Monday, 3 October 2016

Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson

Dukes & Duchesses1997-03-01 MK Jarl
Counts, Earls & Countesses1995-10-14 MK Jarl
Viscounts & Viscountesses1991-09-20 MK 
Knights of the Order of Chivalry1994-01-29 MK 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1998-10-17 MK Order of the Dragon's Tooth
Awards of Arms1991-04-20 MK 
Scroll of Honour1996-08-14 MK 
Closed Principality Honours1991-11-02 MK Award of the Wolf's Tooth
Closed Principality Honours1992-08-13 MK Order of the Peregrine

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