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Historie of Ard Chreag Booke VI


....And it was the deepest part of the coldest winter Ard Chreag had ever seen, that winter of 2013, that the gods sought to punish us and sent Skadi the Snowshoe Huntress down from mountains as a messenger of their wrath. As she paced the length of Septentria that night, water turned to ice as it fell from the sky, coating everything that stood in her way in a thick sheet of ice.

The next morning, we woke to a quiet ice-encased world, the likes of which has not been seen before or since in Ealdormere, though our friends in the East Kingdom may beg to differ.

Unfortunately, the Library of Ealdormere, now fireproofed, was not prepared for Skadi’s onslaught and suffered great damages before scribes were finally able to chip through the ice and reach its sanctuaries. Upon entering, they were greeted by a river of ink, and their great shouts of frustration were heard as far as Calontir.

While THLaird Colyne had kept copies of much of Ard Chreag’s earlier history in his own estates, much of the history of (A.S. XLI to A.S. L) remains scattered among its members.

THLady Ailis and Runa Astrysdottir have spent many days combing through pages of tales strewn across the webs of time the mess to assemble some coherent order in the chaos and collect the tales of Ardchraog’s adventures from among its many stalwart members.

What follows is a scattered account if those years, histories retold by our own members as the Scribes of Ard Chreag continue to attempt to defy the forces of the gods and nature. Round 3! Fight!

Elevations of Ardchreag Folk to the Peerages:

Order of Chivalry

Wat of Sarum 2008-10-18

Order of the Pelican

Eirik Andersen 2015-01-31

Siegfried Brandboern 2015-04-11

Order of the Laurel

Berend van der Eych 2013-02-16

Tarian verch Gadarn 2014-06-28

This History of War of the Trillium (Trillies)

Regarding the War of the Trilliums, here’s a short article about the evolution of the event that was published in the Skirmisher Vol. 4 # 1:

You may have heard this event called Ealdormere War Practice. You also have heard it called EWP, War of the Trilliums, TW, Trillies and/or Trillium Wars.

So which one is it?

Traditionally, Ardchreag has held a camping event on the Canada Day long weekend. Originally, it was called Septentrian War Practice.

When Ealdormere became a kingdom, we changed the name to Ealdormere War Practice (or EWP for short).

Last year we tried to expand our view, and the autocrats officially called the event War of the Trilliums (a play on the War of the Roses).

However, most people have taken to calling it Trillium Wars (or TW for short) or even Trillies (punning off of the Calontir event Lillies).

Call us what you will, while you enjoy our hospitality on the High Cliffs.

Year: A.S. XLI

Event Title: Snowed Inn V

Date: January 28, 2006

Found as an excerpt from THLaird Colyne’s Journal

Snowed Inn V: The Fifth One (Jan 28, 2006)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

I was shaken awake at five hours by my faithful steward William Scrimgeour. Waking me is not an easy task, and a late night working on last minute details of an event made it an even more difficult task than normal. Eventually though my fellow Scotsman managed to rouse me from slumber, and I stumbled to the privy to prepare myself for the coming day.

After washing I descended to the first floor of Drew’s End, our manor in Greenhithe territory, and began an inventory of materials that needed to be hauled to our inn in Ardchreag. I was soon joined by my lady wife, and fellow event steward, Þorfinna gráfeldr, while our guests from the Barony of Skraeling Althing slept on peacefully in one of our other rooms.

Soon, there was a knock on the door and William admitted several of our fellow Ardchreaggers: William Donovan, Snæbjörn sverðsbrjótr, Eirik Andersen and Tarian verch Gadarn. Tarian especially was well welcomed, as she came bearing drinks from the New World (called coffee, and hot chocolate).

We loaded our casks, crates and trunks into our various wains and wagons, and wended our way along the King’s Highway, getting off in Ardchreag’s county of Blackwood (known to the Mundanes as Pickering). There we found the Snowed Inn, ready and waiting for us. We began to unload our gear, and were soon joined by Wat of Sarum, and a bevy of Van der Eychs (Berend, Mahault and Adelaide).

As the Van der Eychs readied the kitchen, the rest hung banners, moved tables, set up the dais and Ladies Gallery, put together a barrier, and lent their hands to many various tasks.

Soon, the hall was ready, and just in time, for by 9 o’ the clock, guests had begun to arrive.

In the back of the hall along the south wall, THL Raffe Scholemaystre, sitting under the banner of the Games Guild of Ealdormere, spread his array of medieval games, which were much used over the course of the day. Beside him, Baroness Adrielle Kerrec presided over an arts and sciences competition with an heraldic theme.

Half of the hall was given over to tables where good gentles could sit and talk, play games, or work on crafts. On the east side of this half of the hall, Sir Evander and THL Melusine de la Rose served from the bar, while on the west side a free lunch board was kept well supplied by the Van der Eychs and their kitchen staff.

The other half of the hall was given over to the noble art of the sword. Along the north wall the dais of Their Majesties of Ealdormere had been raised, from which Their Majesties Edward and Rylyn, Their Highnesses Aaron and Rustique, and Their Excellencies Corwyn and Domhnail could survey all those gathered within. Beside them, Snæbjörn once again attended the Ladies Gallery, providing them with food and drink. He also ran a fighters’ buffet, laying out bread and fruit, water and a strange orange drink.

Before the dais and the gallery was the list field. Lady Seonag nicThomais was the first to use the field that day, having organized a series of tournaments for the youth fighters of the kingdom.

Many good gentles (such as Dagmar Halvdan) had donated prizes for the youth combat, and the good knights Sirs Evander, Siegfried, and Cennedi had each sponsored one of the three age groups, each making either a sword or a piece of armour as a prize. Many tournaments and melees were held, and later the following prizes were awarded: Quilliam, over all tournament winner and Best Theme in the Helm Show; Matthias, winner of the Roman Melee; Niadh, who authorized and then went on to win in the Sword and Shield Double Elimination Round Robin Tourney; Algar, Most Authentic Presentation in the Helm Show, and Morgam, Most Colourful in the helm Show.

While the youth combat was occurring, two new adult fighters authorized in sword shield. They were Emma of Greenhithe and Helena of Bastille du Lac. When the youth combat was complete, Their Majesties called the tournament herald—Magistra Nicolla de Bracton—before them to introduce to Them the fighters who would be competing in Their Tournament of Renown. The list was long, and numbered many noble and courteous gentles. The tournament was a single-sword, single-elimination tournament, to three counted blows. This ended up taking a long time to run, as double-shots did not count and had to be re-fought. My own battle for instance, against the most excellent Honourable Gann, had at least fourteen double-shots. In the end, Sir Siegfried defeated Sir Evander to win the Tournament and ensure a place in the Elite Tournament of Renown to be fought in April.

At some point during the fighting, I cannot know recall exactly when, my squire-brother Tiberius of Warwickshire was called before Their Majesties and inducted into the noble Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer.

After this, Duke Sir Finnvarr De Taahe, the king-of-arms, selected several gentles present to represent certain Vices upon the field. The Vices, wearing baldrics displaying their vice, then selected others to represent the Virtues, who were given garters to wear. The Vices and the Virtues took opposite ends of the field, and all other fighters chose which side they wanted to join. Finnvarr pointed out that the following battles would determine who would wield the Sword of Prowess over the upcoming year. He also pointed out that three of the previous winners were present, and all of them had fallen to Vice, so a new wielder was obviously badly needed!

The Vices and the Virtues then met in challenges over the barrier, and in grand melees. Sir Nigel MacFarlane, acting as Avarice, at one point walked to the barrier with naught but a dagger. When his opponent tried to locate a dagger to meet his chosen form, Avarice would not allow it, and made him use a sword. For, as Avarice bellowed, he was greedy for glory!

Sloth, in the guise of THL Etian du Naval, also had a memorable moment at the barrier when he lazily fought with a two-handed sword in only one hand.

When the fighting was done, the Ladies Gallery handed out several tokens to those who had inspired them, entertained them, or distinguished themselves. (I was awarded a token for a particularly entertaining death.) The Sword of Prowess—and a spot in the Elite Tournament of Renown—was then awarded to THL Gann. He was also given a box, handmade by members of the Canton of Ardchreag, as well as two goblets for his lady.

The hall was then readied for court. Their Excellencies Septentria awarded a Bear’s Claw to Sir Cennedi for his training of fighters at Ardchreag and Skeldergate. They also recognized Lord Eirik Andersen’s work with spontaneous illumination by giving him a Golden Bear.

Septentria’s taxes for the coming year were announced, which was for each canton, household and military unit within the barony to find a relic that somehow represents their founding, and bring them to the barony’s Twelfth Night celebrations in AS XLI to form a Septentrian Museum.

Their Majesties then held Their own court. Many awards were presented, including: Dagmar Halvdan’s Award of Arms, Bjarn Stymirson’s Award of the Scarlet Banner, Ludwig von Eisengrim’s Award of the Scarlet Banner, and the elevation of THL Garwig von Wolfenschmidt to the rank of Court Baron.

After court a buffet style supper was presented, followed by an evening of games, dancing and good fellowship.

When it was all over, the weary few of us left once again loaded our wains, and brought our casks, crates and trunks back to Drew’s End for storage. It was, as always, a fulfilling day. And it was, as always, a deep refreshing sleep afterwards.

-THLaird Colyne

Year: A.S. XLI

Event Title: War of the Trillium II

Date: June 28 – July 2, 2006

Found as an excerpt from THLaird Colyne’s Journal-

The year is 1203 and the armies of the Fourth Crusade have Constantinople under siege. In typically Byzantine fashion the Frankish/Venetian army has been called upon to invade the city by Prince Alexius of Constantinople, son of the deposed Emperor Isaac. Alexius has begged aid of the assembled Frankish & Venetian armies of the Fourth Crusade to aid him in restoring the scarlet buskins of the Emperor to his father, who languishes in prison where he was thrown after having his eyes torn out by his brother.

After much discussion, the crusaders, who have been much weakened by the desertions of faithless nobles who have forgotten the meaning of their word, agree to aid Prince Alexius against his usurping uncle. In return for the Crusaders aid Alexius has sworn to then to the following conditions, that he would place the Empire once again under the authority of Rome from which it has been long estranged; 200,000 marks plus provisions for every man in the army; 10,000 men plus himself to accompany the crusaders to liberate Jerusalem; to maintain 500 knights in the Holy City, at his own expense, for its protection so long as he lives.

At the urging of King Phillip of Germany and Pope Innocent the Third the Crusaders agreed to divert their path from Jerusalem to help Prince Alexius to regain his father’s throne. Thus we come before the walls of Constantinople, the greatest city in Christendom, with the continued hope of the liberation of Jerusalem at stake, as well as the fate of the Byzantine Empire. On land the combined armies of the noble French barons line up with their German brothers. On sea the Venetians order their fleet, bristling with mangonels and petraries, fore and aft castles heavy with scaling ladders and lances. Upon the walls of the city the Byzantines are fortified by English and Danish soldiers armed with battle axes, along with other sundry Eastern mercenaries, while the Greek knights and their mounts wait in reserve behind the imposing city walls.

This was the theme of this year’s War of the Trillium, as written by Lord Wat of Sarum. The forces of the Byzantines were to be led by THL Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn, while the Crusaders were to be led by Lord Derfel Mallory.

Year: A.S. XLII

Event Title: War of the Trillium

Date: 2007

All records of this war have been lost to Time. Only the picture below remains to proves Trillium War happened and was not a collective hallucination.

Year: A.S. XLIII

Event Title: Snowed Inn VI

Date: 2008

Location: Coburg

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton chronicles the events of 2008’s Snowed Inn:

Snowed Inn this year nearly didn’t happen. Septentrian Twelfth Night occurred in its usual time and place. However, the Cantons of Petra Thule and Ardchreag, along with the Shire of Bastia du Lac, banded together to make the event happen at a new site in Cobourg.

The event was an intimate affair highlighted by the fundraising efforts of THL Baldric. As some may have heard during Court at Winter War, Baldric has volunteered to be Ealdormere’s fundraising coordinator to raise funds to sponsor Sir Brand from An Tir in a race to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). If $5000 is raised, the SCA becomes a Gold Sponsor and our name and device will appear on jerseys, t-shirts, and other promotional material. An Tir has pledged half of the amount, with the other kingdoms asked to donate the rest. Two fundraisers were held. The first was a bake sale featuring treats prepared by Baldric’s family. The second was a chance to hit Baldric for a donation.

Many people availed themselves of the chance to whack one of the Kingdom’s best fighters without him hitting back. Never let it be said that the Baron and Baroness of Septentria have not taken up arms in a good cause.

Their Excellencies Percival and Christiana were given the opportunity to hold a Regency Court for Their Majesties in order to ensure that some backlog awards were delivered. Septentrians Toki of Eoforwic and Sancho the Adequate received their Awards of Arms, and Lady Helena of Eoforwic received an Orion. Their Excellencies then conducted a Baronial Court, bestowing rings upon THL Baldric, Lady Brayla, and Christopher and Nicholas for their fundraising efforts. They then called forth Sir Evander and THL Melusine and presented them with Bear’s Hearts, although they currently live outside the Barony.

Their Excellencies closed the court by thanking the groups that hosted the event.

Year: A.S. XLIII

Event Title: Trillium War: Olympics

Date: 2008

Location: Heber Downs, Whitby, Ontario

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton writes from her event report:

“This year’s War of the Trillium had a timely theme: Ealdormere’s first-ever Olympic Games. A variety of competitions were held in all of the martial arts and in the arts and sciences, with incredibly spiffy gold, silver, and bronze medals going to the victors. Each Barony was asked to provide a “national anthem” that could be played while the baronial banner of the gold medal winners was raised. Septentria opted for her traditional battle song (written by Mistress Rhiannon). The anthem was heard many times, as Septentria triumphed in the overall competition.”

Year: A.S. XLIV

Event Title: War of the Trillium II

Date: 2009

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton gives voice to the happenings of the War of the Trillium this year:

Trillium War, as usual, featured plenty of archery, thrown weapons, rapier, and armoured combat as Ealdormere’s martial forces prepared for the upcoming Pennsic campaigns. Baron Percival was an enthusiastic participant as a fighter this year.Another highlight was beadmaking, hosted by members of DARC, featuring an oven built onsite.

Court at War of the Trillium was particularly eventful this year (and not just because the King kept making ladies cry.) Septentrian court featured the awarding of a Bear’s Heart to Lord Gunther for his work on the Ursus, as an archery supporter, and for Eoforwic. He was later presented with his Scarlet Banner in Kingdom Court, which consisted of a large runestone rock that Nicolaa had completed almost under his nose, but since the inscription was in runic he had had no idea it was for him. Before that several other Septentrians received AoAs—Lady Bridget (who plays in both Eoforwic and Vest Yorvik), and Lord Maeryk and Lady Brynne. Lady Ysabeau Herbier de Vauvert received a Maiden’s Heart for many years’ work in Eoforwic, particularly as a merchant liaison. Baroness Dagmar Halvdan was called forward for recognition on the Scroll of Honour for her fundraising work against cancer.

The Order of the Crucible was then called forward and THL Dafydd ap Sion was inducted for his extensive research into historical archery (particularly the Mary Rose finds). The Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer was then called forward to add its newest (and youngest) member, Lord Quilliam. Another new Honourable Lord was also made that day: Streonwold Wulfesbana was honoured with a Grant of Arms. He and his lady are the only Ealdormerians to be given bare Grants of Arms since we became a kingdom. Lord Rhodri from Calontir was also added to the Scroll of Honour for his enthusiastic participation in the short time he was visiting Ealdormere.

The “gotcha” awards continued as Baroness Xristinia was given an Augmentation of Arms. Baron Brand was then called forward to do a presentation, which consisted of him hijacking Court as herald to call forward Magistra Nicolaa, who was then made a Baroness of the Court.

Princess Adrielle then called forward two of her apprentices, Mahault and Mahhild, and chastised them for “going feral.” She then asked AElfwyn to come forward and to bring up her apprentice Gaerwen, who was also implicated in the misbehaviour. After Her Highness reprimanded Mahault and Mahhild by taking away their spoons, AElfwyn was left to deal with Gaerwen, who was now grovelling before Her Highness. She explained there was only one way she knew to do so—and begged a boon to elevate Baroness Gaerwen to the Order of the Laurel. The Order was called forward and the obviously stunned Gaerwen was brought before Their Majesties and charged to stand her vigil, for elevation at Pennsic.

The evening’s festivities concluded with a triple CD release party, celebrating new works by Dame Tsivia, THL Emer, and Mistress Marian. Attendees enjoyed refreshments, several live performances, and Ealdormerian trivia quizzes with bags of loot as prizes.


In addition to Magistra Nicolaa’s report, THL Ailis also recollects that this was the year of great rains, a fire that burned atop a small lake of water, and a well-attended mud wrestling match between then Lords Grom and Peylao. Lord Grom, who would soon become Baron of Septentria was victorious, though the match was very close, as both warriors were skilled and wiley (and covered in slippery mud).

Year: A.S. XLIV

Event Title: Fall Crown Tournament

Date: October 31, 2009

Location: Sikorsky Hall

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton writes in her event report:

The canton of Ardchreag hosted Crown Tourney on October 31 at the Sikorsky Hall in Oshawa. This large site featured both ample indoor space and a lovely outdoor area including a small chapel that proved to be perfect for a tourney. Ardchreag had also paid attention to creating a period atmosphere by providing each combatant couple with their own seating area decorated by banners, as well as snacks for the tourney. In addition, King Nigel and Queen Adrielle presented each combatant and consort with a hand-crafted box for equipment or feast gear. Prince Radagasius of the Middle was in attendance, as well as a number of guests from far lands.

Rain threatened throughout the day and cold winds whipped through the site, but the tourney itself went off without a hitch. The semifinals included Duke Edouard, Viscount Mordain, Sir Wat, and THL Quilliam. Both Wat and Quilliam had gone undefeated through the tourney and would ultimately meet in an all-Septentrian finals. In an interesting twist, Quilliam’s consort, Baroness Dagmar, was Sir Wat’s squire. The victor was THL Quilliam, and he and Baroness Dagmar were immediately invested as Prince and Princess. His Highness will be the youngest to ever rule Ealdormere and is the first graduate of a youth combat program in the Known World to win a Crown Tourney. (His fellow graduate Lord Gaijin also fought in Crown, his first, that day).

A sumptuous feast was served later in the day, prepared by Lord Ludwig and Lady Sofi’a. Trick-or-treating between tables also took place, as did a continuation of a game to foist a set of zebra ears and tail on various unsuspecting guests. A short Court also took place in which Baroness Nicolaa was presented with the Award of the Scarlet Banner for archery.

Year: A.S. XLV

Event Title: Trillium War : Oylmpics II

Date: 2010

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton writes in her event report:

“For the second time, War of the Trillium featured an Olympics competition, complete with gold, silver, and bronze medals for the winners. A wide variety of competitions took place in armoured and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, and the arts and sciences. This year the weather was outstanding for the entire event.

The weekend concluded with a toga party, where Senex Crepitus set up the altar of Jupiter Optimus Maximus for various initiation rituals involving flaming Sambuco. For those not inclined towards burning alcohol, the podium from the Olympics was set alight in the field outside the pavilion and many gathered around it to hear stories and tale”

Year: A.S. XLVI

Event Title: Trillium War

Date: 2011

All records of this war have been lost to Time. (Unless Ally finds them soon.) Only the picture below remains to proves Trillium War happened and was not a collective hallucination.

Year: A.S. XLVII

Event Title: Trillium War: Pillage of the Damned

Date: July 2, 2012

All records of this war have been lost to Time. Only the above picture remains to proves Trillium War happened and was not a collective hallucination.

Year: A.S. XLVII

Event Title: Trillium War: I Siege You and Raze You Constantinople

Date: June 27- July 1, 2013

Location: Eaglewood Campground, Pefferlaw, Ontario

Autocrats THL Hans Thorvaldson & His Excellency Baron Grom Meinfretr:

“Enjoy a great Canada Day long weekend with fun activities for all ages. There will be activities and play areas for the small children and for us bigger kids there will be Armoured Combat, Fencing, Archery and Thrown Weapons. Also various Tourney’s will be hosted and A&S classes and demos will be ongoing throughout the weekend.”

Year: A.S. XLVII

Event Title: Fall Arts and Sciences

Date: November 16, 2013

Missive from an Apprentice and Squire to his Laurel and Knight, regarding the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire, AS 48 (Nov 16, 2013)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

To the most eminent and excellent, and to be named with the highest veneration Nigel and Adrielle, august king and queen, with all exertions and every affection of faithful service, I wish perennial prosperity and blessedness in Lady Ealdormere of the Secret Heart.

As while attending a re-enactment of the courts of the northmen I did sign and endorse a contract with her most gracious majesty, so did I wish to honour this commitment as her apprentice. To such an end I resolved to take part in the Queen’s Prize Tourney, the first of its kind in our Kingdom of Ealdormere.

As your most serene selves are aware, each entrant in the tourney was to be sponsored by either a member of the Order of the Crucible or the Order of the Laurel. As I had decided to enter texts I had devised for charters and patents that were handed out by yourselves to your most worthy subjects, I asked Her Excellency Mahault of Swynford, Baroness of Havencroft and Patroness of the Scriptorium where I ply my quill to be my sponsor. To this she readily agreed.

To this end I wrote a paper detailing how I researched the persona of award recipients, and found period sources that matched said personas, and then crafted a unique text wording for them based on those sources. I included many examples of the award texts I had written up to that point in time.

When the day came THL Þorfinna gráfeldr and I set out for the northern reaches of Arden, in the Canton of Ardchreag. In this land named after one of the canton’s founders, artisans from across the kingdom were to come and show their work. And come they did! One-hundred and eighty-two people attended the faire that day. As for the Queen’s Prize Tourney, fifty-eight people entered, including four children. There were twenty-four sponsors (with each able to sponsor up to five entrants) and sixty judges. The hall near over flowed.

Before the Tourney opened, Your Majesties held a court where you honoured several worthies with your favour. This included my poor self, upon whom you bestowed an Award of the Orion for the writing of award scroll texts. Likewise, Orlaith inghen Cinada meic Briain was given an Orion, while Zoe of House Marchmount was given an Award of the Wolf’s Cub.

The Order of the Laurel was then called, and a boon was begged for Jhone of Woodcote, who was then placed on Vigil. As Jhone was escorted out of court by the order and her ecstatic husband Wilfrid of Sweflingham, Your Majesty did call back one of said Laurels, being namely Mistress Ælwynn, your champion. Your Majesty demanded of her if she did not have a duty in court, which she sheepishly said she did. All attending thought you meant her duty holding your sword, but nay, her duty was to call another boon, this time for Wilfrid himself. And so both husband and wife had their own boon called, and both were placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel.

With the conclusion of court, the Queen’s Prize Tourney began. I was one of the first to be judged, and I found Baron Brand, Magistra Nicolaa and Lord Evan Quicktongue awaiting me. We talked long and enthusiastically about my entry and they concurred that my work was not that of a beginner, but was of at least intermediate skill (if not higher). They encouraged me to expand my paper and submit it to the Society’s journal “The Complete Anachronist”. I am most pleased to report that I have now done so, and it has been accepted by the journal and is currently being reviewed for publication.

I then rushed outside where I was to be the marshal-in-charge for a spear tourney to honour His Majesty, who was victorious in His crown tournament wielding such a weapon. As the focus of the day was on the gentle arts, only four hardy individuals donned harness for the tourney. These were: Sir Steinnr, THL Gann, Lord Rurik and Jack the Pirate. Before the tourney could begin, both Rurik and Jack had to authorize in the great weapons form, at which they were successful.

Before His Majesty, I told the noble combatants that I had set the time limit of an hour for the tournament, on the assumption there would be more taking part, and if they wished we could shorten it to half an hour. However, I asked them if they wanted to prove their mettle to his Majesty and place themselves upon the anvil of virtue and still fight for the full hour. To this they did agree.

There then began the tourney. They fought in what is known in common tongue as a bear-pit, where the winner of a bout faces the next fighter in line. Each bout was fought over a barrier and was to three counted blows, with blows to the lower body not allowed.

Each of the four fought well and hard and showed each other much honour and courtesy. At the end of the hour, Gann, Rurik and Jack found themselves in a tie, each with seven victories.

Consulting with Sir Steinnr, I declared that a final winner would be decided by fighting a round robin, where each fighter would face the other two. If any one of them won both their bouts, they would win the tournament. These bouts were also fought at the barrier, but were fought using standard Society fighting conventions. (Though shots to the lower body were still disallowed.)

Jack the Pirate first fought Gann, and emerged triumphant. I then sent in Rurik and both Sir Steinnr and I were quick to point out to Jack that if he were to defeat Rurik, he would carry the day. Jack faced this extra pressure with aplomb and indeed did proceed to defeat Rurik, winning the tourney. As a prize, he was awarded an arming bench crafted by Þorfinna, which he was pleased to find fit inside the steamer trunk he used to carry his armour.

Other fighters then came on the field and began fighting pick-ups, while I retired to other duties. Or so I thought. I was to sit at the gate with Einar Inn Austrifera Josepson, but he waved me off and told me to enjoy the event. And so I was able to peruse some of the other Queen’s Prize entries, talk with good friends, and meet a traveling bardic Laurel from Æthelmearc.

Many meetings were held that day, but happily I can say I was not required to attend a one of them.

After the meetings were concluded, you, good king, held a class on spear use on the field.

Before feast, another court was held. And this was the way of it:

Each entrant in the Queen’s Prize Tourney was given a prize by one of the sponsors (though not their own). I received a jar of candied almonds from Her Excellency Lucia. Lady Marguerite was then declared the Judges’ Choice winner of the Tourney for her pigments while Bethan MacFinnon won the Queen’s Choice for his 15th century stool. The baronies then presented prizes, each barony awarding a prize for a specific category of the arts and sciences. And herein I must cry pardon and fall on my knees in shame, for I did not record those winners and cannot grant them the word-fame they deserve.

And now I write of you, gracious queen. When you spoke to those assembled and thanked them for participating in this new idea, you were loudly lauded by all. Indeed, all those so assembled rose to their feet, and the applause was uproarious. Never have I seen such an accolade given. Most beauteous queen, you are a treasure of the north, and your people love you well.

The Royal Herbalist Guild then presented their taxes, before your majesties honoured more of your worth subjects with the following awards.

• Liam of House Marchmount was given an Award of the Wolf’s Cub.

• Leisle Woolmonger was given an Award of Arms.

• Rhiannon of Eoforwic was given an Award of the Maiden’s Heart

• Kaisa of Petrea Thule was given an Award of Arms

• Einar Inn Austrifera Josepson was given an Award of Arms.

• Aurik Burnsson was given an Award of the Orion.

• Orla O’Shannahan was given an Award of the Orion.

• Lyda Langrackrsdottir was inducted into the Order of the Crucible.

Court was concluded by calling Ailis de la Marche out of the kitchen where she had been working, to act as Royal Bard. When her song was done, your majesties surprised her by giving her an Award of the Orion.

The hall was then set up for feast, and I retired to the front hall to meet with other good gentles who had agreed to act as servers.

THL Hans Thorvaldson then presented a feast of five removes, each one representing a barony, and each one accompanied by a poem read by Lord Pelayo. This was greeted with great enthusiasm by the one-hundred people who dined upon it. During feast you honoured the event steward, Eeva the Restless, with an Award of the Maiden’s Heart.

I hope this record of the day does please your majesties. Truly Lady Ealdormere alone knows with what purity of mind and from how much devotion of heart I shall have been and am faithful to you and desire always to be.

-THLaird Colyne


Event Title: Trillium War: No one Expects the Spanish Armada

Date: June 27 - July 1, 2014

Location: The homestead of Mistress Aurelia Gabriana & THL Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg, Orono, ON

Autocrats Lady Eeva the Restless and Lady Lysele Wollemenger

“It is the Elizabethan Era. England and its allies (Dutch rebels and some of the German states) stand against Spain, which has conquered much of Germany and the Netherlands. The waves are embroiled in war as the Protestant English and Catholic Spanish battle each other for supremacy of the seas. The Spanish also hope to bring England back into the Catholic Church, while England disputes Spain’s claim of exclusive rights to the New World granted by the Pope. It is a time of turmoil, heroism, and daring do that will leave a lasting impression on the region. All marshal activities will be represented and points will be given to see which nation shall win the war. Arts and Sciences will also have a large impact on the outcome as will our newest feature, the Games Tournament. not inclined towards burning alcohol, the podium from the Olympics was set alight in the field outside the pavilion and many gathered around it to hear stories and tale”

At War of the Trillium, the straits and channels of Europe are again up for grabs. Will you stand with the English or the Spanish? Who will gain control of the seas?”


Event Title: Colyne’s Challenge: A Deed of Arms

Date: 2014

The Challenge of Colyne Stewart: AS 48

(Below is a missive regarding the challenge, written by THLarid Colyne himself)

In the name of Ealdormere and of the blessed queen Adrielle, Saint Finnvarr and Saint Gillian, I Colyne Stewart, to exalt my name and honour my fortieth year upon this earth, knowing full well the renown of the prowess of the Ealdormerean fighting force, have, from the date of this present letter, taken a piece of a greave to bear upon my leg until I be delivered from it by an Ealdormerean performing a deed of arms as follows:

First, to enter the lists on foot, each armed as seems best to them, having their dagger and sword upon their body as they wish, and having a pollaxe as well. And this shall be the number of blows for all the different weapons and arms: ten strokes with the pollaxe, without intermission (sans reprendre); and when these ten strokes shall have been performed, and the judge shall say, ‘Ho!’ we will give ten strokes with the sword without intermission, or parting from each other, or changing our harness. When the judge shall say, ‘Ho!’ we will take to our daggers in hand, and give ten strokes with them. Should either one lose or drop his weapon, the other will be able to do as he pleases with the one he holds until the judge shall say, ‘Ho!’

So shall I meet each fighter who would don harness and meet with me in glorious combat.

And there will be in attendance a gallery, and this gallery will consist of citizens of upstanding moral value. I shall, after consultation with these witnesses, surrender my greave to the fighter
 deemed most noble and virtuous and preaux.

This deed will occur in the Canton of Ardchreag on the 14th day of April of this year.

To add greater faith and security to this letter, I Colyne Stewart have sealed it with the seal of my arms, written and dated from Colynesburg, Thursday the 30th day of January in the year 48.”

Based on “The Challenge of Michel d’Oris: 1400”, Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Chroniques, Book I, chapter ii as translated by Will McLean, 2001.

To mark the occasion of his 40th birthday, on April 14th, in the Canton of Ardchreag, THL Colyne Stewart held a deed of arms. This deed drew a crowd of 58 people, with 24 of them participating directly in the deed.

The king-of-arms was HRM Nigel II, knight of the Society; the herald was Magistra Nicolaa de Braction, member of the Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican; the scribe who recorded the names of those crossing blades in the book of the deed was THL Jocelyn Cranewell, White Scarf; and Lord Anton Rongefer acted as Colyne’s man-at-arms.

The book of the deed had been commissioned by his lady, THL Þorfinna gráfeldr, and bound by THL Tarian verch Gadarn. The book was bound in red leather, with Colyne’s original motto, vulpes cum lupo stat, written on the edge of the pages in ink. Inside was printed the original proclamation of the deed, as well as Colyne’s other mottos: colorful and preaux, and verba volent, scripta manent.

Colyne’s heraldry was on display in cloth, drape and flag, and the finial on top of his banner pole was in the shape of a fox (the charge from his Arms). The venerable Couter of Chivalry was also present, on display by His Majesty’s seat. Though no one in attendance at the deed knew it, there was another venerable artifact present that night. One of the long swords Colyne used once belonged to Baron Torbin of Amberhall, and had been given into the keeping of Þorfinna and himself by his daughter, Eanor of Amberhall. Colyne wielded it in the Baron’s memory.

Those not participating in the challenge of arms, who had come to witness the noble deeds to be done that night, did so in garb to dignify the event. Magistra Nicolaa wore her heraldic tabard, and carried a white baton as would have been customary in period.

Though upon a time holding a tournament to mark a significant birthday had once been somewhat common in Ealdormere, the practice had not been conducted for quite some time, and many remarked how glad they were to see a deed of arms held in the north.

Honour flowed like water. Just, stout blows were given and received, as were tokens. Indeed,

Colyne had cast pewter coins based on a mold made by Þorfinna, for all in attendance. Likewise, Their Majesties Ealdormere gave each combatant a royal coin.

And these were the combatants:

• HE Berend van der Eych, Master of the Laurel, squire- and sword-brother to Colyne

• HE Richard Larmer, Baron of Rising Waters, member of the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer

• Lord Fulk Beauxarmes, sword-brother to Colyne

• THL Hans Thorvaldsson

• Lady Neala

• Lord Thorulfr inn smithr

• THL Gann, member of the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer

• Lady Ailis of House Marchmount, Bard to Nigel II and Adrielle II

• Artyom

• HE Grom meinfretr, Baron of Septentria

• Lady Alienor la fileuse

• Lord Mattius

• Lord Pelayo of Marchmount

• THL Þorfinna gráfeldr, wife to Colyne

• Sir AElyth Grey, knight of the Society

• THL Bjarn Aaronson, member of the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer

• Wulfgar

• Count Kildaire Silverwolf, former King of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, former Prince of the Principality of Ealdormere, member of the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer

• THL Brendan Hunterson, member of the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer

• Lord Alexander the Blue

• Lord Hugh the Rose

• HE Tiberius of Warwickshire, member of the Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer, fian-brother to Colyne

• Jack the Pirate

• Lord Tristram Ovinra I Groffa

Though originally Colyne was going to try and do ten passes with each person in poleaxe AND sword AND dagger (as was done in the period deed he was emulating), he quickly learned a lesson in the knightly virtue of humility, and with the blessing of the king-of-arms, they changed the format to five counted blows with either poleaxe, sword (single, long, or great) or dagger. This change was wrought after he fought to ten blows with polearm against both Master Berend and Baron Larmer.

Colyne was surprised by gifts including a dice cup, a set of goblets, and a full set of clothes. He was also given a token by HE Grom, and by Her Majesty.

Though all who took part fought well and good, only one could be awarded the prize--a greave made by Colyne’s own hand. The judges (Their Majesties Ealdormere and Nicolaa) declared that the one fighter who had shone brightest with chivalry, courtesy and prowess had been THL Hans Thorvaldsson. Hans was awarded Colyne’s greave, and tasked with doing with it what he willed. Wear it, pass it on, the choice was now his.

-THLaird Colyne

Year: A.S. XLIX

Event Title: Septentrian 12th Night

Date: January 17, 2015

Autocrats: Colyne Stewart and Thorfinna Grafeldr

Kitchen and table space for all day potluck feasting!


- Games (including Twister, bouncy ball jousting, bag a bear, laurel toss, etc.)

- Silly A&S Competition (with faked documentation)

- Debate Contest (on silly subjects)

- Best Outfit (in a category TBD)

- Best Award medallion (made on site with craft supplies)

- Bardic Contest

- Draw your own Bayeaux Tapestry

- Sumptuary Laws of the King and Queen of Misrule (anyone who brings items for a food drive are given tokens with which to pay fines for breaking the laws)

Much fun and merry mischief was had by all! Lady Ailis de la Marche took home the honours for best costume (Norse Rainbow Brite) and the Bardic Challenge for Septentria’s... geography. Her bardic entry (rated PG for suggestive language) is included below:

Septentria--Oh! Form so fair!

There’s none whose worth can match the bear!
A land whose shapely, rolling hills
Provide the North with tactile thrills
Whose shapely slopes (for sledding used!)
Sure will awaken nature’s muse!
As, slipping down the middle way
We lose ourselves to rock and sway
Sliding down our slippery slopes
‘Til running fast against an Oak
Of mighty girth (well padded though,
Whose trunk is swelled with lots of snow)
The bump has shook the snow all free
The branches shudder, and the tree
Lets loose the last of snow that still
Clung to the trunk; falls now on hill
And, resting well in hills’ embrace,
This bard speaks true: our land is graced!

Year: A.S. XLIX

Event Title: Emprise of the Ermine Star

Date: August 29, 2015

Location: Tyrone Community Centre, 2716 Concession Road 7, Bowmanville, Ontario

House Arrochar (sponsored by the Canton of Ardchreag) presents :

Emprise of the Ermine Star

A day of high tournament, heraldry and pageantry.

Year: A.S. XLIX

Event Title: Althing (Septentrian sponsered on Ard Chreag Land)

Date: September 25-27, 2015

Location: The homestead of Mistress Aurelia Gabriana & THL Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg, Orono, ON

[No entry details.]

Year: A.S. XLIX

Event Title: Trillium War: Crown, Coronet, and Two Smoking Barons

Location: The homestead of Mistress Aurelia Gabriana & THL Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg, Orono, ON

Date: July 1-5 2015

Autocrats THL Grom and Lady Kelsey

“Maybe you’re thinking about one more round in the double or nothing bear pit, playing Tablero with an innocent Duchess (she’s just a girl who likes numbers), or Bowling for Knights – Bet your shirt, beat the house, anything can happen. Do you tempt fate and take a roll of the dice or play it safe and bow out only knowing mild success?

Come to Ealdormere Royale: Crown, Coronet, and Two smoking Barons to test your luck in the arena, playing games or just gambling on the outcome. With Dog “Races” (Puppy Park), Arts and Sciences to cast your vote on, Fencing, Archery, Thrown weapons, and Heavy combat you will definitely find something to suit your fancy.”

Year: A.S. L

Event Title: Spetentrian 12th Night

Date: Janaury 16, 2016

Location: 2716 Concession Road 7, Bowmanville, Ontario

Autocrat THL Hans Thorvaldson

There will be lots to do at this year’s 12th Night, including:

• a contest for best game board themed garb

• a contest for best Septentrian inspired garb

• a bardic contest

• a debate contest

• a Court of Misrule

• and more! willots

This year’s 12th night is being dedicated to the memory of Blueberry. Blueberry was a much loved member of the Canton of Ardchreag who passed away less than two weeks ago. One of his great loves was games, so please come out and play a game in his honour. Please bring non-perishable food items which we will collect and donate to a local charity

The Bardic contest was hotly contested by Septentria’s many esteemed bards, but in the end Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton prevailed and took home the honours. Her entry is recorded here:

In honour of the Septentrian bubble wrap banners of Pennsic XLIV)

Are those banners I espy
Flapping in the Pennsic sky?
Septentria comes in red and white
‘Neath these banners shining bright.
But what strange fabric do I see?
What odd choice of heraldry?
It might be argent...actually...clear
With bubbles much like those in beer
Heralds call such roundels “hurty”
All over the field--they sure are purty
Much like our Baron, proud and fierce
...And broken, stapled, spindled, pierce’d
In time of battle, ‘midst the din
Puff’d plastic we will wrap him in
No danger from the battle’s toll
Or from the dreaded gopher hole
Fly free, you flags of bubble stuff
And keep our Baron up to snuff.

Year: A.S. L

Event Title: Trillium War: Rebel Highland Games

Date: July 1-4 2016

Location: The homestead of Mistress Aurelia Gabriana & THL Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg, Orono, ON

Autocrats THL Hans Thorvaldson and THL Peylao

The year is 1351. Their Majesties Nigel MacFarlane and Adrielle Kerrec sit the thrones. Around Loch Lomond live a set of clans, including Clan MacFarlane on the northwest shore. Every year, the Highland Games bring folk from all over in defiance of the ban on heavy sports by the English king, Edward III.

The Site Tokens, in honour of AS 50, were a double disk set of SCA history and culture songs. There was also a Bardic Circle and Legends Party hosted by House Marchmount, with food, mead, and beer provided. (Food was made by Lady Neala Andhrimnirsdottir and THL Hans Thorvaldson, with additional food provided by Her Grace Domhnaill Galbraith and His Excellency Corwyn Galbraith.

The mead was made by THL Hans Thorvaldson and the beer by His Excellency Shahid.) The first half of the bardic circle consisted of invited bards steeped in the history and culture of Ealdormere, while the second half of the circle was open to all. The party was bright, merry, and lasted long into the night.

Compiled by the Scribes of Ard Chreag

THLady Ailis

Runa Astrysdottir

In this year of our Society A.S. L1 (2017)

With Contributions From:

THLaird Colyne Stewart

Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Sir Wat of Sarum

Pictures by:

Master Erick Anderson,

Runa Astrysdottir

Thorolfr inn smithr

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