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The History of Rising Waters

(The abbreviated version)

Who would have thought that a Science Fiction magazine would lead to the founding of an entire Barony?    

Tired of just reading and dreaming about such exciting things, Bob LePine (now known as Master Aaron of the Black Mountain in the SCA) wrote to a California-based role-playing group. They sent him literature, which included a copy of “The Pale” which informed him of an event soon to be held in Toronto. So he convinced some friends from his Dungeons & Dragons group as well as the local St. John Ambulance Brigade to fashion what they considered “medieval garb” and head off to the University of Toronto. To this day those role-playing buddies swear that it was the spectacular sights and sounds that greeted them in Toronto that colourful afternoon that had them hooked.

The actual event Aaron and his merry band attended was the Coronation of Hugo and Caitlin, 23rd King and Queen of the Midrealm, held on May 2, 1981 in the Canton of Eoforwic in the Barony of Septentria. Soon thereafter, the Canton of Rising Waters was formed with Aaron as its founding Seneschal. The other original members were: Anthorea Black (Dale Wright), Rowena of Bristol (Lynda Stricker), Peregryne (Stephen Stricker), Carl, and Valentina Althea (Judith Strader). Their enthusiasm was so great, as the story goes, that these five gentles strode into Hugo and Caitlin’s court in Starleaf Gate one winter’s day in 1982 and demanded that their group be made full status. Whether they stormed the court, or politely asked for the Crown’s approval we may never know for sure, but the Canton of Rising Waters was indeed granted full status.

From there, the Canton quickly began to grow and thrive, adding to its numbers such gentles as Eriu, (known then as Cassandra), Mary Campbell (Mary Ivey), Fiona Averylle (Avril Brass), and her daughters, Dagian Alexandria Ivez de Minstead (Dawn Ralph) and Theophania (Gayle Brass), Byron Mikhail Woodroffe (Brian Woodrow), Wulfric of Daneland (Rick Pain), Brenna of Stavenger (Helen Pain) and Meyer Wulfram (Terry Burnett).  The first event held in Rising Waters was Septentria’s Baronial 12th Night which begat the Feast of Bacchus later that year. Rising Waters was considered unusual because it began as an Arts and Sciences oriented group with one and only one fighter for its first years. That August, Aaron and Eriu attended their first Pennsic, Pennsic 11 and continued traveling to far distant lands when they departed the War.

1983 The Canton had another insurgence of new members and growth when Alyssa Blundell (Lisa Boyd), Genevieve Chastellain (Jennifer Thompson), and Francis (Chris Peskett), joined the SCA. Lady Valentina was the Seneschal and our numbers grew to around 15. With Francis (Varus) and Genevieve attending Brock University that year, the Canton became involved with the university, providing us with free meeting and practice rooms. This was also the first year we participated in the Niagara Grape & Wine Parade in St. Catharines. The Feast of Bacchus II, autocratted by Lady Valentina, was held at the Armouries on Napier Street in St. Catharines on November 5th and was quite the success.
          Dagian (now Amyfelyse) became the first Chronicler. She published the First Edition on September 25, 1983 (A.S. XVIII). The cost was 75 cents per issue. But it was yet to be named. Several names for the newsletter were bandied around such as “The Tinkling Brook”, “The Vinery”, “The R.W. News”, “Rising Tide(s)”, “Rising Tidings”, and “The Cataract”. When Genevieve submitted cover artwork for the next issue’s cover, she had drawn a waterfall being purified by a unicorn and just for layout’s sake, in a very beginner’s calligraphy hand, the title “The Cataract”. Dagian liked it so much, she decided then and there that the name of the newsletter would be “The Cataract”.
          The first warranted Pursuivant was none other than Fiona Averylle. Lord Byron Woodroffe was the first Minister of Sciences. The Minister of Arts was Lord Wulfric of Daneland. Genevieve was the first Dance Mistress of the Canton, and Francis (now known as Varus) quickly became a fighter and the Minister of the Lists. From there he became the Canton’s Marshal. Plans are made for the first inter-kingdom event between the Cantons of Rising Waters and Beau Fleuve in the Rhydderich Hael. By the end of the year there were 28 active members of the Canton. This is about the time when word gets around that the Baronies of Septentria and Skraeling Althing are looking into becoming a Principality and so the members of Rising Waters start talking about working towards becoming a Barony. (So, the seeds were sown quite early in our history!)

1984 In January the Canton receives notice from the Dragon Herald that its name and device were accepted, as well as Fiona’s name and device! Lord Myr Wulfram takes over as Seneschal. The new Lt. Archer is Thomas Arbalister (Chris Hanlon). Alyssa is voted in as the new Exchequer. Lord Byron institutes the new position of Charges d’Affaires. There are about 40 active members now in the Canton. New members include Nikolas Blackmoor (Niko), Miriel LaJueler (Yvonne Plantinga), and Isabella St. Kevern (Virginia Crook). In April at an event in Eoforwic, Fiona received her Award of Arms! In May, the Cataract changes format from 8 ½ by 11 page to a folded booklet. Also the first Canton Picnic takes place on May 19th at Thomas’ parents’ farm on Erion Road. (This will be the precursor to the Day in May event.) On May 27th the Canton helped out Ben Dunfirth at their demo in the Royal Connaught Hotel where a copy of the Magna Carta was being put on display.  There was yet another change of officers as Amyfelyse took over as Seneschal from Meyer in July. At the Feast of Bacchus III in November, Genevieve received her AoA from HRM Queen Fern, for her service as Canton Dance Mistress.

1985  Fiona’s basement where everyone tended to congregate was affectionately known as “The Elecave”. The Canton got involved in CCA Community Club Awards – collecting cash register receipts to earn money.
          In April at the A&S Fair, Fiona accepted the office of Trillium Herald for Ealdormere. From Her Majesty Fern’s hand, Fiona and Meyer each also received the Order of the Purple Fret.  Other awards presented that day included Awards of Arms to Thomas, Nikolas, Theophania, Tostig and Isabella. Lord Nikolas also went before the Crown to present a gift of 60 AoA scrolls from the Canton. Francis (Varus) placed First in the Pottery Competition. Fiona was also awarded with the Cauldron of Ceridwyn from the Baron and Baroness of Septentria.
          The Niagara College demo event, Day in May, was to take place on May 4th. Then disaster struck - two days before the event, the College decided to cancel the hall booking! The Autocrats, Alyssa and Genevieve had less than 48 hours to scramble together a new site for their very first event. As the fortunes would have it, Genevieve’s cousin who was a minister at Welland Avenue United Church, allowed the Canton to use their church hall. It was a stunning wood-trimmed room with a surrounding balcony, which overlooked the main hall. The event was a success and everyone had a great time. One of the highlights (or should we say heart attacks) of the day was when the resonant tones of “Sweet Georgia Brown” could be heard throughout the hall as Lord Byron played on the church pipe organ! He didn’t realize the outside speakers were turned on and apologized to the autocrats, but not for playing the Toccotta in D minor or House of the Rising Sun. To this day, Byron has not heard the end of it!

          The Canton’s numbers were again increased by such gentles as Katrina, Galiena Michelina, Ariadne, Reynard, Frewen and Tostig. Genevieve started the Chalice Calligraphers Guild. In November Lord Thomas resigns as Seneschal and Lady Theophania picks up the reigns. Genevieve takes over as Chronicler. Lady Alyssa says farewell to  the Canton in December to move to Eoforwic.

1986           The Canton hosts Septentrian Baronial Twelfth Night with Fiona and Byron as autocrats. The feast tokens were ceramic chess pieces that were hand made by Fiona and others in the Elecave. In court, Francis (Varus), Tostig and Alyssa receive their Awards of Arms from the Crown Prince Palymar and Lord Byron receives a most deserved Purple Fret. William Angus MacKenzie, the resident and self-proclaimed Canton Fool, forms the “Giggling Toad’s School of Idiots”. Lord Byron takes over as Exchequer.
          That February, Lady Mary becomes very ill. The Second Day in May on the Third is held to celebrate the Canton’s 5th anniversary. A forge and anvil are purchased for the Canton with donations from the members. In May at the Society’s Twentieth Year Celebration, Fiona is initiated as protégé to Master Charles Stewart O’Connor, who was Dragon Herald at the time. At Melee in the Meadow, TRM Palymar and Katherine award lady Fiona the Dragon’s Heart, and Dathi receives his Award of Arms.

          At Simple Day in the Country in Indianapolis, Lady Fiona takes on the office of Dragon Herald for the Middle Kingdom. In order for her to be able to accommodate all the Dragon files, her basement, the Elicave, had to be made watertight. What ensued was a Herculean task: On the outside of the walls of Hunter’s Moon Hall (Fiona’s house) a trench had to be dug, roughly six feet deep and thirty feet long. The whole of the exposed wall had to be scrubbed clean, tarred and plasticized before the trench was refilled. Inside the house a similar expanse had to be cleared of paneling, fiberglass insulation, detritus and several partitions has to be removed, replaced, extended and rebuilt. This monstrosity of a job was lovingly undertaken by Lord Byron, Hroderic, Antony and Archibald.

September again heralded the Grape & Wine Parade and we came in 2nd Place in Miscellaneous Unit category partly due to the 7 lovely horses plus carriage we rented from the Rose City Riding Club. At Bacchus V on November 1st, many of our members received their Award of Arms: Ariadne, Reynard, Anselm, Katsu, Otaka, Moria, Tarl, and Antonius. Lord Francis changed his name to Lucius Aurellius Varus, and he and Cailin (Tzitzakion) were married. (Not that changing his name was integral to his wedding!)

          By the end of the year there are approximately 50 active members in the Canton with the addition of such new faces as Miranda Skilton, Andrea Schutz (Leokadia), the Publicovers - Eric (Ealdred), Linda, Michelle & Alan (Orin), Kevin Hall (Kenelm) and Carl Wellenreiter.

1987 On April 1st, Genevieve takes over as Seneschal as Theophania leaves for Vest Yorvik to pursue her studies. At the Day in May event, the Canton held its first unofficial fencing tourney in which Lord Madog won, with Lord Niko and Thorgrim Ulfson tieing for second place. In the rattan tourney, Lord Bear the Wallsbane came in first, with Lord Belgar in 2nd place, and Lord Varus in third.  In June, Cailin Bawn Ceara volunteers to take the office of Chronicler. Heraldic news:  Varus’, Genevieve’s and the Canton’s names and devices are all passed at Laurel. Her Ladyship Fiona receives a Grant of Arms from Talymar and Eislinn. Lady Ariadne and Lady Isabella entered the Arts & Science Tourney & Display in Eoforwic in June and both placed first in needlework and glasswork, respectively. New members include Tinne (Peter McQuinn), Eleyna (Lidia Tremblay) and Ermengarde (Heather Stading) Melee brings more excitement as Genevieve authorizes as a fighter - the first lady fighter for the Canton. In September an impromptu mini event is thrown together in four days when the Canton gets word that the King, His Majesty Talymar will be visiting. The potluck revel is a success! Katrina receives an Award of Arms, and Genevieve receives the Order of the Purple Fret. We win “Best Walking Unit” in the Grape & Wine Parade.

          Unfortunately, that Fall, a cloud of grief overshadows the our happy land as the Canton mourns the loss of one of our oldest and dearest members, Lady Mary Campbell of Inverary who passes away on October 24th after a brief illness. This Lady of quiet dignity and regal bearing treated all, be they King or peasant with a kindness, generosity and warmth that will continue to be an inspiration to those who remember her.

1988  With her second child on the way, Cailin (Laura) had to resign as Chronicler. Tinne picks up the torch in March and brings a certain special flair to the newsletter. It is decided that the Canton will definitely apply for Baronial Status. Preparations are begun and all the information required is collated by the Seneschal, Genevieve to be ready in time for the Curia Regis meeting in October. The merry month of June brings the First Lady Mary Memorial Tournament held at St. John’s Anglican Church in Thorold. The Autocrats were Varus and Genevieve, Yasinaga (Etienne) was the Feastocrat. The event was a roaring success that paved the way and initiated the traditions for future tourneys for years to come. During the Baronial Court of Aiden and Kaffa, Rising Waters was presented with the Award of the Bear’s Heart - the first time that it was ever presented to a group.

          On November 26, 1988 the Canton’s hard work paid off and our dreams were realized! At the Christmas Event in Afon Araf during Kingdom Court of Their Majesties Reynard & Brynhildr, Rising Waters was granted Baronial status and Byron & Fiona were invested as Founding Baron and Baroness. The commissioned coronets were going to be ready in time, so Byron spent the night before the event, knocking out makeshift coronets out of brass kick plates and fishing lures! The original boundaries of the Barony consisted of the mundane territorial boundaries known as the Regional Municipalities of Niagara, Hamilton-Wentworth, Haldimand-Norfolk and parts of Halton and Brant Counties. Bounded by the Niagara River on the East, Lake Erie to the South, and Highway #24 in part on the West, the Barony reached as far North as its neighbours in der Welfengau, Trinovantia Nova and Bryniau Tywynogg.

1989                                                                                        The first Rising Waters Baronial Twelfth Night is hosted by the Canton of Ben Dunfirth in the Dundas Town Hall. The Autocrat is Lady Tabitha and the Troll is Lord Logan of Silver Seas. During their  court, the Baron and Baroness are presented with their first regalia, red velvet and white satin cloaks. These were made and presented on behalf of all the populace by Lady Eleyna and Lady Tegerian. In a Regency Court, Eleyna, Cailin, Childeric, Aurora and Baldric amongst others received their Awards of Arms. Lord Reynard received a Purple Fret, Lady Isabella given the Order of the Silver Oak and Lord Tynne was give the Order of the Willow. All Canton Officers are now elevated to Baronial Officers. Lord Tarl is selected as the new Baronial Marshal and Their Excellencies Rising Waters chose a Warlord, Duke Sir Hasdrubal. New members to the Barony include Tina Black and Wayne Schaeffer.. The Kingdom makes a request of the Barony to undertake a major project of producing ceremonial capes for the Crown of the Middle. Baroness Fiona spearheaded this endeavour with the assistance of Ariadne, Gwendolynne, Eleyna, Moria, Cailin, Lauren and others. The target date for presentation was set for the following Pennsic for presentation to Katharine and Palymar. At this time the Baronial Awards Committee was formed to create a set of awards for the Baron and Baroness to bestow upon the populace. A unique demo is held on June 2nd at St. George’s Church in St. Catharines where a selection of medieval brass rubbing plates were on display. The Barony provided everything to create a period atmosphere for the church members to enjoy a feast as well as the brass rubbings. In July Lord Tynne leaves the Barony to join the Military and passes the Cataract over to Lord Yasinaga for a short time then onto Lady Eleyna, then finally settling with Lady Ariadne. The second annual Lady Mary Tourney is held on June 3 and autocratted by Baron Byron and Baroness Fiona. The rattan tourney is won by Lord Michel d’Arques and the Most Chivalrous Fighter was Lord Tristam of Gallidor.

          July 14-16 marks the first Baronial Border War with the Rhydderich Hael. The main idea for the event was to settle a long-standing dispute between the Rhydderich Hael and Rising Waters over Navy Island and the fishing rights in the Niagara River. Rising Waters proves victorious this first year, so the Hael received the Island and the fishing rights. (What?) The catch here (pardon the pun) was that the loser got the rights because who in their right mind would want to eat the fish out the Niagara River?!

1990  Their Excellencies Byron and Fiona institute Baronial Taxes, to be set upon the populace at every 12th Night. The first taxes the Baron and Baroness set upon their citizens were for every gentle to learn how to sign their name in calligraphy and set it upon one scroll. Genevieve headed up this project, and most of the members signed the scrolls. Unfortunately, however, she became ill just before it was finished, and it remains unfinished to this day. September 22 – The Barony hosts Ealdormere’s 2nd Coronet Tourney.

1991  Baron Byron & Baroness Fiona set Baronial Taxes at 12th Night to be a persona history from every person. Lady Moria takes on the office of Seneschal. Drachenfaust hosted Baronial Birthday Bash on November 23 but it was almost a feast less event! All the food for the feast was put into Lord Gratien’s van to be transported to the site. However, the night before the event, his van was stolen, feast and all! Due to some quick thinking on the Feastocrat’s part, and the generosity of others, the feast was replaced at the last minute and no one was the wiser. Apparently the Police found the van a week later, abandoned in a ditch. And yes, still full of the food for the feast. Hopefully those police officers were entitled to harzard pay, or is that “hazardous goods” pay! Yuck!

1992  At 12th Night, Their Excellencies proclaim that taxes are to be the  submission of Name & Device from everyone. Etienne (Yasinaga) is Seneschal. Catriona is Chronicler. The Barony has approximately 200 members.  The new Baronial Champion/Warlord is determined on April 25 to be Lord Wolfgang.  Some of the members living in St. Catharines felt they needed to have a name, to give them an identity now that Rising Waters was a Barony. Plans got underway for a new canton to be formed using existing members, and possible names were  suggested including Hunter’s Moon and Hedgehog Hollow. That July, Lady Moria takes over as Baronial Seneschal. At Pennsic during Midrealm Court, the royal cloaks were presented unto the Crown and are accepted with many tears of joy. The Barony wins “Best Marching Unit” in the Grape & Wine Parade that September. The office of Chronicler changes hands again in October to Brianne (Briend). The Baronial Champion/Warlord position is passed from Wolfgang to Lord Gratien. By November, a set of Baronial Awards had been decided upon and sent to the College of Heralds for approval.

1993 - The Barony’s numbers reached 264 members with 116 of those being paid members. Baronial meetings were held quarterly on a rotating basis throughout the various cantons: Ben Dunfirth, Drachenfaust, Pont Y Saeth, Dinas Gardd and Wasserstrasse. At 12th Night, Their Excellencies set the year’s taxes to be personal heraldic banners to decorate the halls. On April 24th of that year, Ariadne and Reynard were made Court Barons at the Investiture of Kildare and Lella as 7th Prince and Princess of Ealdormere. The Lady Mary Tourney was held on May 22 at St. John’s Anglican Church in Thorold and was Autocratted by Lord Etienne de Beauvais.  His Grace, Duke Sir Eliahu, won both the tourney and the Most Chivalrous Fighter prize.

1994  Baronial Twelfth Night was autocratted and feastocratted by Lady Aibhilin and Lady Rosalind. Their Excellencies set the Baronial Taxes to be a War Banner for the Barony. Ben Dunfirth starts long range plans for their application for Baronial Status. Dinas Gardd and Ben Dunfirth discuss plans for a joint event the next spring for Lady Mary Tourney and possibly Principality Investiture. Lord Randwulf donated a canvas parachute to be made into a pavilion for the Barony. The Baronial War Banner, made by the citizens of Ben Dunfirth, was given to Their Excellencies in the Rising Waters camp on the Thursday evening of Pennsic War. Bacchus was held on September 24th in conjunction with the Grape and Wine Parade. Malik was able to borrow a transport truck and trailer so we had a float for the first time for the Parade, upon which a throne for Her Highness, Joleicia, Princess of Ealdormere, was placed. The autocrats of the event were Lady Briend and Lady Genevieve.  In October, at the Investiture of David and Elina, Lady Moria was made a Court Baroness, and Baroness Fiona was given an Augmentation of Arms, which created the first quartered device ever in the Society.

1995  Twelfth Night - Their Excellencies Byron & Fiona announce their intent to step down as Baron and Baroness and set their taxes to be the search for a new Baron and Baroness. On April 29 the Lady Mary Tourney/Investiture X3 was held - Her Majesty Queen Rebekah was in attendance as it was the Investiture of Roak & Tarkwyn, Prince and Princess of Ealdormere. Their Excellencies Byron & Fiona relinquished their coronets and Malik & Genevieve were invested as new Baron and Baroness in a ceremony full of pomp, grandeur and a plethora of regalia. The Canton of Ben Dunfirth was granted Baronial status and Tarkatai and Thyrra were invested as the Founding Baron and Baroness. In a flash of inspiration, the new Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters presented the new Baron and Baroness of Ben Dunfirth with a rare and valuable piece of Rising Waters history - the Baronial Bird in the Gilded Cage - affectionately known as “The Duck”. This artifact became the focal point of much shtick between the two Baronies.
          In July, the Barony took part once again in the Friendship Festival in Fort Erie. Here is an account of the highlight of that event by one of the Barony’s closest neighbours, Lady Biotta of Otterskeep from the Rhydderich Hael:

          “My fondest memory of Rising Waters occurred during the Friendship Festival in 1995 when Rising Waters and the Rhydderich Hael put together a medieval encampment demo for the weekend tourists.

          Genevieve & Malik were Baron and Baroness at the time and Baroness Fiona Averylle was in attendance with her wonderful motorized cart covered with her device.  Well it so happens that on the last morning of the event, which was a Sunday, this group of able but slightly tired SCAdian folk from both Baronies were having a bit of breakfast and conversation around the fire when someone mentioned that “wouldn’t it be great if we could possibly arrange to do an event involving Fort Erie” which we were camped down the road from.  When another person jokingly blurts out “yeah, let’s just storm the fort this morning and see what happens” as Baroness Fiona was making her way towards us in her cart.  In hearing this statement she replied “that sounds like a lovely idea” and that we should muster up a proper contingent and process to the fort and lay siege.  So we figured “why not” and got as many of our people together that could leave the open camp as possible.

          “Now picture this if you will if you will; about thirty garbed SCAdians, banners waving, piper piping, drummers drumming marching towards the front gates of Fort Erie with Fiona leading the way in her cart.  What a wonderful sight!  As it happened, there was a crowd of tourists including OPP officers waiting outside the fort for it was just before opening time when we decided to do this.  Well, all the onlookers including the OPP thought our procession was part of the festival activities and just watched on.

          When we reached the gates we loudly cried out “Open the Gates!”  When our cries went unheeded, two brave SCAdians dressed in traditional highland kilts actually climbed over the walls on either side of the front gates and waved a banner from each Barony from the top of the wall proclaiming the fort had been seized to the delight and applause of the crowd, that had gotten even larger then when we first started.

          When the soldiers inside heard the noise they opened the gates and we pelted them with grapes from two small wooden catapults we had brought just to make it official.  They were not amused, but we had a great time doing it and no one got into trouble.  In fact, a festival committee representative suggested we do it the following year as part of the actual festival, but the fort would not hear of it. To this day, the Barony of Rising Waters and the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael have a treaty stating joint ownership of the fort.”

1996  Twelfth Night - Taxes are set by Their Excellencies Malik and Genevieve as encampment wall sections from each canton. Jun 1 – Lucius Aurellius Varus wins the Lady Mary Tournament.
1997  Twelfth Night - Their Excellencies proclaim that taxes are as letters of recommendation to the Crown for deserving gentles worthy of recognition.

1998 At Twelfth Night, Their Excellencies set the Baronial Taxes to be submissions to the Cataract. April 4th - First Crown Tourney of Ealdormere. Baron Malik makes it to the finals but is honourably and chivalrously bested by Sir David who wins the first crown of Ealdormere for Elina. At the Lady Mary Tourney - Malik and Genevieve  announce they are expecting their first baby to the joyous applause of the crowd. That November, their daughter, Jessica is born, just one of the Twelve born in Ealdormere in 1998!

1999  At 12th Night, Baronial Taxes were announced that each member must produce a decorative banner. BMARC was founded at Brock U.

2000 Lord Randwulf is Seneschal. There are about 120 active gentles in the Barony. At Baronial 12th Night, Lord Tancred asked for Lady Rosalinda’s hand in marriage! Baronial Taxes are for each gentle to write a letter of recommendation.  Lady Mary Tourney is held on May 27th at St. John’s Anglican Church in Thorold, autocratted by Lady Catriona.  - Malik & Genevieve announce that after five years of leading the Barony it is their intention to step down as Baron and Baroness. They set new taxes upon the populace to search for a new Baron and Baroness.          

          That winter the Barony orders a 15x21' rectangular pavilion which is delivered at Pennsic. Ealdormere’s Crown Tourney is hosted by the Barony on October 14th autocratted by Lord Randwulf and Baroness Genevieve. October 28th - Desiree & Jarvin’s Wedding - the Barony caters the feast.

          On November 11 at Baronial Birthday Bash, after a long court of awards, thank yous and good byes, Baron Malik & Baroness Genevieve step down and Tancred & Rosalinda are invested as new Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters. Their Majesties Berus and Marion preside over the ceremony as the Barony applauds and showers them with gifts. The event is a joyous one, charged with high emotions and poignant moments.

          A mere week later, on Saturday November 18, the Barony is struck with grief by the news that Baroness Fiona Averylle O’Connor of Maidenhead had passed away at 8:00 that morning. As per her request, a Memorial Wake was held for her on November 26th at the Queen Elizabeth Community Centre where several hundred people came to celebrate the amazing adventure that was Fiona’s life.

It seemed to many of us that the end of Fiona’s life marked the end of an Era. Having been a part of Rising Waters almost since its inception in 1981, it was hard to imagine a Rising Waters without her. Like the Lady herself, it was a time of classical ideals, high hopes, hard work  and golden dreams. Perhaps though, it was fitting that she would leave us at that point, almost like setting the Barony free to be lead by the new blood into the next millennium.

Herein ends this accounting of the history of the Barony of Rising Waters thus far.....

Watch for forthcoming installments as the Barony enters the next Millennium.


Many thanks to those who helped with this endeavour by contributing facts, stories or anecdotes:

Master Aaron of the Black Mountain
Baron Byron Mikhail Woodruffe
Baron Malik abd al-Rahman
Lady Briend de Shanacashel            
Mistress Aibhilin fra Skye
Lady Ruadh of the Enchanted Forest
Lady Biotta of Otterskeep
and all the back  issues of The Cataract.

Composed and compiled by Maitresse Baronne Genevieve Chastellain d’Anjou  (aka Jennifer Johnson) for the Barony of Rising Waters, March 1, 2003, A.S. XXXVII.


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