Monday, 3 October 2016

Etaoin O'Fearghail

Order of the Laurel1995-02-04 MK 
Order of the Pelican1997-03-01 MK 
Court Baron/Baroness1999-05-01 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1994-07-23 MK Order of the Dragons Heart
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1989-05-13 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1989-10-28 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Arms1986-06-21 MK 
Scroll of Honour1998-04-04 perfect attendance in Coronet
Order of the Bear Heart1995-01-14 
Order of the Friends of the Hare0000-00-00 
Closed Principality Honours1991-11-02 MK Order of the Golden Otter
Closed Principality Honours1993-03-20 MK Order of the Bee
Closed Principality Honours1995-09-30 MK Friendship of the Trillium
Closed Principality Honours1997-01-18 MK Award of the Princess' Favour

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