Monday, 3 October 2016

Tynne Duair ap Beul

Court Baron/Baroness2005-04-16 
Order of Thorbjorns Hammer2002-11-23 
Order of the Crucible2004-08-19 
Award of Orion2001-09-15 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2002-05-25 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1989-01-12 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Arms1988-11-26 MK 
Scroll of Honour2001-10-13 scribal service
Scroll of Honour2006-04-08 Finalist Tournament of Renown Edward and Rylyn - Heavy Weapons
Scroll of Honour2009-09-19 Scribal Contributions throughout the Reign of Roak IV and Jocea II
Scroll of Honour2011-09-24 in memory of his life and contribution to Ealdormere
Award of the Chalice's Crystal1989-11-25 

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