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Le Roman d’Arrochar: The Book of the Reign of Nigel II and Arielle II

Based on The Tale of Gamelyn by an anonymous author, c. 1350 (rhyming couplets with iambic pentameter) and Ayenbite of Inwyt, c.1340, translated from the French by Dan Michael of Northgate.

The Tale of Gamelyn online:

This work also draws upon Ealdormerean mythology from such tales as “The Doom of Ealdormere” by Aedan o Kincora and “The Great Wolves of Ealdormere” by Colyne Stewart.

Credits:           Written by THLaird Colyne Stewart (mka Todd Fischer)
Photos by THL Eirik Andersen (mka Kyle Andrews) and
                 THL Alexander Gladstone (mka Alex Sears)


Le Roman d’Arrochar – page 4

Royal Household  – page 10
The Progress of King Nigel II and Queen Adrielle II – page 13
Events of Import – page 14
Whims and Preferences – page 33

Le Roman d’Arrochar

The Prologue

Almighty lady Ealdormere gave ten behests in the customs of the northlanders, that the Old Wolf received etched into stone, that were engraved by Ealdormere’s spear. And the Old Wolf, after its burial, commanded in its story to each northlander that would live well should keep and observe them.

This book is written for Ealdormereans that they may know how they shall strive to improve themselves. This book is the work of the honourable laird Colyne Stewart, written in English in his own hand, that's called: Le Roman d’Arrochar.

The First Behest
To be courageous, as Gar, First of the Great Wolves, who died battling the Southron Dragon on the Plain of Lythredd.

The Second Behest
To be compassionate, as Weyra, Second of the Great Wolves, who was also slain by the Dragon’s hunters.

The Third Behest
To be a leader, as Clave, human son of the Wolves, who was strong of arm and full of righteousness.

The Fourth Behest
To love their people, as Bisret, human daughter of the Wolves, whose love united the northern bands.

The Fifth Behest
To be strong and wise, as the Bear of Septentria.

The Sixth Behest
To be fleet of foot, as the Hare of the Skrael.

The Seventh Behest
To be determined, as the Ram of Ramshaven.

The Eighth Behest
To be fertile and foster the growth of the kingdom, as the Boar of Ben Dunfirth.

The Ninth Behest
To be hospitable, as the Chalice of Rising Waters.

The Tenth Behest
To stand against all challenges, and always strive to improve yourself, as did Lady Ealdormere before she was placed among the stars.

Let it be known that all of these behests are known and kept by the principals of the Earldom of Arrochar, Their Lupine Majesties, King Nigel II and Queen Adrielle II, as the following verse will illustrate.

The Main Text

Fytte One

Hark ye and listen and harken aright,
And ye shall hear talk of a valiant knight.
Sir Nigel MacFarlane was his right name,
He was of high breeding in our bright game.
Bear Claw, Iren Fera, serjeant of the Red,
Seventy-fifth Axe Hero, nobleman bred.
His wife was a lady of beauty and grace,
Handy with needle and deadly with mace.
Adrielle was his love and his inspiration,
Who drove him to feats of commendation.
To honour his wife, Nigel fought for the Crown,
To make her the queen, and win her renown.
With his spear he fought foes, like the Saint George,
On the anvil of virtue, the tourney the forge.
With Ascalon in hand he faced Sir Mordain,
They fought in the heat and they fought in the rain.
Pass after pass, their weapons flashed bright,
‘Til finally Mordain fell to our knight.
With steady hand and regal voice Nigel lay
The Crown of the Kingdom on Adrielle fey.

As Prince and the Princess they went near and far,
Many wars did they fight in, many foes did they scar.
In the heat down in Lillies, and in Pennsic mud,
At the sieging of Harlech, they showed Their blue blood.
They led troops in battle, they rang out in song,
They encouraged the artisans and made the land strong.

‘Til finally the day came in Harrowgate Heath,
When Trumbrand and Kaylah lay down Their wreath,
And gave the Crown back to the hands of the people,
As Nigel stepped forth from the shade of a steeple.
Preceded by squires, he stepped to the thrones,
With bold words courageous as ever he’d shown
The Prince claimed the Crown, by strength of his arm,
By his skill with the spear, his words full of charm.
Great folk of the court backed up his claim,
And he put on the Crown to sounds of acclaim.
On Adrielle’s brow he likewise did place
A Crown of the North on true northland grace.
With Inland Seas water the Lawspeaker blessed them,
On relics of days past They swore to condemn
Any who would prey on the northlander flock,
While Nigel’s eyes flared like those of a hawk.
The day then was spent in much celebration,
With a passage of arms, songs, and elation.
Folk from the Eastrealm had come for the day,
As well as the Mid and Æthelmearc way.
They took home tales of virtue and glory,
And told others Their Majesties’ story.

Now to secure the kingdom They needed
To find an Heir who would not be impeded
From claiming the Crown, should that day arrive
When King and Queen no longer thrived.
A tourney was held, and like father like son,
With a spear the title of Prince was won.
Sir Siegfried, for Ragni, stood against all,
And made himself Prince in far shire hall.

Fytte Two

Sit up and harken, and hold your tongue,
And you will hear a tale of Arrochar the young.
Then was a tournament announced nearby
And Nigel was determined to go out and vie.
He readied his steed and set out from his manor
From his lance fluttered his ermine banner.

To Æthelmearc he took to the road,
At the great Pennsic War he set up his abode.
Within his camp he crossed angry words,
With Vitus, who thought his tent was absurd.
Their argument woke half of their camp,
Including Adrielle who came out with a stamp.
Her fiery temper they had incurred,
But Nigel had feelings of love all a’stirred.
This loud northern thistle with flaming hair,
Made his heart flutter, his rib cage tear.
With pale face he knew their futures were one,
From that moment on all others he shunned.
That day forward a great love was born,
To each other forever our heroes were sworn.
Two kingdoms united within their embrace,
Two lands enriched due to their grace.

Fytte Three

Now sit up and listen, both young and old,
And you will hear tales of Adrielle bold.
She came from a land called Petrea Thule,
Where she was called a northern jewel.
Strong as a chain, known for her ire
And her penchant for breathing fire.
Sly as the fox that adorned her arms,
Many a foe fell to her charms
At the game of Tablero, beat every churl,
While calmly exclaiming, “I’m just a girl.”
Skilled at equestrian arts and at sewing,
On many a subject she seemed to be knowing.
She fought in the line, and defended her land,
Much service was done by her gentle hand.
She was once Septentria’s baroness,
Whose term left few if any regrets.
At Society level she also excelled,
Many a disaster she quickly quelled.
So in Ardchreag, the Crown showed her favour,
Inducting her into the Pelican’s order.
The following year, in the same place,
A Laurel upon her red brow was placed.
No danger shall ever exist in our lands,
As long as with us this fine lady stands.

Fytte Four

Harken once more, ‘fore I take to my rest,
And know that Their Majesties keep each behest.
The first, to be courageous, they are every day,
Standing for the weak, and fighting in the fray.
Both of them are caring folk who tend the winter vine,
They care about our feelings, including mine and thine.
They lead both by example, on and off the field,
When doing what they know is right, they will never yield.
To show they love the people of our northern land,
Cups they gave to newcomers, gifts from the royal hand.
Their mighty strength is in conviction shown,
Their Athenan wisdom is by all well known.
They travel far about the world so fair,
Their pilgrim’s feet a tribute to the Hare.
When faced by challenge they back down not,
But persevere as true heroes aught.
They both with kind word, gift or earned reward,
Increase their Court with gentles, lady and lord.
Their home and camp they opened wide for all
To visit with Them round fire pit or inside hall.
No matter the obstacles placed in Their way,
They never back down from a virtuous fray.
All ten behests then, They keep every one,
And saying so, this Romance is then done.


Let it be known that this work was fulfilled on the day of the feast of the Saint Cecilia, by a brother of the cloister of Saint Etienne, in the Year of our Society 48.


Royal Household

His Royal Majesty

Nigel MacFarlane, KSCA

Ermines, on a pale embattled gules two towers argent

Persona – 14th Century Scottish Knight
Nigel MacFarlane is a Knight of the Scottish Highlands born in the early years of the 14th century. Born on the shores of Loch Long, he has traveled far and wide in search of Deeds of Arms. He has fought in the Scottish Wars of Independence under the banner of his King, Robert the Bruce. In his travels he met and married an English Lady, Adrielle Kerrec. They live together in Scotland.

Aut Omnia Periclitaris Aut Nihil Lucaris — Risk Everything or Gain Nothing

Her Royal Majesty

Adrielle Kerrec, OP OL

Lozengy pur pure and argent, a fox rampant sable pizzled azure and on a chief argent two compass stars sable
Persona – 14th Century English Lady
Adrielle Kerrec is a baroness in her own right and inherited her first husband’s estates after his death on crusade. Having her own lands and income permitted her to travel. She met and married a Scottish Knight Nigel MacFarlane and they live in Scotland. She is an outspoken lady who does not hesitate to defend family and friends by her husband’s side.

Fidelus ad Fineum — Faithful to the Finish


Lady Mahhild de Valognes

What is a Chamberlain?

This is the manager of the Royal Household primarily responsible for pre–event communications and coordination with Event Stewards/Autocrats and Royalty Liaison. This is the person who co–ordinates schedules and sends RSVP to the Event Stewards of each event that TRM will attend. Included in their letter to event staff will usually be a request to be put in contact with any Royal Liaison, if there is one. The letter also asks if there is a theme to the event and any contests or competitions planned for the day or any special requests for their time during the event as well as setting out TRM schedule and planned meetings for the day. There is a brief mention of likes and dislikes, food allergies, and so on of TRM. The Chamberlain also sends regrets to any invitations TRM will not be able to attend. If possible the Chamberlain will alert the event staff as to the approximate arrival time of TRM.

Baroness Mahault of Swynford

What is a Chancellor?

This is the person who assists TRM at events and who is in responsible for arranging and coordinating retainers and coordinating on–site/at event matters. They have many responsibilities some of which include, but are not limited to, making sure TRM have the day's schedule, the royalty room/space and accessories are set up, They arrive on time (if possible) to Their appointed engagements, make any necessary appointments and changes to Their schedule, ensure that the thrones are in place for court and make sure that Their day runs as smoothly as possible.

The Chancellor also handles making sure Their feast gear is taken care of before and after the meal, makes sure there is plenty of help if needed in packing up at the end of the event. The Chancellor takes care of any gifts to TRM and make sure they are noted so the appropriate responses can be made. Often times, these duties can be delegated to trusted, capable individuals, freeing up the Chancellor to personally attend to TRM needs.

King's Champion
Mistess Ælfwyn Langanwuda

Queen's Champion
Lord Rorik

Rapier Champion
The Honourable Lady Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell

Royal Bard
Lady Ailis

Ladies in Waiting
Baroness Wencenedl of Rokesburg
The Honourable Lady Þorfinna gráfeldr
Lady Pesha

Men at Arms
Baron Berend van der Eych
Baron Kolbjorn Skatkaupandi
The Honourable Laird Colyne Stewart

The Progress of King Nigel II and Queen Adrielle II

As Their Highnesses Ealdormere:

May 18, 2013              Crown Tournament                             Barony of Ben Dunfirth
June 1                          Pikeman’s Pleasure                             Canton of Petrea Thule
June 8-15                     Lilies War                                            Kingdom of Calontir
June 21-23                   Baron Wars                                         Middle Kingdom
June 28-July 1             War of the Trillium                             Canton of Ardchreag
July 20                         Pennsic War Set-Up                            Kingdom of Æthelmearc
July 27-Aug 3             Pennsic War                                        Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Aug 21                                    Siege of Harlech III                            Kingdom of Æthelmearc
Sep 7                           Icelandic Althing                                Canton of Eoforwic
Sep 21                         Rose Tourney                                      Middle Kingdom

As Their Majesties Ealdormere:

Sep 28                         Coronation                                          Canton of Harrowgate Heath
Oct 5                           Coronation of Cellach and Vukasin       Middle Kingdom
Oct 19                         Border Spat                                         Barony of l’Ile du Dragon
Dormant, East Kingdom
Oct 26                         Crown Tournament                             Shire of March of St. Martins
Nov 2                          Feast of the Hare                                Barony of Skraeling Althing
Nov 16                        Kingdom A&S Tourney                     Canton of Ardchreag
Nov 30                        Wassail                                               Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog
Jan 4                            11th Night                                            Canton of Vest Yorvik
Dec 7                           Christmas Tourney                              Middle Kingdom
Jan 11, 2014                Twelfth Night                                     Barony of Rising Waters
Jan 18                          Tournoi du Coeur de Glace                Shire of Bastille du Lac
Jan 25                          Market Day at Birka                           Barony of Stonemarche, East
Feb 1                           Step Spritely                                       Canton of Vest Yorvik
Feb 8                           Candlemas (His Majesty)                    Middle Kingdom
Feb 8                           Game of Queens (Her Majesty)          Canton of Caer Draeth
Feb 22                         Practicum                                            Canton of Caldrithig
Mar 1                           Winter War                                         Shire of Trinovantia Nova
Mar 9-16                     Gulf Wars                                           Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Mar 29                         Spring A&S                                        Barony of Ben Dunfirth
Apr 26                         Coronation                                          Barony of Rising Waters

 Events of Import

Crown Tournament, Barony of Ben Dunfirth, May 18, 2013                      

Nigel wins Crown Tournament in the Barony of Ben Dunfirth, making himself and Adrielle the Heirs of Ealdormere for the second time. He defeated Sir Mordain Blackcloak, winning the tournament with a six-foot spear.

War of the Trillium, Canton of Ardchreag, June 28-July 1             

Þorfinna is apprenticed to Adrielle at War of the Trillium in the Canton of Ardchreag.

Adrielle’s team (consisting of THL Jocelyn, Mistress Ælfwynn and Lord Constantine) wins the Rose Tourney at War of the Trillium in the Canton of Ardchreag.

Icelandic Althing, Canton of Eoforwic, Sep 7                        

At the Icelandic Althing in the Royal Citie of Eoforwic, Adrielle takes Colyne as her sixth apprentice.

Coronation, Canton of Harrowgate Heath, Sep 28                          

In the Canton of Harrowgate Heath, Nigel II and Adrielle II are crowned as King and Queen of Ealdormere. As part of Their coronation, Nigel sent out the following proclamation:

A Coronation Passage of Armes of Nigel and Adrielle

Unto all those of Chivalric demeanor and Noble bearing who seek renown and wordfame and who revel in the joy of chivalric combat, of whatever estate, title or degree, be they gentle, high and noble or base, common and popular, does Nigel, Prince of Ealdormere, send greetings.

In the name of Divine Inspiration, to exalt the name of my wife Adrielle, Princess of Ealdormere, on the day of Our Coronation, We shall offer combat on the field, a plaissance, with sword and shield, sword and buckler, longsword, and polearm , lance, axe, sword and dagger or lesser weapons of such length as any who wishes to have may challenge Us.

We shall take to the field, armed and armoured within the lists, and shall gather gentles of good cote armour to stand at Our side so that any that wish to see the love that We have for my Lady may challenge Us. As was the manner of our ancestors, with the gathered tenans We shall seek to advance the name of Our Queen. We shall meet all challengers, each armed in such harness as pleases him, that wish to strive with honorable weapons.

ITEM: This deed shall take place on the twenty-eighth day of September, in the Canton of Harrowgate Heath, on the feast day of St. Wenceslas and the eve of Michaelmas, the hour after We ascend the Lupine Thrones.

ITEM: All combatants shall be armed with the accustomed armour for combating in list.

ITEM: All Challengers shall enjoy the choice of weapons and terms of combat be it counted blows or the convention of acting out blows in single combat or melee. Should any person be unprovided with appropriate weapons, We will furnish them with the same, similar to Our own or to those of Our companions.

ITEM: During any passes done under the terms of counted blows, should any combatant touch the ground with his hand or knees, he shall be burdened with the task of presenting his adversary with a ransom of whatever value or nature he please. That ransom may be anything that the combatant decides is befitting of the encounter.

ITEM: That We shall meet not less than thirty-one challenges brought forth as to commemorate this 31st reign of the Royal Household of Ealdormere.

We beseech all princes, barons, knights, and esquires, not to construe this Our intention as proceeding from any presumption on Our part for Our sole motive is to exalt the name of the Queen and also to make acquaintance by arms with such renowned and valiant princes, nobles and any others as may be pleased to honour Us with their company.

Let no prince, baron, knight, esquire or any puissant combatants pass within a quarter of a league of the spot assigned for these combats without entering the lists and taking part, or otherwise leaving as pledges his sword or spurs, according, to his pleasure.

And by virtue of the noble pardon of arms, surety will be given to all foreign worthies who wish to come to the said festival by virtue of the truce granted during this high feast without any hindrance being given to them. And concerning that matter, all who wish, shall have safe conduct from the King our sovereign lord.

To which I set my hand and seal,

Prince of Ealdormere

The Challenge having been issued, the Passage of Armes is prepared.
Ready your weapons and don war–like harness as well as your fairest raiments.
Call forth your households and arrange for the journey leaving behind only those necessary to ensure the safety and well being of your estates.
A valiant host of Tenans and Venans shall assemble as have rarely gathered before and when they take up arms for this noble cause such glorious deeds may never again be seen from this day till the world shall end.
And in the years to come, when our descendants speak of this day take care that you too can say "I was there and I remember."

After Coronation, Nigel sent this missive:

Be it known that on the day of Our Coronation, this passage of arms did occur and 6 people held the field with me against all comers and all challenges were met.
These people did my wife, Her Royal Majesty Adrielle, great honour in exalting Her name:

His Royal Majesty Midrealm Cellach,
His Excellency Yngvar the Dismal,
Lord Heddin, Tenan of the Couter of Chivalry,
Lord Gebhard Rauten, esq.,
Mistress AElfwyn Langanwuda, My Champion, and,
Lord Rurik, Her Majesty's Champion.

We ended this endeavour by meeting all that would don harness in a grand melee. We face a group of twenty nobles that would help us end the day memorably.

The following awards were given that day:

King's Champion - Mistress Aelfwyn
Queen's Champion - Lord Rorik
Rapier Champion - TH Lady Jocelyn
Jane Caldwell - AoA
Neela- AoA
Dafydd ap Alun- Maiden's Heart
Gerhard of Caldrithig - Orion
Eluned verch Angor - Crucible
Trumbrand and Kayla – Duchy

Crown Tournament, Shire of March of St. Martins, Oct 26                         

In regards to Their crown tournament, Nigel and Adrielle sent the following missive:

To the Populace of Ealdormere do We, Nigel and Adrielle – Rex & Regina, send greetings and give you tidings of Our Crown Tourney to be held on the 26th Day of October in the March of St. Martin. Listed below are those who would place themselves on the anvil of virtue and vie for the privilege of naming their consort as Heir to the Lupine Throne:

Master Brand Thorwaldsen for Duchess Jocea Valente
THL Guillaume le Breton for Countess Jolecia of Litchfield
Sir Siegfried Brandboern for Mistress Ragni Dzintara
Mistress Aelfwyn Longwood for Lord Evan Quicktongue
Master Berend Vandereyke for Baroness Mahault of Swynford
Baron Tiberius of Warickshire for Baroness Anne Tinker
Baron Kolbjorn Skattkaupandi for Baroness Wencenedl of Rokesburg
TH Lord Bjarn Aaronson for Lady Orlaith inghen Cinada meic Brianin
Lord Fulk Beauxarmes for TH Lady Urraca de la Mar
Lord Ameilus Claudius Rattanicus for Lady Isabel Atwyll
Lord Laurenze Tonnemacher for Lady Ilsebet Amy Cooper

Nigel and Adrielle
Rex et Regina Ealdormere

Finals of the round robin were Siegfried, AElwyn, Tiberius and Guillaume.

Finals were Siegfried and Guillaume, with Siegfried emerging victorious. As Nigel, Siegfried won crown tournament with a spear. Afterwards, Siegfried had this to say:

“A man would be a liar to say he does not do this at least in part for himself but I have been given a great gift this day, for there is a man I respect above all others [Duke Sir Finnvarr de Taahe] and through circumstance he did not have the ability to place this [the heir’s coronet] upon this lady’s head. I do this today not just for this lady but for this lady and this man. Thank you so much.”

After the event, Nigel and Adrielle sent the following missive:

Thank you to the Shire of St. Martin for hosting Our Crown Tournament. We were exceptionally happy with the turn out for the day. The combatants fought valiantly and chivalrously for their inspirations and we were humbled by those who chose to participate in Our Crown. Congratulations to Our Heirs, Prince Siegfried and Princess Ragni - WASSAIL. We would thank also friends from near and far, including those from the Mid and the East who travelled to share the day with Us all. We cherish your friendships more than you know. A special thanks to Sir Evander and the List team lead by Baroness Liadin for running such an efficient tourney. The tourney board that Baroness Liadin created was fantastic.
Thank you Ealdormere - you are incredible

Nigel and Adrielle
Rex et Regina Ealdormere

The following awards were given this day:

PRINCE AND PRINCESS - Sir Siegfried Brandboern and Mistress Ragni Dzintara of Amberhall
MAIDEN'S HEART - Marrin von Waldburg
SCARLET BANNER - Yamagata Tokifune
SCARLET BANNER - Brennen Suibhne
SCARLET BANNER - Louis Etienne

Her Grace Rylyn passed the Ducal coronet to Her Grace Kaylah that has been passed on to each new Duchess in Ealdormere

PRIZES from the Autocrats for various activities - This was not done in Court as We had asked that it be done during Feast. However We give Our apologies in this respect as we did not realize that most recipients did not stay for feast. Please contact the autocrat to make arrangements to receive your prizes if you have not already done so.
COMBAT - THL Guillaume le Breton for Countess Jolecia of Litchfield
A&S - THL Asa Gormansdottir (amazing outfit she was wearing)
THROWN WEAPONS - Lord Brennen Suibhne
RAPIER - Lord Tadic of Trinovantia Nova

Feast of the Hare, Barony of Skraeling Althing, Nov 2                                

This Feast of the Hare was also the investiture of Shahid and Catherine as TE Skraeling Althing. At the event there was a spear tournament, which was won by HE Angus, Baron of Dragon Dormant. Michael of Eastbrook won the Baronial Champion Tournament; Shahid and Catherine named his as their champion during their court. Also, Godfroi of Bastille du Lac won the Novice Tournament.

After the event, Their Majesties sent this missive:

Yesterday was wonderful, thank you to the event staff at Feast of the Hare and all your hard work to make the day such a success. It was Our joy and honour to invest Shahid and Catherine as Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing and also to TE Giovanni and Lucia for their dedication and devotion to the Barony during their tenure. We were also privileged to bestow the following awards
AOA - Lucie Peltiere
AOA - Konstantin
AOA - Tristan of Caldrithig
MAIDEN'S HEART- Eleanor du Grismontes
MAIDEN'S HEART - Duncan MacLeod
ORION - Kersteken Janzdochtere
ORION- Gina Dragoni
ORION- Lady Kaðlín of Harrowgate Heath
SCARLET BANNER - Lord Cennèdig of Flichesburg
CRUCIBLE - Alais de Poitiers
COURT BARONACIES - Lucia de Enzinas and Giovanni de Enzinas
BARONIAL INVESTITURE - Shahid al-Hasan and Catherine Townson

Kingdom A&S Tourney, Barony of Septentria, Nov 16                              

During their reign, Adrielle expressed a desire to split the Kingdom A&S Tourney into two separate events. She proposed moving the Kingdom Pentahalon to a Spring A&S Faire, while the Fall (which had traditionally hosted Pent) would instead play host to the Queen’s Prize Tourney (QPT). Adrielle explained QPT thusly:

Queen's Prize Tourney

The competition is geared toward getting people involved in the arts, and is restricted to Novice Artisans - specifically those who have an AOA arts award or less. The idea is to provide some mentorship for newer artisans by the Crucible and Laurels. The entrants get some feedback and have the opportunity to meet others who do similar stuff.

If someone wants to enter, they find a sponsor - someone who has a Crucible or equivalent or a Laurel. The hope is that the Crucibles and Laurels would make it known they want to sponsor folks. The sponsor acts like a mentor, and helps prepare the person and answer questions about documentation, is there to bounce ideas off of... that sort of thing.

The entry would not have to be 100% completed, it could be in progress or even a failed attempt.

In addition all the items are on display and everyone who attends the event is encouraged to walk around and view the entries and see which ones they are particularly impressed with, and leave small tokens like beads or chocolate for entrant's to say, "Hey, I really think this is nifty".

Every sponsor donates and/or creates one "cool dubis" for every person they sponsor. During the judging, the entrant has face to face interactions with (hopefully) 3 judges. The judges evaluate the entrants' projects, and make suggestions as far as what could be done differently, how to improve the documentation, what resources the entrant might not be aware of... that sort of thing. It's "Intro to Judging 101", in a non-threatening, non-confrontational environment with the main goal to encourage people who don't have a lot of experience with competition. The 'judging' is more like a round table where people sit with the entrant and give them face to face feedback and would be a sharing of information and ideas. Entrant can ask questions etc.

Towards the end of the day, the sponsors will go and get the name of an entrant with a project that they like... and it's a good idea to have several in mind in case someone else has already grabbed the name you wanted. Preferably not someone you sponsored. The idea is that everyone who enters gets a prize from someone just for entering. During court the sponsors hand the herald the name, the entrant gets called up and receives their prize from a sponsor. The Queen will also hand out a "Grand Prize" to the entry she's most impressed by. We will also have a Judge's choice entrant (not to be the same as the Queen's choice).

General Guidelines

Entrant Information

The Queen's Prize Tournament is a non-competitive jurored competition sponsored by the Kingdom.

Entrants must be sponsored by a Cruicble (or equivalent), or a Companion to the Order of the Laurel.

Each entrant is entitled to one entry. Multiple entries will not be accepted.

Each sponsor may sponsor up to 5 entrants (they must provide the same number of prizes)

Entries that have been entered before in the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship or equivalent are not eligible for entry.

Judging will be conducted in a face-to-face manner against the current Novice Criteria.

Sponsors may not judge the entrants they sponsored.

Sponsor Information

Sponsors may sponsor a maximum of five entries.

Sponsors must be in attendance at the Event

Sponsors must bring one prize per each entrant sponsored. These prizes will be awarded at Royal Court and must be awarded to entrants who were sponsored by another sponsor.

Sponsors are encouraged to work with entrants on the development of their entries.


Each entrant will receive a prize from one of the sponsors.

HRM will award Queen's Prizes for the entry or entries of Her choice. There will also be a Children's Prize awarded by Her Majesty.

Those individuals judging entries at shall vote towards the recipient of a Judge's Choice Award.

Individuals selected for a Queen's Prize are not eligible to receive the Judge's Prize.


Entrant and Sponsor must attend the event

Entrant can hold a Grant level award or higher in service or martial activities

Sponsor must have an Arts Grant level or higher award to sponsor

Sponsor may sponsor up to 5 entrants

The event was an overwhelming success, with the populace giving Adrielle a standing ovation during court. Afterwards, Adrielle sent the following missive:

I've been struggling to try to put my thoughts on yesterday into words and I'm not certain I can. The day was such an epic whirlwind and I am scared that if I try too hard to capture it and pin it down with language, I will wake and have it all fade away like the wisps of an early morning dream. I could never have imagined that the event would be such a success and that the concept would be so embraced by the Kingdom. I am truly honoured and humbled by your faith and support for this endeavour. Full credit for the success goes to our artisans who took up the concept of a Queen's Prize Tournament and who were willing to mentor and sponsor our beginner artisans, to the judges who were generous with their time and knowledge and were gentle in their 'critiques' of the entries, and especially to those who entered and put your artistic-selves out there - your talents are wondrous and your potential awe inspiring.

For the record, the event had a attendance of 182; we had a total of 58 entries - 4 of which were children, 24 sponsors and over 60 judges. Thank you all.

Special thanks to my eternally patient husband, HRM Nigel; the Canton of Ardcreag who fearlessly took on hosting this event, especially Lady Eva the autocrat and her awesome event staff and THL Hans and his kitchen team for their wonderful feast.

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but thank you ALL for making it one of those magical SCA moments for me. It is a day I will forever remember.

The following awards were given that day:
WOLF'S CUB - Zoe of House Marchmount
ORION - Colyne Stewart
ORION - Orlaith inghen Cinada meic Briain
- Anne of Saffron successfully completed her challenge
- Emelote of Calais presented her challenge
PLACED ON VIGIL - LAUREL - Jhone of Woodcote & Wilfrid of Sweflingham

Judges' Choice - Lady Marguerite (Pigments)
Queen's Choice - Bethan MacFinnon (15th Century Stool)
A&S Category prizes (donated by the Baronies) - information coming
The Royal Herbalist Guild presented their taxes
WOLF'S CUB - Liam of House Marchmount
AOA - Leisle Woolmonger
MAIDEN'S HEART - Rhiannon of Eoforwic
AOA - Kaisa of Petrea Thule
AOA - Einar Inn Austrifera Josepson
ORION - Aurik Burnsson
CRUCIBLE - Lyda Langrackrsdottir
ORION - Ailis of Eoforwic

MAIDEN'S HEART - Lady Eva the Restless

Also at A&S, there was a Butter Chicken Battle, with Tarian verch Gadarn, Hans Thorvaldson and Piero di Paxiti da Vincenzo competing to see who could make the best chicken in the kingdom. People were asked to bring canned goods (or a $5 donation) to the event in exchange for some chicken, with all collected food and money donated to a local food bank. After the event, Tarian had this to say:

My parents would like to thank the people of Ealdormere for helping us raise just over $400 for the St. Paul's on the Hill Community Food Bank, and a nice little stash of dry goods. My father has been volunteering there for over 5 years now, and is overwhelmed with your generosity. I had not told him what we were doing, so he was pretty gobsmacked. He says the money will go towards buying turkey's for the holiday season. Thank you SO much to [Hans] and [Piero] for some friendly competition that had everyone (literally) lining up around the room for the Butter Chicken Off.

Wassail, Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog, Nov 30                               

The following awards were given at this event:

AOA -Christina Montgomery
AOA - Joffr Rödson
WOLF'S CUB - Annalise (aka Fiona)
AOA - Wulfric of the Black Wood
AOA - Ieuan ap Gwilym
AOA - Wulfwynn of the Blackwood
ORION - Tamsin Kitto
AOA - Eileen D’Arcy
ORION - Beathan MacFinnon

11th Night, Canton of Vest Yorvik, January 4

The following awards were given this day:

Orion - Widow Kate

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

Had a great time at Septentrian Eleventh Night today, thank you to everyone who made the day such a success. Particularly to The Lord and Lady of misrule who did such a great job, the autocrat, event staff and canton for being such wonderful hosts, the feast staff for a delicious meal and to all who came out and got Into the spirit and fun of the day.

Twelfth Night, Barony of Rising Waters, January 11, 2014

The following awards were given this day:

Award of Arms - Beatrix
Maiden's Heart - Baroness Ariadne Athingana of Ravenglass
Orion - Lady Yvette Sinclair

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

His Majesty and I had a lovely time at Rising Waters 12th Night today. Thank you for your hospitality and friendship. Court was especially fun with our little assistant [one of the Ealdorbears TRMs handed out to young children].

Tournoi du Coeur de Glace, Shire of Bastille du Lac, January 18

The following awards were given this day:

AoA - Lady Katharine of Bastille
AoA - Lord Guilliam Lucien Alphonse DeLuca (aka Liam)
Maiden's Heart - TH Lord Amelius Claudius Rattanicus
Wain - TH Lady Isabel Atwyll
Wain - TH Lord Albrecht Stampfer
Pelican - Master Dafydd

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

Great day at Tournoi today, excellent event and tourney . Lots of fighting, rapier and kiddlets running about. Had the honour of elevating Master Dafydd to the Order of the Pelican and gave out some gorgeous scrolls (pics to be posted tomorrow). Was humbled by some lovely gifts from near and far (thank you Heather). Special tanks to those who helped Us surprise Dafydd by helping with the vigil spac, munchies and for an amazing scroll (Aurellia, Kasia, Keja, Mahhild, Berend). Ealdormere you are wonderful.

Market Day at Birka, Barony of Stonemarche, East Kingdom, January 25

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

Home from a great weekend, definitely worth the 20 hours in the car. It was wonderful to see so many Ealdormerians there who also made the trek to enjoy Birka, special thanks to our crew for the hard work and support during the day. Got to spend some quality time with some awesome folks we don't see nearly enough, plus had a fantastic time at Birka. TRM of the East were gracious and fun loving hosts and as ever it was awesome to see TRM Trimaris once again. Busy day with not enough time to spend quality time with all we would have liked to, guess that means there will just have to be more road trips 

Step Spritely, Canton of Monadh, February 1

The following awards were given this day:

Crucible - TH Lady Rosalyne de L'Estrange
Crucible - TH Lord Daniele di Padola

Adrielle also noted:

Court also included the Widow Kate offering her Fealty in song. It was quite possibly the loveliest version of the populace oath I have ever been gifted - thank you.

Game of Queens, Canton of Caer Draeth, February 8

The following awards were given this day:

Orion - John Moran
Orion - Michel de Maine
Maiden's Heart - Jeanne Aganetha Marie
Scroll of Honour / Queen's Favour - Gwendolyn of Aldberg

Practicum, Canton of Caldrithig, February 22

The following awards were given this day:

Orion - John Moran
Orion - Michel de Maine
Maiden's Heart - Jeanne Aganetha Marie
Scroll of Honour / Queen's Favour - Gwendolyn of Aldberg

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

Had a wonderful time at Practicum. Thank you to all who attended and gave of their time to teach, to learn, and to share. I am continually amazed and inspired by the diverse talents of Our artisans and am thrilled to see such inspiration spread. Thank you to those who took the time to speak with Wil and/or Jhone as they sat their vigils. I know they each received words to think on to take forward on their respective paths. Thank you and congratulations to those We had the joy to recognize in Our Court. It was truly a fun and wonderful day topped off by a wonderful dinner. Thank you Skrael and friends for hosting such a great day.

Winter War, Shire of Trinovantia Nova, March 1

The following awards were given this day:

Wolf's Cub - Gwerith of Brynniau Tywynnog
AoA - Mattius of Petrea Thule
AoA - Kanina Mac’ Am Gilverdatter / Cai'tyn the Bold
AoA - Raphael Trinovantia Nova
MAIDEN'S HEART - Sarah MacLeod Trinovantia
AOA Gregoire Moroz
MAIDEN'S HEART - Isaac Spinoza
MAIDEN'S HEART - Detrich von Sachsen
WAIN - Tiberius of Warwickshire
PELICAN - Cainder ingen hui Chathaarnaig
9 Newcomers / First Event folks

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

HRM Nigel and I had a wonderful day yesterday at Winter War. We had a great time and were especially thrilled with the courtesy shown on the field. It was Our Honour to induct Mistress Cainder into the Order of the Pelican as well as recognize many other worthy and talented members of the Kingdom. We were thrilled to hand out 9 newcomer cups - it is so great to see the Kingdom grow. We were also pleased to announce in conjunction with Their Highnesses new Unbelt Commanders - namely Mistress Aelfwyn and the Honourable Lord Guillaume.

There are many thanks for the day.......

- Thank you to the Shire and all event staff who worked so hard to make the day such a success.

- Thank you to the combatants who demonstrated courtesy and camaraderie on the field.

- Thank you to the marshals who volunteered part of their day both for the rapier and armoured combat to ensure a safe and fun day in the lists

- Thank you to the Trillium Exchange folks who brought their exchange items for all to see and be inspired

- Thank you to friends from the Midrealm who travelled to visit and share the day. Your generosity humbles Us

- Thank you to all who volunteered part of your day to act as entourage for Ourselves and Their Highnesses, it was and is greatly appreciated.

- Thank you to those who participated in the public privy council meeting. It is good to see folks showing interest in such things.

- Thank you to Baron Kol, Sir Baldric, TH Lord Augustine and TH Lord Bjarn who's combined generosity resulted in a successful raffle fund raiser for the Kingdom Travel Fund Congratulations to TH Lady Lydia on having the winning ticket

- Thank you to all who donated items to the Gift Basket for Gulf Wars ..........it is EPIC

Gulf Wars, Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, Mar 9-16                

Nigel II and Adrielle II travelled far while they sat the northern thrones. These travels took them to Gulf Wars in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. As is tradition, during the opening ceremonies, those Royals present were to process upon horseback. Not wanting her subjects to feel left out, Queen Adrielle and a cabal of sewers crafted several hobby horses, which were carried during the procession by each Ealdormerean present. Reportedly, these horses were high spirited and there was an infamous stampede.

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missive:

We had a great time at Gulf Wars. Thank you so much for those who made the long trek with Us and to those who sent amazing gifts for us to share which allowed us to show off the incredible talents of Ealdormere. It was a fantastic week and would not have been as enjoyable if not for the hard work by Baroness Mahault (Deb Mattingly) and all those who gave of their time to help Us out with entourage shifts and running about. We may have been few in number but we were massive in the fun department.

There were a ton of awesome moments but the highlights that come to mind right now are (in no particular order)

- Making TRM Trimaris speechless with the gift from Our artisans

- Being able to take to the field in armour with my husband His Majesty. It was something I was not able to do last reign and I know it made us both happy

- The Ealdormerian Calvary  I had decreed that if His Majesty and I were to ride in opening ceremonies, all Ealdormereians present should also ride. We made and took 20 hobby horses with Us which followed us in Opening Ceremonies and then stampeded and photobombed all the Royals at the fort  . Seeing the horses throughout the week in random places, including the Rapier Ravine battle and the Armoured Combat Field Battle was priceless

- Horses - the real ones. The equine community was incredibly generous and supportive of both of Us. I was privileged to be allowed to use a wonderful mare, Blanche, during the week, both for opening ceremonies and mounted combat. She was great and I had a blast

- Mounted Combat - horses, maces, 360 degree engagement. Wow

- The Kazoo - who knew that such a small thing would result in so much fun?

- Seeking friends from far away we don't get to see nearly enough and never seem to have enough time with

- Being able to sponsor Our champions TH Lady Jocelyn and Lord Rorick in the Diamond Tourney and Rose Tourney, and TH Lord Bjarn in the Allied Champions. Hearing that TH Lady Jocelyn won the most period fight in one of her tourneys. You all made me incredibly proud, more than you will ever know.

- Hanging out on the Calontir front porch having drinks and silliness.

- The Nige and his challenge 

- Being humbled by the generosity of friends from far away and being able to thank them publically.

- The kind words and compliment we received throughout the week both for Ourselves but more importantly for Our Kingdom.

Thank you all so much for making it possible

Late Winter Shoot, Canton of Petrea Thule, March 22

The following awards were given this day:

AoA Ashling of Petrea Thule
AoA Theodora Madelena de Volterra
Maiden's Heart TH Lord Brendan Hunterson
Hammer Lord Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg
Hammer Mistress Aurelia Gabriana
Mistress Aelfwyn also gifted the Kingdom a set of Court Baronacy Coronets for regalia. These would be day loaners for the Crown to use should they chose to bestow a Court Baronacy but where they have not had an opportunity to have a Coronet made. The recipient would return it to the Crown at the end of the day and be responsible for commissioning their own Coronet.
We also gifted Lady Kaisa a gift certificate for a pair of Bohemond Shoes. We chose her as she has already added to much to the Kingdom during her short time in the SCA and she is continually striving to improve her kit and in doing so has inspired Us.

Spring A&S Faire, Barony of Ben Dunfirth, March 29

After the event, Adrielle sent the following missives:

We would like to congratulate all who attended and participated in this weekend's Kingdom A&S Faire and Competition. It takes courage to put oneself out for public display and assessment and we applaud you all. The items displayed were truly awe inspiring. Below are listed the winners in each category as well as all five Pentathlon entrants.

Category I. Performing Arts & Research Papers -TH Lord Albrecht Stampfer
- To the Hilt: An Examination of the Renaissance Sword Hilt 1460-1600

Category II. Textile & Needle Arts - Lady Jane Greenhill
- French Hood

Category III. Technological Sciences - Mistress Ælfwyn of Longwood
- 14th century leather scabbard

Category IV. Studio Crafts - TH Lady Marguerite Gingraix
- Cadel - Jacques Delvaulx (16th century hand)

Category V. Domestic Arts & Sciences - Lady Elanna of House Marchmoutn
- Tablet weaving in the 'Snartemo' technique

Spring 2014 - Kingdom A&S - Pentathalon Entrants

Anne of Saffron Walden
1. A piece of music on the Recorder
2. Bobbin Lace
3. Pewter hook and eye (closure for mirror box)
4. Medieval bleaching of linen
5. Tape weaving band (Rigid Heddle)

Graem de Cherbourg
1. Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle
2. Cornamuse
3. Child's Crossbow
4. Byzantine Earrings
5. Transcription of Music Notation

Lyða Langrackrsdottir
1. The Oracles Garb from Erick the Red's Saga
2. Wool Cloak
3. Tunic and Under tunic
4. Seal Skin Belt
5. Savory Oatmeal

Avelyn of the Hedge (winner of Pent)
1. Likin' the Lichen
2. Lengberg Bra
3. Comadore Pastries
4. Cuir Bouilli Needlecase
5. Painted Panel

Constance of Caldrithig
1. |Embroidered Aumônière
2. Iron Needle
3. Gothic Textura Prescissa hand (sample)
4. 14th Century Working class Tunic
5. Cheese and Mushroom Pie

To top off an incredible day at A&S there were a few added bonus'. One was the amazing new scabbard Mistress Aelfwyn made for the Kingdom sword - beautifully tooled leather with trilliums in a 14th C design. Second was a new 'cap' for the Queen's Mace from Master Corwyn and Mistress Dhomnail, and Third was astonishing largess from TE Skraeling Althing. We were humbled by the generosity and moved to tears. Thank you all sooo sooo much.

The following awards were given that day:

Scarlet Banner - Avelyn Wexcombe of Great Bedwyn
Hammer - Lachlan mac an Toisich of Benchar Male
Laurel - Jhone of Woodcote

AoA - Eydis of House Marchmount (aka Sage)
Maiden's Heart - Augusta of Ben Dunfirth
Orion - Lady Emelote of Calais
A&S Awards
Category I. Performing Arts & Reserach Papers -TH Lord Albrecht Stampfer
- To the Hilt: An Examination of the Renaissance Sword Hilt 1460-1600
Category II. Textile & Needle Arts - Lady Jane Greenhill
- French Hood
Category III. Technological Sciences - Mistress Ælfwyn of Longwood
- 14th century leather scabbard
Category IV. Studio Crafts - TH Lady Marguerite Gingraix
- Cadel - Jacques Delvaulx (16th century hand)
Category V. Domestic Arts & Sciences - Lady Elanna of House Marchmount
- Tablet weaving in the 'Snartemo' technique
Pentathlon Winner - Lady Avelyn of the Hedge
- i) Likin' the Lichen, ii) Lengberg Bra, iii) Comadore Pastries, iv) Cuir Bouilli Needlecase, v) Painted Panel
Queen's Prize - TH Lord Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg - cornamuse
Crucible - Marguerite Gingraix
Laurel - Wilfrid of Sweflingham
Scroll of Honour - Mistress Keja, TH Lady Jocelyn, Lord Einar, Mistress Nikolena (Calontir) for their contributions to the new comers cups

Deed of Colyne Stewart, Canton of Ardchreag, April 14

To mark the occasion of his 40th birthday, on April 14th, in the Canton of Ardchreag, THL Colyne Stewart held a deed of arms. This deed drew a crowd of 58 people, with 24 of them participating directly in the deed. The king-of-arms was HRM Nigel II, knight of the Society; the herald was Magistra Nicolaa de Braction, member of the Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican; the scribe who recorded the names of those crossing blades in the book of the deed was THL Jocelyn Cranewell, White Scarf; and Lord Anton Rongefer acted as Colyne’s man-at-arms. Colyne’s heraldry was on display in cloth, drape and flag, and the finial on top of his banner pole was in the shape of a fox (the charge from his Arms). The venerable Couter of Chivalry was also present, on display by His Majesty’s seat. Though upon a time holding a tournament to mark a significant birthday had once been somewhat common in Ealdormere, the practice had not been conducted for quite some time, and many remarked how glad they were to see a deed of arms held in the north. Just, stout blows were given and received, as were tokens. Indeed, Colyne had cast pewter coins based on a mold made by his lady, THL Þorfinna gráfeldr, for all in attendance. Likewise, Their Majesties Ealdormere gave each combatant a royal coin. Colyne was surprised by gifts including a dice cup, a set of goblets, and a full set of clothes. Honour flowed like water. Though all who took part fought well and good, only one could be awarded the prize--a greave made by Colyne’s own hand. The judges (Their Majesties Ealdormere and Nicolaa) declared that the one fighter who had shone brightest with chivalry, courtesy and prowess had been THL Hans Thorvaldsson.

Coronation of Siegfried and Ragni, Barony of Rising Waters, April 26

On April 26th, 2014 (AS 48), Nigel II and Adrielle II relinquished the thrones of Ealdormere, and were elevated to the station of duke and duchess by TRMs Siegfried and Ragni. At the same time, TRMs granted Nigel and Adrielle both a Mormaerdom and Duchy of Arrochar, which had extensive borders.

The Grant of the Mormaerdom read as follows:

To all knights, Masters, Peers, Barons, Earls, Mayors, Sheriffs, Provosts Officers and to all faithful subjects as well as others to whom these presents shall come, be seen, heard, read, or understood from Seigfried King and Ragni Queen of Ealdormere Greeting

Know all that We by these Letters Patent have given, granted, and by this Our present charter have confirmed and do advance, create our beloved servants, Nigel MacFarlane, and Adrielle Kerrec, to the state degree style dignity title and honour of Duke and Duchess. Know ye that We have given, granted, and established by this present Charter to Nigel MacFarlane and Adrielle Kerrec, that Mormaerdom which is called Arrochar. To be held by them, with all its pertinants, liberties and easments, freely, quietly, fully, and entirely, with gallows and pit, toll, theme, sock and sack, outfangthief and infangthief, with all advantages and freedoms pertaining by law or custom in the Kingdom of Ealdormere without any secular or servile exaction: except that, when he is summoned, they shall come to the courts which the Crown may announce. And he shall be bound to go on no military expedition, unless the Crown ordain one against the countries or provinces adjoining Ealdormere. These are the land-boundaries Arrochar - first south from the cross at St. Mary's down along through the fleet wood to the barrow, thence east along the barrow till it comes to the Pond at Baxter Creek. Then north over the furlong to the fen. Then east along through the wold to the old cross. Should any secular person attempt to go against this, after three warnings if he should not make amends, he may lost his honour and be liable to divine justice, and subject himself to retribution. For the rest, in order that this decree may, for all ages, remain valid and unshaken, We bind ourselves and our successors to keep and observe this present charter and have ordered it to be written and have affixed our seal.

Dated at Rising Waters the twenty-sixth of the month of April in the forty-eighth year of the society in the first days of our reign.

However, before stepping down, they gave the following awards:

HAMMER - Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen
SCROLL OF HONOUR - Colyne Stewart
WAIN - Sven Gunnolfr Ragnaldson
WAIN - Aelfwyn et Langanwude
TH Lady Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell -Royal Favour
Lord Rorik -Queen's Favour
Mistress Aelfwyn et Langanwude - King's Favour
King's Favour - Duke Brannos

The Royal Whims

  • We believe in gravity. Please fall if you are defeated in combat.
  • We prefer the use of "arm yourself" or "don your harness" or something of a similar nature rather than "hats and bats"
  • We prefer "Armoured Combatant" rather than "Heavy Combatant" – His Majesty takes issue with his figure and self image.
  • We do not enjoy speed tourneys and would prefer to see other formats.
  • We would have some form of spear tourney at every event We attend.

The Preferences of King Nigel II and Queen Adrielle II

His Royal Majesty
Her Royal Majesty
Food Likes
Fresh veggies & fruits
Dark Beer
Hard Cider
Single Malt Scotch
Food Likes
Fresh veggies & fruits
Dark Beer
Hard Cider
Single Malt Scotch
Food Dislikes
Lack of Food
Domestic Beers
Food Dislikes
Most sweet things
Honey butter
Mushy textured foods
Domestic beers
Allergies and Avoidances
Allergies and Avoidances
Tree Nuts
Hobbies & Activities
Armoured Combat
14th Century – especially Scotland
Hobbies & Activities
Armoured Combat and Equestrian
14th Century
Costuming and clothing

Colour, Fabric and Miscellaneous Preferences for both

  • Natural Fibres (Linens, wools, silks, hemp)
  • NO Neons or pastels
  • All things 14th Century

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