan 26, 2002)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

It was with a weary head that I traveled to Skeldergate, for the night before had been spent in consultation with our beloved Seneschal, pouring over documents and Flemish paintings1 in an effort to put together a primer for newcomers to our glorious Society. Said Seneschal, Thorfinna and I arrived at Berus and Marion’s tavern at the tenth hour of the day, finding that many had arrived before us. Even still we managed to procure a table by the Royal Thrones of Ealdormere.

From this vantage spot we watched many activities. Berend worked on tablet weaving, while Mahault did some braiding on a tail for a small pair of shears. The fighters gathered at one end of the tavern, eventually erupting into a brawl (coincidentally enough). Others fought with foil, and still others with boffers (for the full story on that, see Wulfgang’s Progress).

Normand, who spent most of his day with visitors from Rising Waters, wandered by and told us that Baron Tankred was selling off a large quantity of armour. Leaping to our feet, members of our canton bought a pair of knees, a set of arms, and a helm. I also got myself a very nice box to store my games in.

We took to wandering the hall, and Baron Cynred grabbed Thorfinna and I and took us to meet two Laurels visiting from the Middle Kingdom. Mistress Morganna and Master Huigin are two of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. To make our pleasure at meeting them greater, Cynred, who calls Morganna ‘Mom’, made us repeat, “Mom taught Ealdormere how to sing.” These two Laurels are originally from the populace of Calontir, now its own kingdom, but formerly a Principality of the Middle. When Calontir began the push for self-rule they met with heavy resistance from the Middle, so when Ealdormere went through the same problems, Calontir threw us their support. When that glorious day arrived, three people traveled from Calontir to Ealdormere to witness the birth of our Northern Kingdom. Morganna and Huigin were two of those people. Thorfinna later heard Morganna tell a tale, and she said it was an incredible experience.

Time was spent with one of our own bards as well, Master Hector, who also calls Morganna ‘Mom’. He gave us a talk on the responsibilities of being the Bards of Septentria, and gave us the ring of office. He also told us several tales and poems.

Most of the Chreaggers then departed for home, but a few of us remained for court. We were quite glad we had, as Thorfinna was awarded her Award of Arms. We also witnessed an AoA being granted to a youngster of twelve years, whose scroll had been illuminated by her own mother. The tears of the populace flew freely, the most deserving young woman clutching to a leaky eyed Queen.

Gathering our treasures together we then set off for the Cliffs, truly glad to have been guests of the Tavern.


1) Flemish painting is slang for photograph.

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