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Baron's Bruhaha, 2018

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Baron’s Brouhaha is a weekend of medieval camping, combat, martial arts, drop in classes and festivities.

This year Brouhaha went from Friday July 13th to Sunday, July 15th.

(Here are the accounts of Baron’s Brouhaha the 3rd, and 4th)

‘Baron’s Brouhaha’ is hosted at Glyndmere (a 5 acre farm that is owned by Penda and Sibylla of Glyndmere), organized by the Canton of Northgeatham, in the Barony of Ramshaven, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Martial Arts

The Armoured combat, rapier, and thrown weapons Fields!

I apologize that I have no photos of the Rapier Combatants – Very good bouts on their end too!

Arts & Science Classes

The Great Hall (barn in previous images) on-site is used for artisan activities and shelter from weather – later on for feast and court.


Their Excellencies had a couple of sheep in their entourage that needed names, which they held a naming competition for and announced the winning names at court. Sibylla of Glyndmere was the winning namer for both Sheep! Gaining the prize of the sheep candle holders.

Their Excellencies then began releasing their champions selected last year, and thanking them for their service with a token – Banners Marking The Champion’s Achievement and Year, made by His Excellency Penn of Ramshaven.

They also thanked their previous Rapier Champion, Lady Alienor la fileuse, and Archery Champion Lady Helga, all of whom could not make it to the event.

Their Excellencies then announced that the word for this year was (and is) “Song”, whether written, performed, requested, or otherwise supported.

As a result, there will be multiple Bardic Champions over the course of this year. With that they called forth Lady Hlaefdige Sibylla of Glyndmere in recognition of her service creating songbooks for their time on the High Seats, to be their first Bardic Champion, who would stand until Coronation.

Their Excellencies of Ramshaven then began to call forth their new Champions to fill in the place left by those before them.

Lord Wulfric of the Blackwoods, Armoured Combat Champion, presented with the tabard and shield.

Their Archery and Thrown Weapons champions had been selected from Tournaments at FOOL: Meistres Wencendl of Rokesburg for Archery, and Ivan syn Irina for Thrown Weapons.

Mic Cillian the Pirate was then called forth. Their Excellencies Penn and Lucia noted that Mic Cillian had been with us for a year now, and in celebrating his contributions to Bardic circles at Trillium War, their Excellencies presented Mic Cillian with his Guidon de Sang, and declared that, as lovely a people as the Norgoth Barbarians are, Mic Cillian the Pirate is claimed by Ramshaven. Huzzah! I mean, Wassail! ahem…

Their Excellencies then thanked their assembled nobility for attending, and closed their court.

Their Royal Highnesses, resuming their court, called forth His Excellency Ramshaven, Baron Penn de Moranza. In recognition of his skill in the arts of cookerie – specifically his “porcine pursuits” in creating sausages and bacon – Their Highnesses, on behalf of Their Majesties, presented him with his Award of the Orion.

Their Highnesses then called forth for the newcomers, and all delighted in four new gentles attending the Thrones. They were presented with gifts of newcomers’ cups, as is our Tradition.

Their Highness then called forth the Event Staff to attend them, and, lavishing praise on their Excellencies Penda and Sibylla for the generosity of opening their home to everyone, presented them with gifts to share amongst their staff – some of which included candles that had gone to Trillium War and were a touch… melty.

Finally, the Marshals of the various Tournaments were called forth. On the armoured combat list, Lord Wulfric reported two tournaments were held. The winner of the All-Day Bear Pit was His Excellency Penda, and the victor of the Speed Tourney was His Grace Sir Edward the Red.

On the Thrown Weapons Tournament, Lord Guoillauc filius Brancu noted that there were a record number of people trying thrown weapons for the first time – at least, in his experience. For the Blackjack Tournament, there were a number of winners, whom he asked to stand and be recognized. The Yeoman of the Wolf tournament was won by none other than himself.

Their Highnesses thanked the assembled nobility of the realm for joining them at the event, and let it be known that, being this their first time in attendance, they look forward to many years of future attendance. All business being complete, Court was then closed.

Thanks to Dietrich von Sachsen, Green Mantle (acting as herald for their Highnesses) for providing this account of court to accompany the images.


After court a pot-luck feast was held,

Settlers of the Ram continued again this year – a card based game where you gained a set of cards when you register at Gate, and earned more at each activity you participate in during the event, then use them to enter door prizes that were drawn after Feast.Regretfully I did not take photos of all the prizes available – there were many, the majority being handcrafted goods, from weavings, cups, bowls and beads to metalworkings, bags, lamps and mead, all made by members of the Society. All great prizes to be sure. I managed to win a wonderful trim made by the Blackwood sisters that may find its way onto a certain regalia.


I may not have had photos of axe throwing that I thoroughly enjoyed that day, but I did document the many spear throws at Will after Feast. (The dummy was named Will)

After such fun throwing at Will, I decided it best that I start the fire for Bardic Circle before dark. Notably the day had been very humid, and thus was having trouble starting my charred cloth with my Chert and Steel. His Grace, Sir Edward the Red, noticing my struggle (and being the very person who taught me how to use chert and steel to begin with) came over and taught me a new method that is far easier to start chard cloth. But even then it was not starting. So, mentally tucking away that new trick for a future use, I took out my modern magnesium striker and file – which worked! Once I got the fire a goodly size *Sizes may appear larger if Rua is present* I filled my cup with the drinks that our hosts provided, and took out my djembe – playing out to bring forth the populace for Bardic Circle.

Bardic Circle

Bardic was a lot of fun that evening, and to much of our delight, our new guests were familiar with some of our songs – due to Lady Heather Dale’s prevalence as a modern day singer and song writer who had her beginnings in the SCA.

We also sang Diggy Diggy Hole – there was a large variety of songs.

Get our latest Ramshaven Song book here!

Our new comers were so impressive in their contributions to Bardic Circle – On Their Very First SCA Event! – They were each gifted a ring by our resident bards (as is our custom in Ealdormere in acknowledging those who inspire us in our Society). WASSAIL!

Sunday Smithing

Sunday, our host Penda of Glyndmere, started up his forge and taught smithing to those who were interested. This was our third Baron’s Brouhaha, but our first time being able to stay and participate in the Smithing!

Brouhaha was such a good time, I had to remind myself to make use of my camera to capture it! Thank you to our hosts, Penda and Sibylla for using your farm, and all of Northgeatham for their work in making this event possible. I hope to join you all here for many years to come!

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