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Ursine Chronicles: Being a History of the Tenure of Percival and Christiana as Their Excellencies of Septentria

Ursine Chronicles

Being a History of the Tenure of Percival and Christiana as Their Excellencies of Septentria

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, April 2014 (AS 48)

Written in the style of Froissart’s Chronicles, during the reign of Nigel II and Adrielle II, year of the society forty-eight.

I am heavily indebted to the editors of The Ursus, which I found of the utmost help in writing this history—Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Master Gunther Wahlstadt and THL Seonag nic Thomais. Some sections of this document are heavily influenced by TE Percival and Christiana’s missives in the Ursus as well as the articles penned by the aforesaid editors.



Here begins the prologue of Colyne Stewart, to the Chronicles of Septentria.

In order that the honourable adventures and noble deeds achieved by Percival and Christiana may be memorably set down and perpetually recorded, whereby brave and honourable people may have an example to encourage them, I, Colyne Stewart, will comprise a history of great praise. But before I begin, I ask the Lady Ealdormere, who looks down on us from the stars, to give me such grace and understanding that I may persevere so that whoever reads or hears this work may find in it both pleasure and a good example. To succeed in that plan I have arranged this history on a true foundation, in service to my well-beloved lord Nigel MacFarlane, knight, King of Ealdormere, Earl of Arrochar, and to Adrielle Kerrec, laurel and pelican, Queen of Ealdormere, Countess of Arrochar, to whom I owe all love and obedience. Wassail.


First, the better to embark on this honourable and pleasant history of the noble Percival and Christiana, the Baron and Baroness of Septentria were invested in Skeldergate, in the year of our society forty-one, on the feast of St. Bénézet[1]. This was done during the reign of Roak III and Jocea I. And they surrounded themselves with many noble champions, numbering among them Thorlfr inn smithr known for his skill on the battlefield, Nicolaa de Bracton who was deadly with the bow, Gareth Campbell who was an artisan with the foil, Catriona inghean Ragnail who was skilled with the axe and knife, and Callum the Young. These champions followed Their Excellencies across the kingdom and beyond, demonstrating the skills of the people of Septentria. Only two of these champions would ever change, being Nicolaa, who was replaced by Mahild de Valognes, and Gareth who was replaced by Rusalka Galbraith. Both of these changes were made at the request of the incumbants.


April also saw the Coronation of Edouard IV and Domhnail I.


Anno Societatus forty-two began on May the first.


As has been the ancient custom, in the summer months the drums of war began to beat, and Septentria marched to the debated lands with the bulk of Ealdormere’s army. While on campaign at the Pennsic War, Percival and Christiana were summoned to the camp of Aaron Swiftrunner, the Seneschal of the Society. Though filled with foreboding at such a summons, it was soon revealed that the call was a joyous occasion. For Master Aaron had crafted twenty tokens to mark attending his twentieth Pennsic, and his wish was to present them to people he found to be of inspirational character. And each of them, Percival and Christiana, were given a token.

As neither Percival nor Christiana were men-at-arms, they appointed THL Streonwald Wulfesbanna as their War Leader, to lead the troops of Septentria upon the fields of battle where good and noble deeds were done.

As well, Their Excllencies were found by a messenger sent by the Great Dark Horde, who invited them to attend the Horde’s court where they were honoured as the leaders of an encampment and barony that lent aid to members of the Horde when in need.

Also of note during this campaign, was the awarding of the Brass Balls of Septentria to Michael of Brentwood for failing to realize where he dwelled, and HE Christiana becoming enamoured of thrown weapons and encouraging their use whenever possible.

Percival, watching his fyrd with pride, swore oath that he would one day don harness and earn glory for his lady wife and his Barony upon the fields of honour.


In October, Trumbrand I and Kaylah I ascended the thrones of Ealdormere.


November saw the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire held again. At this event, Their Majesties took back from Percival and Christiana the Barony of Septentria, making themselves the Baron and Baroness. This They did only temporarily, and so They could bestow upon Percival an Award of the Bear’s Claw.


On the feast day of Henry of Uppsala[2], Septentria hosted its traditional twelfth night event. Badrielle[3] was named the Queen of Fools, and she had the populance bend and twist in a game of Twister, which Baron Cynred won.

At baronial court, Percival and Christiana called upon Master Hector of the Black Height. A year prior, Baron Corwyn and Baroness Domhnail, who were sitting the High Seats of Septentria at that time, had gifted Hector with their award of high merit—the Horn of Muinnin. As is customary, after holding the award (which is always a vessel of some kind) for a year, Hector returned it. The Horn of Muinnin was then retired and given into the care of Corwyn and Domhanil, who had crafted it.

Percival and Christiana then unveiled Their award of high merit—the Quaich of Artio, which had been crafted by His Lordship Augustyn von Brixen. It was named after the goddess Artio, who was said to take on the guise of a bear and represented abundance, the harvest, fertility and strength. Like its predecessors the Cauldron of Ceridwen, the Cup of Teacht Ceartha Mor, and the Horns of Wessex and Munnin, the Quaich was to be given to someone who embodied the true spirit of Septentria. It would be held by them for a year and a day, and while in their keeping was to always be kept filled by the people of Septentria. As the first recipient of the Quaich, Their Excellencies chose Lord Bjarn Thorolfson.

Further largesse fell from the hands of Their Excellencies. They noted that Their Majesties had for a time held title to the Barony of Septentria at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire. To commorate this event, They gave Their Majesties large medallions emblazoned with white bears. They also gave Lady Tarian verch Gadarn a stuffed bear for her daughter Rowyn, the newest member of the barony. To Cynred, who had shown concern for Her Excllency’s health after a visit to the physic, They gave a vile of Christiana’s bile.

At this time, Their Excellencies, as was Their right, did level taxes on the people of the barony. And they said:

As we looked upon the wealth of the Barony we did notice one thing was absent from the splendour of our lands. For while we are just and fair rulers we look to the comforts of our peoples when we do them honour, and alas, when en tering our courts did our people have to kneel upon the cold hard ground in our presence. We have sought to remedy this situation and by way of our taxes for the coming year command that each of our fine and noble cantons produce for us a rendition of their canton arms upon a piece of fine cloth that we might then take up and place upon a cushion to be used a kneeler before the High Seats of Septentria.
We would have these arms rendered in some form of nee dlepoint, embroidery or other stitched format. We have templates that a representative of each canton can obtain from our hands to guide your craftspeople in ensuring that all of the devices are of a similar and like size and shape.

We ask that you use material of your choice. This may be of the main background colour of the group’s arms with the rest of the detail added on, or you may stitch the entire work including background colours. This piece we ask to be finished in such manner that it can then be easily appliquéd upon a cushion that shall be fashioned to display these arms and offer some small comfort to our loyal populace when in our presence. We also ask a small thing if it be possible: that even should it be but one small stitch, each and every member of each canton attempt to add at least one stitch to the device that it may contain the very essence of all of Septentria.

We would ask that the latest these works be delivered unto our hands be one year from this date at 12th Night in AS 43. However, earlier would be most acceptable and per haps we can have our people kneeling in comfort before long.

These then are the Taxes demanded of our people….

However, during the court of Trumbrand and Kaylah, the people of Septentria rose up in revolt against these taxes. They felt the taxes to be too lenient, and Their Excellencies agreed to increase them, thus putting down the revolt before it could truly begin. Percival and Christiana then asked that each canton produce an item that embodied their group that could be carried upon the fields at Pennsic or aid the commissariat in support of the army. To ensure prompt payment of these taxes, Baroness Adrielle Kerrec was appointed as Baronial Tax Collector.

Feast that evening was producd by Baron Corwyn and Baroness Domhnail.


On the Ides of March[4] the people of Ardchreag, Petrea Thule and Bastia du Lac (now known as Bastille du Lac) came together to host Snowed Inn. This day was of special import as Their Excellencies Septentria had been granted the right to hold a Regency Court for King Trumbrand and Queen Kaylah. Several Septentrians were recognized that day, including: Toki of Eoforwic and Sancho the Adequate who received their Award of Arms, and Helena of Eoforwic who received an Award of the Orion. Evander MacLachlan and Melusine de la Rose were given Bear’s Hearts (though they did not live in Septentria) and rings were given to Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn, Brayla la Vienette and their sons Christopher and Nicholas for organizing fundraising efforts to battle a debilitating disease.[5]


Late Winter Shoot was once again held in the Canton of Petrea Thule, on the feast day of Saint Gwynllyw Milwr[6]. Over forty archers from across Ealdormere and the Kingdom of AEthelmearc took the line, taking part in several different challenges. This year thrown weapons were also present at the Shoot, with many braving the snow and cold temperatures to throw both axe and knife.

The winner of the Morning Winter Shoot was Baron Caleb, the new baron of Rhydderich Hael, who scored 158 points, followed by Lord Robert Guerin with 135 points, and Sir Evander MacLachlan with 118 points. The afternoon shoot was won by Baron Connor Bowsplitter, also of the Rhydderich Hael, with 164 points, followed by Baron Caleb with 147 points, and Lord Aodhan with 138 points. Baron Connor also won the Novelty Shoot.

With the tournaments concluded, Baronial court was held. The winners of the shoots were presented with leather satchels and pouches. Bohemond was inducted into the Order of the Bear’s Heart for his efforts in securing an archery site for the Canton of Caer Dreath. Lady Mahhilde de Valonges was awarded a Golden Bear for her many skills in the arts and sciences. The members of Petrea Thule presented THL Dafydd ap Sion with a brass arrowhead to recognize his work in promoting archery within the kingdom.


On the feast days of Saint Godeberta and Saint Zeno of Verona[7], at the Lake Vista clubhouse in the former lands of Greenhithe[8], the Royal Citie of Eoforwic hosted the Cloth of Gold. Of the six teams participating, three hailed from the lands of Septentria.

Lady Violetta and Lady Brigit from Vest Yorvik completed a 13th century male outfit, including under tunic, braies, hosen, coif and outer tunic.

Lord Niall the Victualler and his family recreated a tableaux from the Manesse codex, creating a lady’s garment consisting of an under tunic, stockings, shoes, pouch, tunic, surcote and fillet.

THL Unnr Hringsdottir headed a team consisting of mostly ladies of Eoforwic, which completed a Norse woman’s outfit, including an under tunic, stockings, shoes, tunic, apron dress, mantle, cap and accessories.

The fourth team was from Ramshaven, which completed an Italian woman’s ensemble, including hairstyle, despite having lost their Italian expert due to illness.

The Glutons for Punishment, from Starleaf Gate, completed an early Anglo-Saxon outfit with multiple layers sewn by hand, mostly with hand-spun thread.

The final team, also from Starleaf Gate, was called Crystal Cat. This team made a 16th century Spanish lady’s outfit.

To keep the contestants awake and well fed, Lord Ludwig and Lady Sof’ia served up urns of hot drink and much food.

At the conclusion of the contest, Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana presented each team with a token of appreciation. The judges then announced the winners, which were as follows: Ramshaven won first place in the novice category, while Unnr’s team won first place in the advanced catergory. Special commendations were given to the Gluttons for their dedication to natural fibers, and to Lord Niall’s crew for their teamwork.


The coronation of TRM Aaron III and Rustique III took place on the feast day of Paschasius Radbertus[9] in the Barony of Rising Waters. With thunderclouds gathering overhead, King Trumbrand and Queen Kaylay presented THL Naga with an animal from a far off land known as an orang-utan. They then surrendered the thrones of the north to Aaron and Rustique.

Aaron ran several tourneys throughout the day to determine who would stand as his champions during his reign. All of these tournaments would be won by Septentrians. THL Gareth was named rapier champion, while THL Daniel of Whitby was named the thrown weapons champion. On the archery field, Baron Percival and Magistra Nicolaa ended the tourney with a tie. Since His Excellency was already a protector of the king’s land as a territorial baron, it was decided that Nicolaa would be the archery champion.

King Aaron then appointed Kellen as his personal champion, while Queen Rustique named Baron Cynred as her champion.

At court, THL Eirik Andersen was put on the Scroll of Honour for his work on the kingdom’s ethereal presence[10]. The Canton of Monadh presented Their Majesties with new gates for Their encampment at the Pennsic Wars, and the Queen challenged all the cantons, households and other groups within the kingdom to also aid in beautifying the realm. Sir Evander was endowed as Their general, and it was announced that Ealdormere would be fighting with the Middle at war that year. Her Majesty then made another request, being that a Sea of Red swallow the fields and roadways of Pennsic due to Ealdormereans wearing scarlet.

This event also played host to a subtlety competition, which was won by Lady Medb ingen Dungaile.



Anno Societatus forty-three began on May the first.


In the May/June issue of the Ursus, Their Excellencies of Septentria made the following challenge:

So to our people we pass on this challenge. Think of Septentria and the many
songs that are sung about it. What one song comes to mind when you think of Septentria?

Think of the pride and glory that represents our fair Barony and what song instils this spirit in you whenever you hear it? Or perhaps that song has not yet been put to parchment? To all the Bards and want to be songwriters out there, why not try and come up with a new song that embodies all that is Septentria? Put on your thinking caps, put pen to paper and music to words and come up with a song that can be our Baronial anthem not only for the Olympic battles at War of the Trilliums but at all times to instil that spirit in our people.

From the feast day of Saint Germerius through to the feast day of Ælfgifu of Shaftesbury[11], the Canton of Caer Draeth hosted Spring Tune-up and the Baronial 30th Anniversary. The weather was unsually cold, but it could not dampen the spritis of those in attendance. Hadrian’s Wall was erected inside the hall, and a table of Septentrian relics was on display. Feast that evening featured one dish for each of Septentria’s thirty years, as well as birthday hats for everyone.

It was announced that a special thirty-sided target, known as Percival’s Pendulum, would travel the kingdom over the following year. Archers would shoot twelve arrows at the target through a castle window, twelve from horseback, and six from a regular position on foot. At the end of the year, the archer with the best score would win not only bragging rights but also a bottle of maple syrup. A special trophy was to be given to a random participant.

The day also featured tournaments to determine Queen Rustique’s champions. Lady Rusalka was named her rapier champion, THL Dafydd ap Sion her archery champion, and Lady Catriona her thrown weapons champion. Again, all these champions came from Septentria.

After feast, during Their Excellencies’ court, Sir Nigel MacFarlane stepped down as the Septentrian marshal, with Hlaford Streonwald Wulfesbanna named as his replacement. In thanks for his efforts, Sir Nigel was awarded both the Award of the Bear’s Claw and the Order of the Bear’s Heart. Lord Bjarn Thorolfsson was named as the Septentrian Warlord for the upcoming Pennsic War.

Percival and Christiana also gave a ‘birthday’ present to a young child at the event, and vowed to give such a present to one person at each Septentrian event for the remainder of the year long 30th anniversary celebrations.


On the twenty-fourth day of May, in the Barony of Ramshaven, Aaron III and Rustique III held Their crown tournament. It was held at the same site usually host to Ragnarock, leading to some to call the tournament Ragnarcrown. The Quartermaster of Eoforwic had produced a sunshade which had been constructed in the Royal Citie many years before, and gave it to Their Excellencies of Septentria. This proved to be a timely gift, as the day was bathed in bright sunshine.

The list was small, numbering only nine, but the entrants were noble and skilled. The tournament was a round-robin; in the semi-finals, Sir Etain au Naval defeated Sir Evander MacLachlan, while Sir Siegfried Brandbeorn bested THL Wat of Sarum. Sir Etain prevailed in the finals, making himself and his consort, Valfreya Greenspeare, the Prince and Princess of Ealdormere.


In Petrea Thule, on the first day of Vestalia[12], the Pikeman’s Pleasure was again held. The mortality rate this year was high, with people falling dead all over. However, this was done all in good fun as there was a competition that day for the best death.

Lord Gunther Wahlstadt won both the IKAC shoot, as well as the Exact 30 shoot, in which participants must score exactly thirty points or be eliminated. Lord Grom, future Baron of Septentria, was victorious at the thrown weapon range. King Aaron won a sword and shield tournament, Duke Edouard won a short spear tourney, Lord Wulfric won a greatsword tourney, and Lord Quilliam won the warlord tourney.

At baronial court, Lady Cecily Thatcher was given the Bear’s Heart for her dedicated work as a gatekeeper at Petrea Thule events. THL Tiberius was given the Golden Bear for his contribution of prizes at the Late Winter Shoot. Lord Griffin also received a Golden Bear for his leatherwork.

In Their Majesties’ court, Lord Brendan Hunterson, one of Petrea Thule’s many talented archers, received the Award of the Scarlet Banner. It was noted that Hlaford Streonwald had stepped in at last inute to herald Their Majesties court, and in thanks, Queen Rustique presented him with a piece of cake. Streonwald eagerly tucked in, only to be told the cake was poisoned. The good Hlaford proceeded to fall face first into the cake, which stuck to his face as he staggered about before ultimately succumbing.


From the 12th to the 15th of June, in the Barony of Ben Dunfirth, Murder Melee was again held. Septentria’s team consisted of:

HRM Aaron Presley Worgenson
HRH Etain au Naval
HE Master Tarketai Bahadur
Baron Luke Wolfesonne
THL Baldric Leeman of New Castle Emlin
Lord Streonwold Wulfesbana
Lady Dagmar
Lord Kellen (His Majesty's Champion)
Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr
Lord Brian Goodheart
Lord Taern
Lord Qwilliam

Every team this year had eleven or twelve members, so Septentria matched them in numbers, rather than fighting in the traditional unit of ten swords. In total, four teams took to the field.

The Unbelts took part in a number of melees, then formed into triads and faced first one member of the Chivalry, then two, and finally three.

That day also saw the running of the Sarnac memorial youth combat tournament.

On the archery range, Percival’s Pendulum was fired upon, though the highlight for the archers was the Duckman Shuit. Lord Donald the Duckman was celebrating his birthday. Lord Donald[13] was fitted with a barrel and a shield. The archers were tasked with guessing Donald’s age, and shooting that many points. Of course hitting Donald or the duck emblazoned on his shield was worth negative points. It turned out Donald was sixty years old, and two of the archers were successful in shooting that number. Baron Percival shot an impressive -17 points.

As in the days of old, a Great Court was held, with both Their Majesties and Highnesses in attendance, as well as representatives from all the baronies.


The fourth War of the Trillium was held from the feast day of Saint Vigilius of Trent through the kalends of July[14] in the Canton of Ardchreag. This year saw the holding of Ealdormere’s first Olympic games[15]. Each barony was asked to provide a ‘national anthem’ which could be played when the banner of the winner’s barony was raised. Septentria elected to use the Septentrian battle song by Mistress Rhianon of Skye. This anthem was heard many times, as Septentria won medals in many events, and would emerge as the over all winner of the event.

At baronial court, both Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana praised the cooperation between the baronies during the armoured combat melees, which ensured that all the baronies could field full teams. Lord Bjarn Thorolfsson was formally invested with his Baronial Warlord tabard, and Eoforwic presented Their Excellencies with one hundred and fifty bear badges in payment of tax revolt taxes.

During Aaron and Rustique’s royal court, Eoforwic presented Their Majesties with fifty trillium tabards in response to Her Majesty’s Sea of Red challenge. Lord Michael of Brentwood was commended by the Chirurgeonate for his emergency services. Mistress Keja presented rings to Baroness Cennedl and THL Jhone of Woodcote for their inspiration. Master Gaerred, at his last Ealdormerian event before moving to another kingdom, presented the profits from the Raven Pub from Crown Tourney, as well as a collection of music[16] by Marian of Heatherdale and Hector of the Black Height. These donations were to benefit the Royal Travel Fund.

Lady Marasali and Lady Tarian verch Gadarn both received Maiden’s Hearts, as did former Septentrian Lord Wulfgang Donnerfaust. Lady Anneke the Furious, future Baroness of Septentria, was given the Award of the Orion for her embroidery work, while Lord Grom (future Baron of Septentria) was given the Award of the Scarlet Banner for his skill with thrown weapons. Lord Michael of Brentwood also received a Scarlet Banner, though his area of expertise was the bow. Finally, Lady Medb ingen Dungaile was made a Companion of the Order of the Crucible for her many skills, including research, cookery, sprang, needlework, and beadwork.

On the Sunday, the Kingdom Moot was held. One of the main topics of conversation was more recognition for the children of the kingdom. It was resolved that a council formed of young people to discuss what they would like to see would be an excellent next step concerning this topic. The case of autherizations for archery was also raised, but it was generally felt that this was unnecessary. Past Crowns of the kingdom then commented on how few award recommendations they had received while sitting the high seats, and reminded everyone present that anyone in the kingdom could recommend anyone for any award, including a peerage.

The scores for the Olympic events went thusly:

Overall, Septentria came in first with 53 points, followed by Ben Dunfirth with 34 points, Skraeling Althing with 20 points, Rising Waters with 18 points, Ramshaven with 17 points and the Shires with 10 points.

In the Decathalon, Magistra Nicolaa (Septentria) won gold, Badoin (Ben Dunfirth) won silver, and Roak (Ben Dunfirth) won bronze.

In the Torchlight Tournament, Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn (Skraeling Althing) won gold, Sir Evander (the Shires) won silver, and Sir Nigel (Septentria) won bronze.

In the Newbie (Fighting) Tournament, Lord Quilliam (Septentria) won gold, Adelle (Rising Waters) won silver, and Algar (Rising Waters) won bronze.

In Singles fighting, THL Wat of Sarum (Septentria) won gold, Tarquin (Ben Dunfirth) won silver, and Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn (Skraeling Althing) won bronze.

In the Bridge Battle, Skraeling Althing won gold, the Shires won silver, and Septentria won bronze.

In the Three Man Melee, Team Berus (Septentria) won gold, Team Ardchreag (Septentria) won silver, and Team Roak (Ben Dufirth) won silver.

In the Six Man Melee, Team Ramshaven won gold, Team Septentria won silver, and Team Rising Waters won bronze.

In the Nine Man Melee, the Hrogn (Septentria) won gold, Rising Waters won silver, and Team Roak (Ben Dunfirth) won bronze.

In the Martial Pentathalon, Roak won gold, Naga won silver, and no winner was reported for bronze.

In Singles Fencing, Giovanni d'Ezinas (Skraeling Althing) won gold, Albrecht Stampfer (Ramshaven) won silver, and Baudoin (Ben Dunfirth) won bronze.

In Populace Fencing, Rising Waters won gold, Ramshaven won silver, and Ben Dunfrith won bronze.

In the Populace Thrown Weapons, Septentria won gold, Ben Dunfrith won silver, and Ramshaven won bronze.

In Thrown Weapons Singles, Caitriona (Septentria) won gold, Daniel of Whitby (Septentria) won silver and HRM Sir Aaron (Ealdormere) won bronze.

In Archery Singles, Raithe (Rising Waters) won gold, Nicolaa (Septentria) won silver, and Brendon Hunterson (Septentria) won bronze.

In Populace Archery, Septentria won gold, Ben Dunfirth won silver, and Rising Waters won bronze.

In the first Youth Combat grouping, Gareth (Rising Waters) won gold and Miranda (Septentria) won silver.

In the second Youth Combat grouping, Ellie (Shires) won gold, and Simeon (Rising Waters) won silver.

In the third Youth Combat grouping, Athena (Shires) won gold, Ivor (Skraeling Althing) won silver, and Anwyn (Septentria) won bronze.

In Studio Crafts A&S, Nicolaa (Septentria) won gold, Nicolaa (Septentria) won silver, and Marion (Ben Dunfirth) won bronze.

In Technical Sciences A&S, Marion (Ben Dunfirth) won gold, Whithe (Skraeling Althing) won silver, and Godfredy (Ben Dunfirth) won bronze.

In Domestic Sciences A&S, Baudoin (Ben Dunfirth) won gold, Eliened (Skraeling Althing) won silver, and Aelfgyva (Ramshaven) won bronze.

In Textiles A&S, Nicolaa (Septentria) won gold, Baudoin (Ben Dunfirth) won silver, and Aelfgyva (Ramshaven) won bronze.

In Performance Arts A&S, Nicolaa/Tsivia won gold, Aelfgyva (Ramshaven) won silver, and Mary Hannah (Septentria) won bronze.

In the Ulrich von den See Memorial Mead Competition, Baudoin (Ben Dunfirth) won gold, Marion (Ben Dunfirth) won silver, and Murt (Skraeling Althing) won bronze.

Finally, in the A&S Pentathalon, Nicolaa (Septentria) won gold, Baudoin (Ben Dunfirth) won silver, and Marion (Ben Dunfirth) won bronze.

Six days before the kalends of August, through to five days before the ides of August[17], saw the Pennsic War erupt once again. This was the thirty-seventh such war.

At this war, Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana handed out special 30th anniversary favours to be worn at Opening Ceremonies.

Septentrians did well in all martial aspects, as is usually the case. Several members of the Unbelted Champions Team were from Septentria, including THL Wat, Lord Thorolf, Baron Luke, Lady Dagmar, Lord Bjarn, and Lord Streonwold. Five Septentrians were also selected for the Archer Champions Team, being THL Dafydd, Lady Mahhild, Baron Percival, Magistra Nicolaa, and Lord Brendan. THL Gareth represented Ealdormere in the Fencing Champions tourney (winning his bout), while THL Daniel of Whitby won the Knife competition at the Known World Thrown Weapons tourney and finished second overall.

Lady Dagmar was made a Baroness of the Court for her service during several different reigns. THL Wat of Sarum was put on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry, with his elevation to follow in the fall. Wat’s knight, Sir Rory Cennedi the Kid, and his belt-sister, THL Þorfinna gráfeldr, who were not at War when this occurred, immediately jumped aboard a wain and sped to Pennsic to celebrate this event with him.

As had become traditional, Percival and Christiana hosted a baronial feast[18], held again in the Citie of Eoforwic’s encampment on Runestone Hill. They availed themselves of this opportunity to hold a court, in which Lady Eithne Briansdottir passed her hereditary Osis ring to Lady Anneke, while Lord Grom passed his on to Bleddyn, one of Eoforwic‟s newest fighters (and future squire to Sir Nigel). Lady Marsali was given the Award of the Golden Bear for her skill in needlework and costuming, while Lady Alof received a
Golden Bear for her skill with Norse clothing and embroidery.

Master Hector recognized Baroness Cenedl as Heithr’s daughter (and thus his own granddaughter) for the spirit she had brought to Ramshaven. He also took Lord Grom of Eoforwic as his protégé and presented him with a yellow baldric.

Lord Brendan, who had accidentally shot for the wrong kingdom on the archery list, was awarded the Brass Balls of Septentria.

Later in the week, at Ealdormere court, the Cantons of Monadh and Eoforwic were given the honour of carrying their banners in the procession for their generous donations towards kingdom beautification. Countess Domhnail was part of a team added to the Scroll of Honour for “squashing the Eastern Army like bugs” during the Bridge Battle. Lady Mahhild de Valognes was given the Award of the Orion for her skills in making clothing, while Baron Cynred was given a Maiden’s Heart for his extensive service over many years. Lady Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr, who was not present, was given the Award of the Maiden’s Heart for her service to the Chirugeonate.


On the feast day of Saint Chagnoald[19], the Canton of Vest Yorvik hosted an archery event called a Volley of Arrows. This was held at the Archers of Caledon site, and featured multiple ranges[20]. Lord Michael of Brentwood also brought along additional buts and Percival’s Pendulum. Unforunately, the site would not allow crossbows to be used on their ranges, and they could only be used on Michael’s range.

A morning IKAC shoot was held, and teaching and shorter shoots also occurred. A small group of fighters also showed up and had plenty of space to engage in their own martial pursuits.

Of special note was a woods shoot, where thirty animals (including a bear and a panther) had been let loose in the forest[21].

A second IKAC was arranged later in the day in order to provide more scores for Ealdormere in this yearly competition. The overall IKAC was won by THL Dafydd ap Sion, with Lord Gunther Wahlstadt finishing second and Lord Brendan coming in third.

On the seventh day of the Eleusinian Mysteries[22], in the Shire of the March of Saint Martin, Etain I and Valfreya I assumed the thrones of Ealdormere. They did this after Aaron III and Rustique III abdicted their thrones as their various functionaries began falling dead throughout their court. Taking the hint that their time as Monarchs of the North was over, they retired, leaving Etain to crown Valfreya.

During their first court, Etain and Valfreya recognized five individuals who had been of great help to Her Majesty at the previous Pennsic War when she had been princess. The first was Hlaford Streonwold Wulfesbana for his general support, followed by Lady Seonag NicThomais, Lady Rusulka Galbraith, Baroness Adrielle Kerrec, and Baroness Gaerwen for helping her when she suffered heatstroke on the field.

To celebrate Meditrinalia[23], the Barony of Ben Dunfirth held the Huntman’s Harvest. This event saw a moment of great import to the barony.

Having found stout armour, built by dwarves and offering special protection, and having been given the approval of his Barber Surgeon, Baron Percival began secretly training in the art of the sword. At the Harvest he successuly authorized in armoured combat, besting his opponent, Count Trumbrand the Wanderer, in the process.


On the feast day of Saint Justus of Beauvais[24], the Royal Citie of Eoforwic held the Feast of the Bear in the Church of Saint Simon. The event had not been held the previous year, as the new owners of Sir Hugo’s Keep[25] would no longer allow the Society to gather there. While a church was not so grand a location as a castle, St. Simon’s was quite beautiful, with a secluded courtyard complete with rose gardens, and a large vaulted ceiling in the main hall, complete with stained glass window.

After a short morning court, THL Wat of Sarum sat his vigil for the Order of the Chivalry in the upstairs choir loft, which had been beautifully decorated by his friends. Among the vast quantities of food provided for his guests were cookies baked in the shape of the cross from his arms.

A large number of fighters and fencers took advantage of the spacious field to engage in various tournaments. Of particular note was Lord Rattanicus successfully defeating his opponent in an attempt to enter the White Bear Fian. The Fian was strengthened by his success.

Inside, Lord Gunnar treated attendees to a fabulous lunch table spread, with all proceeds going towards paying for the Eoforwic winter fight site. Lord Gunther Wahlstadt also organized a raffle for this cause, featuring a number of desirable items, including a handmade knife and an armour grab bag.

A&S classes were organized by Viscountess Morgon and included knitting (taught by Lady Helena), Lindesfarne style illumination (taught by THL Asa) and runes (taught by Lady Lyda). In the main hall, Lord Darius and Lady Lynette taught dancing to a large group of interested individuals. Various childrens’ activities had been organized by Lady Eithne.

TRM Etain and Valfreya gave leave to Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana to hold their court. THL Berend van der Eych was called forward to receive his Crucible scroll, which had been given in absentia during the previous reign. They recognized Lady Sara of Swordcliffe with a Bear‟s Claw for her baking and cheese making at Pennsic, and then witnessed the transfer of the office of Mayor of the Royal City of Eoforwic from Lady Jocelyne to Lord Grom. Magistra Nicolaa and the citizens of the city then completed payment of Eoforwic‟s baronial taxes by presenting Their Excellencies the complete embroidered arms of Eoforwic.

Their Majesties then gave Bleddyn of Eoforwic his Award of Arms, and Lady Alof of Eoforwic was recognized with an Award of the Orion for her Norse clothing. Etain and Valfreya then called Wat before them. Count Sir Cennedi, Wat’s knight, spoke first of his squire’s virtues, follwed by many others.  Baron Corwyn spoke for Wat as a Laurel, Baroness Adrielle as a Pelican, and Duke Aaron and Duchess Rustique as Royal Peers. The new knight was clad in a new shirt of mail before his lady Oksana girded him with two belts. Both spurs and a sword were also presented before His Majesty dubbed the new knight, who chose to receive the buffet as a slap to the face (a blow which resounded across the hall). Sir Wat was then presented with his scroll, a stained glass window made by Lady Tarian, before being greeted by his Order and the cheering populace.

Feast that night was prepared by Lord Ludwig and was so plentiful that Their Majesties suffered from what their physics called a ‘food coma’. THL Naga also produced beef roats, which he carved, while each table was served their portion by the Lord Mayor Grom. Ludwig and all his staff were recognized with a standing ovation from all present.


On the day of remembrance of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales[26], Etain and Valfreya held their Crown Tournament in the Canton of Grefells. The list read thusly:

Sir Nigel MacFarlane for Baroness Adrielle Kerrec
Sir Siegfried Brandboern for TH Lady Mauvrneen MacKellar
Baron Sir Konrad Mattais Jaeger for Baroness Alyce de Sheppey
Baroness Dagmar Halvdan for Baron Luke Wolfson
TH Baron Richard Larmer for Lady Annabelle Makmyllane
TH Lord Tiberius of Warwickshire for TH Lady Anne Tinker
Hlaford Streonwold Wulfesbana for TH Lady Seonag Nic Thomais
Lord Quilliam of Septentria for Lady Jocelyne Roget de Cranewall

The day featured torrential rain, and forced the fighting indoors. Several Septentrians distinguished themselves in the tourney, including Lord Quillium, fighting in his first Crown, who defeated Sir Edouard Beausoliel and just missed being in the final four. Sir Nigel defeated Sir Siegfried and Count Edward to face Sir Roak in the final round, who had gone undefeated. After intense fighting Roak emerged the victor.


On iii nonas november[27], when the mundus was open and the manes were free to walk the earth, Feast of the Hare was held in Skraeling Althing. At this evemt, Mistriss TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview, one of the original members of Septentria and a founding member of the Canton of Noerlandia (the predecessor of the Canton of Skeldergate), was placed on vigil for the Order of the Pelican. She was to be recognized for her long service to the Society, especially the Chirurgeonate, and was to be elevated at the upcoming Winter War.


In Vest Yorvik, on the feast day of Saint Leopold III[28], the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire was held. Septentrians were well represented, as is usual. Only three people entered Pentathlon that year, two of whom were Septentrians. The first was Lady Tarina verch Gadarn, and the second was THLady Medb ingen Dungaile. The third entrant, from Skraeling Althing, was Dame TSivia. Medb’s entry, including cookery, a sugarpaste chess set, bookbinding, embroidered sweet bag, and a carved leather book satchel, was declared the winner.


The Shire of Bastille du Lac held a joint Septentria-Skraeling Althing Twelfth Night on the feast day of William Laud[29]. This event was known as Border Yule.

The King and Queen of Misrule were Their Piscine Majesties, Streonwald and Tarin, adorned with fish inspired accoutrements[30].

Their Excellencies of Septentria collected any outstanding taxes. The Canton of Vest Yorvik created the most outstanding example of their arms, crafting a decorated kneeling cushion that they created from scratch. Wool for the pillow had been processed from raw fleece, spun, hand-dyed a brilliant red, and handwoven by members of the canton.

Taxes for the following year were announced to be the provision of one fighter to stand with the Baron’s personal guard at Pennsic. Baron Cynred of Monadh, and THL Seonag and Hlaford Streonwald of Caer Draeth, immediately volunteered.

The Quaich of Artio was passed from Lord Bjarn Thorolfsson to THL Daffyd ap Sion. However, before passing it over, Bjarn made sure to fill it with Daffyd’s drink of choice[31], as all Septentrians are tasked to keep the Quaich full.

Baroness Adrielle Kerrec again ran games of Tablero[32] and another game requiring nimbleness of body and balance[33].

Later that evening, the event was enlivened with an appearance by Black Peter, a Skraeling tradition. Black Peter had received letters from various people indicating who had done wrong and should be duly punished. Most notably, Baron Brand was punished for not displaying the symbols of his rank.


On the anniversary of the ceding of Naples from France to Aragorn[34], Ealdormere held its own anniversary event. The Canton of Monadh played host to the Ealdormere Twelfth Night and Tenth Anniversary Event. The event took place in the Monadh countryside and featured many outdoor winter activities, including tobogganing, skating, and horse-drawn carriage rides. Around three hundred people came out to take part in the fighting, games and exhibits on Ealdormere history. A relic table had been created, hosting artifacts from the kingdom’s past, including a rede[35] that showed that His Majesty Etain had not been successful when first attempting to learn the greatsword. Monadh had created a timeline of the kingdom’s history, with space for people to add in their favourite memories[36].

During court, Their Excellencies of Septentria were presented with new baronial coronets which had been made by Mistress AElfwyn, and paid for by a group of anonymous donors who preferred to be known only as the Friends of the Baronial Coronet Project.


On the nones of March[37], the Shire of Trinovantia Nova again held the Winter War. This event featured a five man melee baronial challenge, and marked the first time HE Percival stood on the field as part of his army.

Ten teams entered the melee round robin tourney. Eight of these teams consisted of five unbelted fighters and two more were all-Chivalry teams of four fighters. Three of the unbelt teams (Septentria-Bjarn, Septentria-Tiberius, and Skeldergate) were from Septentria, as well as one of the Chivalry teams (consisting of His Majesty Etian, Berus, Nigel, and Worgen). Other teams included the second Chivalry team headed by His Highness Roak, two teams from Ramshaven, one from Ben Dunfirth, one from Trinovantia, and one from Rising Waters.

The team commanded by Lord Bjarn was victorious in the round robin tourney, followed closely by THL Tiberius’ team.

Another highlight was the squiring of THL Berend to Sir Nigel. Berend was Nigel’s first squire, and the ceremony also marked the foundation of House Arrochar. Arrochar was the joint household of Sir Nigel and Mistress Addrielle.

Their Majesties also made Guillaume, husband of Countess Jolecia, a citizen of Ealdormere.

Baroness TSivia spent the day sitting her vigil for the Order of the Pelican. THL Anne Tinker coordinated the vigil, including lovely food and special “mouchoir” attendants. A number of dignitaries from as far away as An Tir and Calontir made the journey to take part in TSivia’s elevation, and she was showered with many fabulous gifts.

A large number of rapier fighters were also in attendance.

The Daughters of the North ran their yearly fundraising raffle. A number of A&S classes were offered, and for much of the day, the band Talbot’s Cross provided live music to event-goers.

Kingdom court saw TSivia’s elevation. She processed down the aisle, resplendent in a red cotehardie, under a canopy of crossed banners held by members of the Chirugeonate. Seven speakers spoke to the virtues of faith, hope, charity, temperance, justice, fortitude, and prudence, and with each virtue came the presentation of a gift. Mistress Fiona was there in spirit, as a member of her household carried an urn with some of her ashes, and TSivia was invested with a medallion that she had once worn. When it came time to read the scroll, it was revealed that there were in fact two “promissories”. The first was with the text in the shape of a Pelican (made by Lady Cerridwyn), and the other, consisting of text only, was by TSivia’s old friend Master Robert of Two Cliffs.


On the day of the second Equirria[38], the Canton of Petrea Thule again held the Late Winter Shoot. Once again archers and thrown weapon enthusiasts from across the kingdom and from Rhydderich Hael descended on Thule in force. Forty-nine archers in all took part in the various contests.

The Winter Shoot consisted of traditional five-colour targets, two-colour bullseyes, and wands, which were shot in both timed and untimed rounds. The winners were Milhim ibn Rashid in first place with 205 points, Baron Caleb in second place with 150 points, and Brendan Hunterson in third place with 147 points.

The novice shoot involved shooting at various coloured disks. Non-novices were allowed to shoot, but at a considerable handicap. The first place winner was Lil, while Cuno came in second, and Sir Evander came in third. Evander, though not a novice, took part with the handicap.

The novelty shoot consisted of shooting at wands complete with arms, legs, heads and grass skirts. All archers shot at three distances, with the top ten shooters advancing. For the final rounds, a shootoff was held—and the wand men came to life and danced the hula. Baron Caleb came in first in this shoot, with Lord Fulk coming in second.

A second Late Winter round was then held. At Court, all of the winners were recognized, including the top five of the day, which were Milhim ibn Rashid in first, Baron Caleb in second, Brendan Hunterson in third, AElfwyn of Longwood in fourth, and Don the Duckman in fifth.


On Robigalia[39], the Barony of Ben Dunfirth hosted the Coronation of Roak IV and Jocea II. Roak and Jocea took pledges of fealty while standing upon a large rock.

At this event, Sir Wat of Sarum took Baroness Dagmar Halvdan as his first squire.

During evening Court, Baron Brand stepped down from the office of Trillium Herald just in time to be appointed Queen‘s Champion. Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton replaced him as
Trillium Herald.



Anno Societatus forty-four began on May the first.


On the second of May, the Royal Citie of Eoforwic again hosted the Feast of the Bear.


Caer Draeth played host to Roak and Jocea’s crown tournament during the observance of Rosalia[40]. Sir Evander MacLachlan, fighting for THL Melusine de la Rose, faced Sir Nigel MacFarlane, fighting for Mistress Adrielle Kerrec. In this battle of the Scots, Nigel emerged victorious.


On the feast day of Saint Norbert of Xanten[41], Pikeman’s Pleasure was again held in the Canton of Petrea Thule.

At this event, THL Odette was placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel. Lady Mahild de Valogne was also named as the new baronial archery champion, as Nicolaa needed to retire to devote her energies to her duties as Trillium Herald.


The Canton of Swan’s Keep held Into the Woods on a Midsummer’s Eve, which ran from the feast of the martyr Zosimus through to the feast of Saint Engelmund of Velsen[42]. This was the first event Swan’s Keep had run. It rained on Saturday, but the rest of the weekend the weather was glorious. Not to be deterred, the archers had a grand time slogging through the woods.

A bardic campfire was enjoyed on the Saturday night, and THL Augustyn was toasted for his 40th birthday.


From the kalends to the second day before the nones of July[43], War of the Trillum V occurred in the Canton of Ardchreag.

As usual, there was much fighting, fencing, archery and thrown weapons in preparation for the Pennsic War.

At Septentrian court, Lord Gunther Wahlstadt was given an Award of the Bear’s Heart for his work as editor on the Ursus. In kingdom court, Gunther was presented with an Award of the Scarlet Banner, which had been made by his wife Magistra Nicolaa right under his nose.

Before that several other Septentrians received their Awards of Arms, including Lady Bridget (of both Eoforwic and Vest Yorvik), Lord Maeryk and Lady Brynne. Lady Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert received an Award of the Maiden’s Heart for many years work in Eoforwic. Baroness Dagmar Halvdan was placed on the Scroll of Honour for her work raising funds for cancer research.

The Order of the Crucible was then called forward and THL Dafydd ap Sion was inducted for his extensive re search into historical archery (particularly the Mary Rose finds). The Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer was then called forward to add its newest (and youngest) member, Lord Quilliam. A further Honourable Lord was also made that day in the person of Streonwold Wulfesbana who was honoured with a Grant of Arms. He and his lady Seonag are the only Ealdormereans to be given bare Grants of Arms since Ealdormere became a kingdom.

Lord Rhodri from Calontir was also added to the Scroll of Honour for his enthusiastic participation in the short time he had been visiting Ealdormere.

Baroness Xristinia was given an Augmentation of Arms and then Baron Brand was called forward to do a presentation. Brand’s presentation was a ruse to be able to call Nicolaa before Their Majesties, who made her a baoness of their court.

All throughout court several individuals had been cat calling and generally making a ruckus. Princess Adrielle called forward two of those individuals, who happened to be her apprentices Mahault and Mahild. Adrielle then asked Mistress AElfwyn to come forward and to bring up her apprentice Gaerwen, who was also implicated in the misbehaviour. After Her Highness reprimanded Mahault and Mahhild by taking away their spoons, AElfwyn was left to deal with Gaerwen, who was now grovelling before Her Highness. AElfwyn explained there was only one way she knew how to deal with Gaerwen—and that was to beg a boon to elevate Baroness Gaerwen to the Order of the Laurel. The Order was called forward and the obviously stunned Gaerwen was brought before Their Majesties and charged to stand her vigil, with her elevation to happen at Pennsic.

That evening Dame TSivia, THL Emer and Mistress Marian hosted a musical event[44] featuring refreshments, live performances and trivia contests.


At the same time as the Trillium War, the Canton of Eoforwic hosted the Known World Dance Symposium VII[45].


Between July 24 and August 9, the Pennsic War once again erupted in AEthelmearc. The first week of Pennsic XXXVIII was extremely wet, turning roads and parking areas into muddy morasses. Opening Ceremonies had to be moved into the barn because the field was so wet. Luckily, the second week was sunny with much more moderate temperatures.

This War featured two wars in one, and Ealdormere was on the winning side of both. The first conflict consisted of the East and allies versus the Middle and allies, and with sides very closely matched, the East was victorious. The second War was the East and the Middle versus the Known World. Again, in a close matchup, the Known World was the victor. Of particular note was Ealdormere’s performance in the first two field battles, where at the end, a number of Ealdormerians, including His Excellency Percival, walked off the field still alive. Also, after the battles on Monday, Count Etian, Sir Evander and
Countess Domhnail were added to the Scroll of Honour for their leadership on the field. On that day, a boon was begged by Master Ruslan of the East Kingdom, and the next day Ealdormere gained its second female member of the Order of the Chivalry when Countess Kaylah was made a Mistress-of-Arms on the field between the second and third field battles.

Lord Thorolf innr smithr represented Septentria in the Known World Baronial Champions Tournament. Lady Jocelyn likewise fought in the Known World Baronial Rapier Championship Tournament.

Septentria made an outstanding showing in Thrown Weapons this year, with Lady Catriona winning two tournaments. Septentria also provided Ealdormere’s only participant in the Archery Champions, being THL Dafydd.

In Septentrian court, Lord Hans Thorvaldson was given the first Baron and Baroness’ Favour. Lord Thorolf was presented with a Bear’s Claw. Later in the same court, she was taken as apprentice and protégé by Magistra Nicolaa. Several hereditary arm rings were also passed on, before the traditional presentation of the Brass Balls of Septentria. Baron Percival presented them to Thorolfr for leading a dance on the field on the last day of battle, but when His Excellency turned around, Thorolfr stated that “a great injustice had been done,” and called the armed might of Septentria forward. Lord Bjarn then spoke of the “brass balls” it had taken His Excellency to authorize and fight at Pennsic, and presented the Balls back to Baron Percival. His Excellency was then mobbed by a group hug. Master Hector then came forward to proclaim that His Excellency was of the same blood as Aedan o Kin corra, and calle him Aedenesbrother. Just as the court closed, Their Majesties hijacked the Baronial chairs to open their own Court.

At this kingdom court, Gaerwen was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Tiberius and Anne were made a baron and baroness of the court.

Viscountess Moria took Lady Catriona as her protégé and Countess Rylyn did the same with Lady Anneke. Lord Bjarn was then serenaded with Pennsic Christmas carols. This was the final act of several deeds coordinated by Lady Jocelyn to give Bjarn Christmas at Pennsic. After he had departed for the Roman party on Monday, Lady Jocelyn and Baroness Nicolaa had decorated his tent with a Christmas tree from Lady Catriona, ornaments from Countess Domhnaill, Thor’s Hammer gingerbread cookies by THL Asa, twinking lights from Lady Jocelyn, and a stocking sewn by Asa and filled with Viking toys (including beer, foam axes, duct tape, toy rhinos, and a complete set of “Viking” dolls[46]) by Nicolaa. The carols were courtesy of THL Asa and Lord Gunther.

Other Septentrians recognized at Kingdom Court included Baron Foote and Baroness Grainne, who were presented with Maiden’s Hearts for their fundraising work for the Barony and Kingdom,  as well as their support of Pennsic fun. Lord Bjarn’s auspicious week continued as he was made a Companion of the Order of Thorbjorn’s hammer and presented with a scroll in the form of an axe. The culmination was the elevation of Baroness Gaerwen to the Order of the Laurel. Nine spoke on her behalf, including His Majesty Roak, Master Hector, Baroness Aibhilin and Baron Oakhammer, Duchess Rustique, Baron James, Baroness Kaiza, Baroness Nicolaa, Fred the Illegitimate from the swamp, and Baron Cynred. After these words she was invested with the ring of the Order and presented with medallion and cloak.

As had become traditional, many Ealdormerians gathered at the water’s edge on the Thursday night for the boat burning. This year, the boat was named in memory of Mistress Etaoin, who had passed away earlier that year. Lady Mary Hannah’s flute playing added a note of gentle calm to the ceremonies. The boat seemed reluctant to leave the shoreline, but was carried to the centre of the pond by a Trimarian pirate who braved the waters of Cooper’s Lake.

On the day of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist[47], the Canton of Petrea Thule and the Shire of Bastille du Lac held an archery event called Bowstrings and Tall Tales.

This year saw several shoots, including shoots through castle walls, an immature wand shoot and a swamp shoot. The challenge of the shoots were increased by the torrential rains that erupted partway through.


Another archery event was held by the Canton of Vest Yorvik, on the feast day of Saint Sacerdos[48], which was called Volley of Arrows. Archers enjoyed several different shoots, including an IKAC, fun shoots and a woods shoot.


On the feast day of Goeric of Metz[49], in the Barony of Ramshaven, the Coronation of Nigel I and Adrielle I was held.

In the final court of Roak and Jocea, Michael of Brentwood was given an Award of the Maiden’s Heart, several scribes were added to the Scroll of Honour, and Odette de St. Remy was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. They then retired, leaving the crowns sitting on the empty thrones.

Berus Jarl and Count Etain then called the Order of Chivalry forward to protect the thrones until an heir appeared to claim them. Nigel soon did so, reciting his lineage and pressing his claim. After his right was confirmed by kingdom officers, Nigel took up the crown. He was told what duties came with being king before placing the crown on his head. Likewise, when Adrielle came forward, she heard about the duties of being Queen before Nigel placed the second crown upon her head. They then swore their oaths[50] and gave fealty to the people of the kingdom. Each of the great Orders then came forward and pledged their fealty, each one giving Their Majesties one piece of kingdom regalia. From the Chivalry they received the Sword of State, from the Laurels they received the Queen’s wolf-headed scepter, and from the Pelicans they received royal cloaks. Etain was named the Queen’s Champion. They then heard the fealties of the territorial barons, royal peers and great officers of state. They instructed the people of the realm to think deeply about the oath of fealty and that a chance would be given to those who wished to swear it later in the day.

A Pas d‘Armes then took place at a crossroads on the site, near where Their Majesties had pitched a tent with a viewing gallery. His Majesty held the field with his company of tenans (who ranged in age and experience from Duke Eliahu to Lord Bleddyn), accepting challenges from those present. Of particular note were the two Dukes from Drachenwald in their full finery. The Middle Kingdom and other kingdoms were also represented that day. During a break in the fighting, His Majesty asked Baron Tiberius to be his Champion.

A second court was held in the evening. Duchess Genevieve stepped down as Kingdom Seneschal, being replaced by Baron Corwyn. Mistress AElfwyn also stepped down as Earl Marshal with Count Edward the Red assuming her duties. Their Majesties also accepted the fealties of the populace, presenting those who had sworn with rings to mark their status. Next, a writ was read bestowing the King‘s and Queen‘s Favours on the Kingdom of Calontir, which had pledged their troops directly to Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle at Pennsic. The writ was also read out in Calontir court the same day by Lord Rhodri, who had visited Ealdromere the summer past. Their Majesties also recognized the petition to retain Ealdormerean citizenship by Mistress Eleanor Fairchild and Master Gaerred Galbraith.


Between the lesser festival of Lancelot Andrewes and the feast day of Saint Adheritus[51], the Royal Citie of Eoforwic held the Icelandic Althing on the farm of Lord Graeme and Lady Aurelia. The original Althing had been held by Eoforwic seventeen years earlier. Lord Gunther Wahlstadt and Magistra Nicolaa felt that with the surge of interest in Norse studies within Ealdormere, it was time to resurrect this event. A street of craftsman[52] ran through the site where they demonstrated beadmaking, wood turning, pewter casting, blacksmithing, cooking, pottery, embroidery and period poultry practices.

The Althing’s lawspeaker, Master Hector of the Black Height, oversaw two law cases, one of which led to a holmgang fought on a three metre cloak.

On the fighting field, several boat battles were fought, followed by a holmgang tourney.

Archers enjoyed clout shoots and a duelling tree set up by Lord Michael of Brentwood, and a loot shoot provided by Baroness Nicolaa. Thrown weapons were also available most of the day.

The day concluded with a hearty stew and bread provided by Orlaith and Ioseph from Eoforwic.

Their Majesties, resplendent in Norse clothing sewn by a team from Eoforwic, had a brief court and honoured two gentles of Eoforwic: Lucrece de Montsoreau was given the
Award of Orion for her clothing research and construction, and Lord Hans Thorvaldsson was awarded the Maiden‘s Heart for his work as baronial seneschal and his work in the Eoforwic camp at Pennsic (especially at the baronial feasts[53]).

At baronial court, Their Excellencies gave an Award of the Bear’s Claw to Lady Alof for her skill with the spear, and the Order of the Bear’s Heart to Lady Eithne Briansdottir for her help with the children around camp and her general support of the Barony. They also presented Jacque de Sorde with baronial patches and a little bear token for his fighting spirit and his recent support of Septentrian events.


On the eve of winter[54], the Canton of Ardchreag hosted the Crown Tournament of Nigel I and Adrielle I. The tourney was held at Sikorsky Hall, and featured an outdoor area including a small chapel. Ardchreag provided each combatant with their own seating area, complete with banners and victuals. In addition, King Nigel and Queen Adrielle presented each combatant and consort with a hand-crafted box. Prince Radagasius of the Middle was in attendance, as well as a number of guests from far lands.
Though rain threatened to fall, and cold wind ripped through the site, the tourney ran without incident. The semifinals included Duke Edouard, Viscount Mordain, Sir Wat, and THL Quilliam. Both Wat and Quilliam had gone undefeated through the tourney and would ultimately meet in the finals. In an interesting twist, Quilliam’s consort, Baroness Dagmar, was Sir Wat’s squire. The victor was THL Quilliam, and he and Baroness Dagmar were immediately invested as Prince and Princess. His Highness was to be the youngest to ever rule Ealdormere and was the first graduate of a youth combat program in the Known World to win a Crown Tourney.

Later that day, Magistra Nicolaa was given an Award of the Scarlet Banner for her skill at archery.


On the holding of the Equorum Probatio[55] the Kingdom A&S Faire was held.

Many worthy gentles displayed their skilled work at this year’s faire, including Lady Catherine Redewell from Eoforwic who was a Pentathlon entrant, Lady Anne of Saffron Walden with her liturgical cloth woven from flax grown in a church garden she had then processed and hand spun, THL Liadin with her display of scribal resources and examples, THL Medb with her sugarpaste playing cards, and Lady Lucrece de Montsoreau with her horned headdresses.

The Ealdormere Academy of Defense held four Provost prizes. New preceptor Lady Jocelyn organized the event which attracted Don Giovanni from Trimaris to visit. Since part of fighting a Provost prize involved fighting someone who already held the rank, Don Giovanni’s attendance was most beneficial. THL Gareth Campbell was successful in playing his Provost prize and invested with a scarf making him as one of Ealdormere’s first three Provosts in the Ealdormere Academy of Defense.

At court, the victor in the Pentathlon, Lady Alais de Poitiers from Skraeling Althing, was announcd. Lady Rilla then handed the reins of the A&S office over to Mistress Keja—who was then surprised by being placed on vigil by Their Majesties for the Order of the Laurel for her research into Romany culture. Her elevation was to take place at a future event.


On the feast day of Saint Titian of Oderzo[56], the Canton of Monadh again hosted Kingdom Twelfth Night.

As in the previous year, many winter activites abounded, including horse-drawn wagon rides, a tug-of-war, and tobogganing. For skating this year, Berus Iarl organized a game of in-garb shinny that saw a group of assorted Dukes, Counts and Countesses, Barons, Lords, Ladies, and young people take to the ice.

Inside, THL Bjarn won a fighting tournament, winning a chest once owned by Count Sarnac (of beloved memory). As is usual at Twelfth Night, Adrielle hosted many games of Tablero.

At Septentria court, Their Excellencies announced their taxes for the coming year. Each canton was to write at least one song or story in praise of a Septentrian who inspired them. They then awarded the Quaich of Artio to Lady Jocelyne de Cranewall.

Her Majesty Adrielle then held a brief court, in which Awards of Arms were presented to Rorik of Septentria and Fulk de Toron (now known as Fulk Beauxarmes). Catriona inghean Ragnaill was inducted into the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer for her skill with Thrown Weapons. Indeed, THL Catriona was one of the top-ranked throwers in the Known World.

Step Sprightly was held by the Canton of Vest Yorvik on the feast of Saint Vedastus[57].

Her Majesty Adrielle, HE Percival and HE Christiana were among the many who attended this day of dancing and music. Sixteen different classes were held, including Mistress Rosina’s 15th century workshops, and Master Martin’s original choreography class, where par ticipants composed original music and created the brand new English country dance known as Martin’s Bane.

Feast that night was prepared by Lady Orlaith, while midnight snacks and drinks were prepared by THL Aislinne to keep the dancers’ energy levels high.

The evening concluded with a Royal Court Ball with nearly fifty nobles from Ealdormere, the Midrealm and Æthelmearc dancing and socializing late into the night.

At a brief kingdom court, HRM Adrielle gave Lady Yvette Sinclair an Award of the Maiden’s Heart and Lady Catherine Redewell received an Award of the Orion.


The Canton of Swan’s Keep held the Valentine’s Day Massacre on the feast days of Julian the Hospitaller, Fulcran and Valentine[58].

On the fighting field at this event, Wee Jamie of Septentria and Baron Giovani of Skraeling Althing became authorized combatants.

Their Excellencies of Septentria hosted a Novice Prize Tournament. The winner was Rorik, with Wee Jamie coming in second, and Yamamoto in third.

At Septentria Court, Bethóc ingen MaelFéchín Fynletyr received a Bear’s Heart and Countess Kayla the Cheerful received a Baron’s Favour.


Petra Thule once again hosted the Late Winter Shoot, this time on the feast day of Saint Leander[59]. As usual, this event attracted archers not just from Ealdormere, but from the Barony of Rhydderich Hael as well. Baron Caleb of the Scarlet Guard; his Captain of Archers, Francois Belgraunde, also of the Scarlet Guard; and his navigator, Milhim the Grandmaster, shot extremely well that day. Indeed, they placed in all three tournaments. In the first tournament, Lord Milhim placed first, followed by Baron Caleb and THL Francois. In the second, Lord Milhim again placed first, followed again by Baron Caleb and THL Francois. In a fierce battle with invading dragons from the East, Lord Milhim was recognized as having caused the fell beasts the most damage, followed by THL Francis, Tempus Peregrinator and an unknown archer.

Baron Caleb, not one to come to an event and take all the wordfame, handed out tokens to Septentrian archers he found most worthy. Among them were Lady Kate, a youth who inspired him to keep shooting, THL Daniel of Whitby, who had set up a thrown weapons range so the baron could show his skill, and the scorekeepers who had made order out of the chaos of the day.

In the tradition of the Scarlet Guard, THL Francois gave an arrowhead as token to an archer who had inspired him that day. This archer was Kelly, and she was asked to keep the token for a year and a day and then to pass the arrowhead to another.


On the day before the ides of April[60], the Royal Citie of Eoforwic again held the Cloth of Gold competition.

This year saw six teams enter the competition, with four having Septentrian representatives. The first was the large Eoforwic team, the second was the DARC Side team (which was partially Septentrian), the third consisted of Master Martin (who laboured alone), and the fourth was THL Liadin (who likewise laboured alone).

Outside, in the snow flurries, the Unbelts of Ealdormere held a practice.

At the end of the event, Eoforwic was announced as the winner in the Advanced Category for their Mary of Hapsburg gown. Lady Anneke’s team, Ramshaven #2, was recognized for their Finnish ensemble. Ramshaven #1’s Byzantine clothing was recognized as second place overall. THL Liadin’s Norse ensemble won the Autocrats’ choice, and Master Martin’s Norse child’s clothing won the contestants’ choice.

At Court, Orlaith and Iosef from Eoforwic both received their Award of Arms, and Anneke the Furious (one of the event stewards) received an Award of the Maiden’s Heart.

Of primary note at this event, Mistress Keja was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. The elevation was done in Russian style, with a procession including an icon, incense, a bell, and a banner. She was accompanied by members of her family supporting her on each side. As she made her oath, the bell rang with each promise, and she then swore a Russian fealty oath.


On the anniversary of the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots, to François, the Dauphin of France[61], Qulliam I and Dagmar I had Their coronation in the Canton of Caldrithig.

At ther final court of Nigel I and Adrielle I, Rusalka Galbriath was given an Award of the Orion for her calligraphy and illumination. Jasmine of House Galbraith was presented with the scroll for the Wolf's Cub that had been awarded to her at Gulf Wars. Augustine von Brixen received an Award of the Maiden's Heart. Mahault of Swynford was inducted into the Order of the Crucible and was also presented, along with her husband Berend van der Eych, with the King and Queen's Favour, as well as a token created from the mould used to cast the pommel of the Sword of State. Finally, Their Majesties heard a petition from two Laurels of the East Kingdom, and placed Rozalynd of Thornaby- on-Tees on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

Nigel and Adrielle then left the Thrones, leaving them guarded by the Chivalry. The Lawspeaker then convened a Thing to proclaim a new ruler. Prince Quilliam came forth to state his claim, supported by six speakers attesting to his worthiness to rule. Likewsie the Great Officers of state spoke on Quilliam’s behalf. The Lawspeaker then asked the people of Ealdormere whether it was their will that Quiliam should rule. This was met with thunderous sounds of approval. Quilliam then placed the crown of the north upon his head, but the Lawspeaker pointed out that it was not right for him to rule alone. Dagmar then entered court, with six supporters of her own, who spoke to her virtues. The Lawspeaker again asked the people of Ealdormere for their approval, and it was gladly given. After hearing oaths of fealty from Their officers, peers and landed nobility, Their Majesties made Nigel and Adrielle an Earl and Countess of Ealdormere.



Anno Societatus forty-five began on May the first.


Between the feast of Lanfranc and the martyrdom of the Saint Joan of Arc[62], in the Shire of Brennistein Vatn, His Grace Finnvarr de Taahe opened his ducal estates so that TRMs Quilliam I and Dagmar I could hold Their crown tournament.

The first in the procession for the tourney was Baron Brand, fighting for Duchess Jocea. Aftre presenting Her Grave to the Crown, Brand then produced an engagement ring, which Jocea gladly accepted.

The tournament was a round-robin format, with the final eight fighters participating in a double elimination round. Count Trumbrand, fighting for Countess Kaylah, faced Count Etain, fighting for Countess Valfreya in the finals. Both Counts had gone undefeated throughout the round-robin. Count Etain emerged the victor, making himself and Valfreya the Prince and Princess of Ealdormere.


On the anniversary of the Battle of the Gulf of Naples[63], the Canton of Petrea Thule celebrated two of their own anniversaries. For this year marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the canton, and the twentieth anniversary of the Pikeman’s Pleasure.

After a full day of fighting, fencing, archery and thrown weapons, Their Excellencies held court and inducted Lady Theodora of Petrea Thule into the Order of the Bear’s Heart, and presented THL Mahault and THL Berend with their second Awards of the Golden Bear. Lady Rusalka announced her intention to step down as Baronial Rapier Champion, with Lord William of Otterton (once known as Lord Griffin) named as her successor.

In Kingdom Court, TRM presented Freyjas Brynjarsdottir and Sandarr the Beardless with Awards of Arms. Lord Thorolfr inn smithr received an Award of the Maiden’s Heart.

Between the kalends and the iv nones of July[64], the Canton of Ardchreag once again held the War of the Trillium. For the second time, the event featured the Ealdormerean Olympiad. A wide variety of competitions took place in fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, and the arts and sciences, with gold, silver and bronze medals being awarded to the winners. Unfortunately, the names of the winners have been lost, for the memory of man is short, and no records were made.

At Septentria court, Lord Thorolfr inn smithr stepped down as Baronial A&S minister with Lady Mahhild de Valognes named as his successor. Lord William of Otterton, the Baronial Pursuivant, passed on his tabard to Lady Bethoc. Finally, the White Bear Fian was called forward. His Excellency Percival pointed out that there had been no challenges since Lord Rattanicus had successful challenged some time ago. Since he felt a new challenger was needed, he would therefore place his body on the anvil of virtue and made a formal challenge to enter the Fian. This was found to be a worthy challenge, with a date and time to be set soon.

The weekend concluded with a toga party, where Senex Crepitus set up the altar of Jupiter Optimus Maximus for various initiation rituals involving flaming spirits[65]. At the same time, the podium from the Olympics was set alight in the field outside the pavilion and many gathered around it to share stories and tales.


Pennsic XXXIX took place between the feast days of Saint Ursus of Auxerre and Saint Tarcisius[66].

On the Wednesday of War Week, Septentria held their traditional court and feast[67] in the camp of the Royal Citie of Eoforwic. For their efforts in helping to host these courts and feasts over the years, TEs of Septentria inducted all of House Marchmount into the Order of the Bear’s Heart. All, that is, except Lord Hans, who was already a member of the Order. Lady Khayra, Baron Corwyn and Lady Katherine received Awards of the Bear’s Claw.

In a Battle Field court following the Bridge Battles, Lady Alys of House Marchmount was also awarded a Bear‘s Claw for her efforts over six years, fighting in every war point battle save one.

This year the Brass Balls of Septentria went to Lady Brigitta, the King‘s Mother, who fought in the Novice, Gray Beards and My Mom can beat Your Mom tournaments all within a 24 hour period, and then carring on to fight in most of the major war point battles.

For the first time ever, the Ealdormerean Unbelt team did not have a losing record in the Unbelt tourney, winning three bouts and losing three. This was in part due to the leadership of THL Baldric, who was surprised after the tourney to be placed on vigil for the Order of Chivalry. His knight, Earl Syr David, had come down to witness the event.

Once again, Septentria provided all the archers for the Archer Champions team for Ealdormere. These doughty shooters included THL Dafydd, Lord Brendan, Baroness Anne, Lady Mahhild, and Magistra Nicolaa. Her Majesty Dagmar shot the highest scoring War Point shoot by a sitting Ealdormerean monarch.

At kingdom court, Lord Breka fra Etain was awarded a Scarlet Banner.

The Coronation of Etain II and Valfreya II was held in the Canton of Petrea Thule on the feast day of Saint Ceolfrid[68].

Their Majesties Quilliam and Dagmar began their last court by restating the addition to the Scroll of Honour of the youth combatants who had represented Ealdormere at Pennsic. Lady Rosalind Pax, who was not in attendance, was also added to the scroll of honour and gifted with a map on a hide of leather so that she might find her way back to Ealdormere. Avelyn was given an Award of Arms, Lord Bleddyn received an Award of the Scarlet Banner, and Master Corwyn was given an Award of the Maiden’s Heart.

The Order of the Chivalry was then summoned into court, and Earl Syr David restated his request that his squire Baldric be elevated to knighthood. Baldric then came before Their Majesties, accompanied by his wife and young sons, while his squire-brother Baron Cynred sang Born on the Listfield. Many nobles spoke on his behalf, many noting his relationship to Baroness Fiona and how proud she would have been that day. Earl David and Quilliam both held the sword during the dubbing ceremony. Baldric’s scroll, which had been written to the tune of Born on the Listfield, was sung by Master Hector.

Queen Dagmar gave a Queen’s Favout to THL Liadin, while King Quilliam bestowed his favour on Countess Domhnail. Their Majesties thanked many people for assistance during their reign, including the scribes of Ealdormere, Lady Ceridwyn, Duchess Rustique, Lady Jocelyn, Lord Thorolfr, and Lord Grom.

After releasing their champions, Quilliam and Dagmar set out to seek places to burn and things to pillage. However, not wanting to leave Ealdormere unprotected, they first passed the crowns of the north on to Their heirs, Etain and Valfreya.

During evening court, Quilliam and Dagmar were made a Count and Countess of Ealdormere. Their scrolls had been wrought in leather by Master Tarkatai with Lady Lyda providing the text in Old Norse.  THL Bjarn was named the King’s Champion and Duke Aaron was named the Queen‘s Champion. As Sir Baldric was no longer able to head the Unbelt team, he passed those duties on to Baron Tiberius.

During Septentrian court, HE Christian gave her Baronial Favours to THL Catriona and THL Daniel.


On the anniversary of the signing of the first Auld Alliance[69], the Canton of Bryniau Twynnog played host to Etain and Valfreya’s crown tournament.

During the procession, Duke Aaron told Their Majesties that since he planned to fight for his lady Duchess Rustique in an attempt to make themselves the heirs of the north, he could no longer stand as Queen’s Champion. However, he said he had a stalwart squire in Baron Tarkatai who could serve as his replacement. Their Majesties said this would be a good thing, as Tarkatai was known as a man of honour and skill. Since he was held in such high esteem, Aaron then begged a boon for Tarkatai to be elevated to the knighthood. Their Majesties agreed, and Tarkatai was taken outside to a yurt to sit vigil.

In the semi-finals of the tournament, Sir Siegfried was greviously injured and had to be taken to the barber surgeons[70]. He would return to the event later that evening, with his arm in a sling.

In the finals, Duke Aaron faced Count Trumbrand, who was fighting for Countess Kaylay. In this battle, Aaron emerged the victor.

During Their reign, Etain and Valfreya were selecting a knightly virtue to represent each event. The people in attendance were then asked to make recommendations to the crown on who present had best exemplified that chosen virtue. The virtue for Crown Tournament was Prowess, and its token was awarded to Sir Nigel, who had made it to the semi-finals just weeks after surgery on his knee, and to Baron Hoskuld for rapier.

That evening Tarkatai was elevated to the Order of Chivalry in Mongol fashion.


The Barony of Rising Waters hosted the Kingdom A&S Faire on the feast day of the Saints of the Premonstratensian Order[71].

This year drew sixty-seven separate entries from twenty-seven entrants, five pent entries, thirty-eight judges, and six displays and demonstrations.

Winners of the five categories were: HE Giovanni, Baron of Skraeling Althing for the Performing Arts with his Gros Messer Presentation, HE Baroness Rosalinda de Fuentes for Textiles with her 16th century Spanish clothing, THL Wilfrid of Sweflingham for Technological Sciences with his 10th c. turned wood bowl, THL Lassarfhina for Studio Crafts with her scroll illumination, and Lady Yvette Sinclair for Domestic Arts & Sciences with her tablet weaving. A prize was also awarded to the most inspiring beginner entry, which was the spinning of Lady Aurelia von Grein

The five Pentathlon entrants were Lady Eleanor of Huntingdon, His Excellency Sir Menken Brechen, Lady Lucrece de Montsoreau, Lady Jane Greenhill, and Lady Aurelia von Grein. The winner was Lady Lucrece, who entered a 15th century transition gown, a 15th century hennin, hippocras (spiced wine), a Glastonbury chair, and a leather costrel (bottle). Her Majesty Valfreya recognized Lady Lucrece’s accomplishment by investing her as that year’s Arts and Sciences champion at Court.

The chivalric virtue for the day was Honesty. Those recognized as best displaying this virtue were Count Thormot Quilliam in armoured combat and Lord Lars Eriksson in rapier combat.

On the feast day of Our Lady of Prompt Succor[72], Septentria celebrated its Twelfth Night.

Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana collected Their taxes of a poem, song or story from each canton regarding an inspiring Septentrian.

Feast was a celebration of subtleties, with swans swimming on rivers, camels crossing the desert and even yurts filled with delicacies. Their Excellencies Countess Dohmnail and Baron Corwin headed a team in the kitchen that left everyone awestruck and waiting to see what was to come next.

At this event, King Etain II gave HE Percival a relic from Ealdormere’s past, to show how proud he was of the baron authorizing and taking to the field to lead Septentria’s army in person. This was an axe that Sir Osis had once gifted to the Hrogn fra Osis.


On the feast days of Saints Gobnait, Damian of Alexandria and Fulcran, the Canton of Swan’s Keep once again held the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre[73].

Indoor camping, fighting, fencing, archery, and even thrown weapons all took place in the midst of a snow squall. The MacLauchlan Arms pub offered cooling libations to all.

Baron Percival fought his first attempt at entry into the White Bear Fian.

At court, Streonwold Wulfesbana and Seonag nic Thomais were recognized as Thegn and Baroness of the Court of Ealdormere. Seamus Tableburner and Lars Eirikson were elevated to the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer and Lady Diedre Lillith Nasrin (known to many as Gypsy) received an Award of the Maiden’s Heart.


Around this time, Percival and Christiana made it known that they would soon be seeking someone to succeed them on the Ursine Thrones.


On the anniversary of the signing of the Edict of Amboise[74], the Canton of Petrea Thule once again held the Late Winter Shoot.


April saw the Coronation of Aaron IV and Rustique IV.



Anno Societatus forty-six began on May the first.


At Pikeman’s Pleasure in Petrea Thule, on the fourth day of June, it was announced that Swan’s Keep would be merging with Caer Draeth.


Between the feast days of Saint Olaf and Saint Demetrius[75], AEthelmearc again saw its lands subjected to the Pennsic War.

This War was bitter sweet for Their Excellencies as they knew it would be their last as the Baron and Baroness of Septentria.

This year saw the first Ealdormerean ‘victory lap’. In the Outlands, there is apparently a tradition of running around the battlefield without the benefit of clothes or garb. Having witnessed someone doing such a lap at the Calontir encampment, Countess Adrielle took aside a certain Septentrian member of the Hrogn fra Osis who instantly decided that he should run such a lap. With King Bella and Anna of the Outlands in attendance, Countess Adrielle and Earl Nigel prepared this Hrogn for his run. He was reminded of the rules, and told that points would be awarded to him for style. He immediately dropped all of his garb and took off at a gallop. Rather than just run around the outside of the field, this Hrogn instead bounded from hay bale to hay bale. Encountering two bales spaced too far apart he took a tumble, but hopped right back up and continued running. As he ran behind the fort, the onlookers could track his progess by the cheers of those he ran past. He continued around the battlefield and finished it to much applause. As he redonned his clothes he was lauded for his commitment and style. Shortly after he had dressed, a young woman approached the group and hesitantly asked if any of them had seen the naked man. Feigning ignorance, the group asked, what naked man? She explained that it was her first Pennsic and had been sitting with her friends when a naked man ran past them. She and her friends had cheered him, and she wanted to know if other people had seen him too. TRMs Outlands, Earl Nigel, Countess Adrielle and the formerly naked Hrogn all bemoaned the fact that they had missed this naked man. They asked if they should send this runner to her camp if they found them. After she left, Their Majesties Outlands told the runner that his run was the best victory lap ever run at Pennsic, perhaps the best of all time.

On a more serious note, the castle wall this year was festooned with the arms of those who had helped shape Pennsic and the Society. One such gentle was Duke
Osis Thorbjornson, of beloved memory. It was under these arms that his grandson Count Tormot Quilliam sat his vigil for the Order of the Chivalry. Quilliam’s vigil was of the fighting sort, and all fighters, from veteran dukes to the newly authorized were invited to cross swords with him.

That night, Quilliam’s friends and family welcomed all those who would offer the Prince their thoughts and feelings. Though the camp gates were supposed to close at midnight, Quilliam stayed up until he had seen every single visitor.


After Pennsic, Percival and Chritiana announced the list of gentles who would be taking part in the election of their successors. They were:

Tiberius of Warwickshire and Anne Tinker
Anneke the Furious and Grom Meinfrtr
Daniel of Whitby and Catriona inghean Ragnail
Streonwold Wulfesbana and Seonag nic Thomais
Stinkeye and Badrielle[76]

Stinkeye and Badrielle would go on to run a very aggressive campaign, vowing to rise up in rebellion if they should loose.


The Royal Citie of Eoforwic held the Icelandic Althing on the feast day of Saint Satyrus of Milan[77].


In the Barony of Rising Waters, on the feast day of Rupert of Salzburg[78], Quilliam II and Dagmar II assumed the thrones of the north.


Quilliam II and Dagmar II held their Crown Tournament in the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog on the feast day of Saint Bertharius[79]. The winner of the tourney was Edward the Red, fighting for Rylyn Buchanan.


On the feast day of Hilda of Whitby[80], Skraeling Althing held Kingdom A&S.

The winner of the Pentathlon was Lady Eluned ferch Angor for her research paper entitled "Uses of Stinging Nettle as a Food Source", Naalbound Hat, Antler Comb, Pudding cooked in a Turnip and Child's Norse Clothing.

The category winners were THL Albrecht Stampfer in Performing Arts for his Research Paper entitled "Cloaking Devices: A Comparison of Historical and SCA Methodologies", THL Medb ingen Dungaile in Textile and Needle Arts for her Embroidered Slips (with hand dyed silks), THL Tarian verch Gadarn for her Pastes for Bookbinding entry and THL Edhan deBrus & Lord Duncan MacLeod for their Trebuchet entry tied for first in the Technological Studies category, THL Lucrece de Montsoreau in Studio Crafts for her Leather Bottle, and Lady Selwyn the Chaste in Domestic Arts and Sciences for her Bread & Drink.

Lady Avelyn Wexcombe’s Research Paper, "An Investigation into Reviving the Use of Saltpetre for Refrigeration: A Period Technique," won as the best beginner’s entry.


On the nones of January[81], Septentrian Twelfth Night was held.

At this event, Percival and Christiana announced that Lord Grom and Lady Anneke would succed them as Baron and Baroness of Septentria. Indeed, Christiana appeared to be pregnant with her heirs.

Many Septentrian artifacts were on display, beside a games table watched over by THL Þorfinna who was dressed as a plague doctor.

The Quaich of Artio was passed on to Mistress Keja.


From the feast day of Scholastica to that of Julian the Hospitaller[82], the Canton of Caer Draeth held the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

During Septentrian court, Lady Anne of Saffron Walden was awarded the Golden Bear for her skills in the Arts and Sciences.


Step Spritely was again held in Vest Yorvik on the feast of Flavian[83].


On the feast of Simon of Trent[84], the Canton of Petrea Thule held the Late Winter Shoot.


Septentrian Baronial Investiture was held on the twenty-first day of April in the Royal Citie of Eoforwic. Percival and Christiana relinquished the Ursine thrones and passed their responsibilites to Grom and Anneke.

The last words to their subjects from Percival and Christiana were as follows:

At times like this people often reminisce about the highs and lows of the past. However we can honestly say that on a Septentrian level at least there have been no lows that stick in our minds. The Highs however have been too numerous to count.

A few among them are the meeting of many new friends both in and outside of the Barony. A year long celebration of Septentria’s 30th birthday. A Camping event in February, with room for fighting, archery, rapier and throwing weapons all without a worry about the weather. Working on and keeping it secret from the Barony while Percival became an Authorized Heavy Fighter and then led the Baronial Army onto the field at Pennsic. Seeing many of the people of Septentria rise up and be recognized for their skills and service by the populace, the Barony and the Kingdom. Plus many, many more that shall all live on in our hearts and minds.

The next thing people do is rhyme off long lists of individual people who have had a hand in their success in some way. For us to even try to do this would no doubt fill several issues of the Ursus and then we would certainly miss a few names along the way. Therefore we would simply thank all those people who touched our lives over the past 5 years. From all of the many Kings and Queens we have had the honour and pleasure to serve, The landed Barons and Baroness’ past and present of all of the Baronies of Ealdormere and a few beyond her border. Each and every person who has toiled at staffing the many events across the Kingdom hosting people and making it possible for all to enjoy their version of the game we call the SCA. To every man woman or child who in any way, large or small came into our lives and left an everlasting memory of your presence, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We do however have to thank some very special people who made the last 5 years possible for us. Lady Lyda, Lady Bethoc and Lord Normand, who formed the nucleus of our entourage, serving us above and beyond the scope or expectations of their positions and standing by us, giving of their skills and friendship for 5 years of their lives. No words, nor material gifts could ever repay the debt of thanks we owe to these three people. Finally Wee Torran, who inspires us in our daily lives as well as our SCA ones and guides Percival’s sword arm upon the field. You give us the spirit and determination to know that with loved ones around you anything is possible.

Finally, we wish our successors Grom and Anneke all of the fun and success we have enjoyed and encourage you the people to honour and support them as you have us. Wassail Septentria.


Thus began a new age for Septentria. For the nonce, this tale is done. May the north keep us free.


Reign Summary of Percival and Christiana

The Seventh Reign, AS 41 – 46
Baron: Percival de la Roque
Baroness: Christiana MacNamara
Champion (Armoured Combat): Thorulfr inn smithr
Archery Champion: Nicolaa de Braction, Mahild de Valognes
Fencing Champion: Gareth Campbell, Rusalka Galbraith
Youth Combat Champion: Callum of the Black Height
Equestrian Champion: n/a
Thrown Weapons Champion: Catriona inghean Ragnail
A&S Champion: n/a
Bard: Baron Cynred Broccan
Harpist: n/a
Special Award: Quaich of Artio: Bjarn Aaronson (AS 42), Dafyyd ap Sion (AS 43), Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell (AS 44), Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen (AS 45)
Armed Forces: Septentrian Army, White Bear Fian

Awards Given by Percival and Christiana

Award of the Bear's Claw
Canton of Petrea Thule 2007-06-02
Cynred Broccan # the Broc 2007-07-01
Grom Meinfretr 2007-08-08
Alfrik of Eoforwic 2007-08-08
Tormod of Kirk Andreas 2007-08-08
Mathild de Valognes 2007-11-17
Brendan Hunterson. 2007-11-17
Percival de la Rocque 2007-11-17
Nigel MacFarlane. 2008-05-17
Tormot Quilliam 2009-07-04
Domhnaill Galbraith 2009-08-05
Thorolfr inn smithr 2009-08-05
Ceycil Hilidr Blindulf 2009-08-05
Alof of Eoforwic 2009-09-26
Alycia of Ravensburg 2011-07-02
Emma Morgenstern of Septentria 2011-07-02
Adrielle Kerrec. 2011-08-10

Order of the Bear's Heart
Tarian verch Gadarn 2007-07-01
Anne Tinker 2007-07-01
Marsalai inghean Aoidh 2007-08-08
Aislinne of Alainmor 2007-09-29
Sarafina of Ely 2007-11-17
Melusine de la Rose 2008-03-15
Evander MacLachlan 2008-03-15
Bohemond du Mont Saint-Louis 2008-03-29
Nigel MacFarlane. 2008-05-17
Cecily Thatcher 2008-06-07
Heylawive von Meissen 2008-09-06
Sara of Swordcliff 2008-10-18
Fallon of Caer Dreath 2009-05-23
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen 2009-07-04
Magdalena of Monadh 2009-07-04
Florence of Monadh 2009-07-04
Eithne Briansdottir 2009-09-29
Orlaith of Vest Yorvik 2010-02-06
Guillaume di San Marino 2010-02-06
Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr 2010-02-13
Theadora Maddelana da Riva 2010-06-05
Anne of Saffron Walden 2011-02-11

Award of the Golden Bear
Tiberius of Warwickshire 2008-06-07
Griffin de Stokeport 2008-06-07
Lyda Langrackrsdottir 2011-01-08
Anne of Saffron Walden 2012-02-11

Quaich of Artio
Bjarn Aaronson 2008-01-19
Dafydd ap Sion 2009-01-10
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen 2010-01-08
Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell 2011-01-16

White Bear Fian
Amelius Claudius Rattanicus 2008-10-18

Personal Baronial Tokens
Hans Thorvaldson, 2009
Kaylah the Cheerful, 2010
Catriona, 2010

Daniel of Whitby, 2010

Brass Balls of the Bear
Michael of Brentwood, 2007
Brendan Hunterson, 2008
Percival de Laroque, 2009
Brigitta, 2010
GG, 2011

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[3] A doll version of Adrielle Kerrec.
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[5] In Court at Winter War, Baldric had volunteered to be Ealdormere’s fundraising coordinator to aid Sir Brand of An Tir in his race to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). If the SCA raised $5000, it would be named a Gold Sponsor, and its name and device would appear on jerseys, t-shirts and other promotional material. An Tir pledged to supply half the amount required.
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[9] April 26, 2008
[10] The kingdom website.
[11] May 16 to 18, 2008.
[12] June 7, 2008.
[13] Lord Donald was represented by a stuffed doll, of course.
[14] June 26 to July 1, 2008.
[15] A theme that was met with some criticism since the Olympics did not occur in period.
[16] CDs.
[17] July 26 to August 10, 2008.
[18] Barbeque.
[19] September 6, 2008.
[20] Including an Olympic-sized range.
[21] These animals were stuffed targets.
[22] September 20, 2008.
[23] A Roman celebration in honour of the new vintage, held on October 11th.
[24] October 18, 2008.
[25] Casa Loma.
[26] October 25, 2008.
[27] November 8, 2008.
[28] November 15, 2008.
[29] January 10, 2009.
[30] Including sushi crowns.
[31] Coke.
[32] As Head of the Games Guild of Ealdormere, I feel beholden to remind those reading this history that Tablero is not a period game. Its history is entirely a creature of invention.
[33] Twister.
[34] January 31, 2009.
[35] His authorization card.
[36] The timeline also featured photographs of Ealdormereans dating back to the 1970s.
[37] March 7, 2009.
[38] March 14, 2009.
[39] April 25, 2009.
[40] May 23, 2009.
[41] June 6, 2009.
[42] June 19 to June 21, 2009.
[43] July 1st to July 5th, 2009.
[44] Each of them were releasing a new CD.
[45] On July 2 to July 5, 2009.
[46] Action figures.
[47] August 29, 2009.
[48] September 12, 2009.
[49] September 19, 2009.
[50] Based on the Coronation oath of Edward II.
[51] September 25 to September 27, 2009.
[52] Members of DARC and Regia Anglorum.
[53] Barbeques.
[54] October 31, 2009.
[55] The official cavalry parade of the equites in the Roman Empire, held on November 14.
[56] January 16, 2010.
[57] February 6, 2010.
[58] February 12 to 14, 2010.
[59] February 27, 2010.
[60] April 14, 2010.
[61] April 24, 2010.
[62] May 28 to 30, 2010.
[63] June 5, 2010.
[64] July 1 to 4, 2010.
[65] Sambuco.
[66] July 30 to August 15, 2010.
[67] Barbeque.
[68] Sep 25, 2010.
[69] October 23, 1020.
[70] Siegfried dislocated his shoulder blocking a shot and had to go to the hospital.
[71] November 12, 2010.
[72] January 8, 2011.
[73] Februaru 11 to 13, 2011.
[74] March 19, 2011.
[75] July 29 to August 14, 2011.
[76] Stinkeye and Badrielle are doll versions of Sir Nigel and Countess Adrielle. Their participation in the election was a gimmick to engage Septentrians and get them to activelt take part in the process.
[77] September 17, 2011.
[78] September 24, 2011.
[79] October 22, 2011.
[80] November 19, 2011.
[81] January 7, 2012.
[82] February 10 to 12, 2011.
[83] February 18, 2011.
[84] March 24, 2011.

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